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St. Petersburg guide for boys and men of

When was born our younger son, all my forces were thrown on that the senior did not feel left. We were lucky with grandmothers, they were solidary with us in this case, walked with small, and I with “big“ at this time. It is a lot of where we already managed to visit for this year. My many friends, having one child of the same age and is even more senior, were not with it further a zoo. Can they and are right, still will be in time, but... Well, solve.

the Hermitage

It is healthy, of course. My little judge of fine noticed both twisted colons, and painted ceilings, and a gilded front staircase.“ Watch how it is beautiful“ - all the time was told by him. We visited there already three times. But went purposefully to the knightly hall. The weapon and machines is our passion. The visit of the museum took, in general, about an hour, with obligatory visit of buffet and a toilet. In my opinion, more than it is enough this time and volume of information for the child 2 - x years.

Was amusing to be looked how into the Egyptian hall brought excursion of kids from younger group of kindergarten (to them year on three). We tried to join and listen, but after the poor guide tried to explain well what is a mummy and a sarcophagus (“... handles of the died person are strong pressed to the case, i.e. to a body, to barrels...“ ), I took away the child. Yes, nearly forgot, there is one more very interesting exhibit, costs at an entrance, in a lobby. The car for a shoe-polish. We cleaned boots twice. On an entrance and at the exit.

the Zoological museum

Were there already twice. Once with the father so I do not know impressions of the first visit, our father is avaricious on details. When came the second time, managed to pass only two stands with exhibits, then the construction tower for repair (there was a partial restoration of the hall) got to us, at it we vegetated forty minutes, the child was keen on the game “in repair“. It was succeeded to entice deep into the hall only promises that there for certain there is something from tools, at least, the crane. Animals were watched for a moment, but found two workers with tools. Fir-trees took away the son home. Decided to postpone acquaintance to fauna for time.


- the sea museum

the Ships interest the child only as the place on which there have to be guns. Guns - that`s quite something! There in clothes cost two at an entrance. It is possible even to polazit on them. We from them shot about an hour. Loudly, on all museum. The ships looked minutes 10.

the Menshikovsky palace

Tam was an exhibition of the children`s antiquarian weapon.“ Only for real men“, the son so he went with the father there told me, I with younger walked on the embankment. The exhibition was pleasant to men, here if only also allowed to do some shooting from the weapon! Well … at least to take.

the Museum of dolls

Against a militaristic orientation of my boy of a doll did not cause a particular interest. Though there were also quite amusing toys. That it was pleasant to the child, it is necessary to acquaint him with fairy tales which characters are exposed there previously. We knew not many. He with pleasure learned the Baba-yaga, chanterelle, still a couple of animals from favourite fairy tales. But, in my opinion, this museum attracts girls more. There beautiful dolls in evening dresses and characters of fairy tales about princesses and princes charming. You a sword - kladenets, at the worst, the flying ship. Or automatic machine for a shoe-polish.

the Artillery museum


what is necessary! Inside, of course, it is healthy, but there to twist nothing. And even vigilant aunts do not allow to shoot with all the heart! But on the street is where to be developed. We there so many time were!“ Destroyed by bombing“ and “shot“ all Peter and Paul Fortress. The museum for boys of all age (our father did not lag behind the son, with not smaller hobby oblazit all available tools).

the Railway museum

Ya would deliver to

this museum in the long list on the first place. The first time we came there when to the child was not and 2 - x years. And he remembered it, today we were there already three times. There it is very interesting to both girls and boys. Especially in the hall where start models of trains. Guides quite interestingly, well and not tiresomely tell and show. Very much it is pleasant to us.

the Central museum of railway transport

It behind the Warsaw station. It under the open sky. Too it is interesting. A large number of beautiful engines and trains, both ancient, and our days is collected. It is only officially allowed to look at them, but we left deep into and with pleasure climbed. All family. The entrance has a car from the children`s railroad and a hill. The car broken, but from it not to pull out children.

the Museum of communication

There we called

, but to come to us advised against. The voice by phone told that at such age us have nothing to do there still.

the Aurora

Is our choice. However, well there only in good weather. But by quantity of available guns concedes unless to the Artillery museum. And what beauty around! Surely drive the little captains there!


So-so. Perhaps we were simply not lucky, but allowed to touch to us nothing, and it is possible to wander about the ship only with the attendant. You not to share impressions, “to shoot“ at the top of the voice …

the Museum of water

the Son was with the father there. Not too impressed came. It was not pleasant to the father.

As for the museums, it seems all. Now wrote also itself was surprised how much we visited. And it is only the museums. There we go.

the Oceanarium

It is healthy! I liked it very much. Were all family there, younger there were 10 months. He overslept a half of an exhibition in the carriage. Woke up in the underwater tunnel, around fish and water, the child was delighted, crooled on all oceanarium. Too pleased the senior there, but he by the end got a bit tired. It is good that not too big exposition, and thanks a lot to organizers that let children of all age, and even with carriages as to drag the 10 - kilogram Vasyanya on hands was unreal, and to leave at home it was not represented possible.

the Exhibition of Expokar cars


that place where real men go, children and women is not taken there. Men drove in some car, looked at motorcycles and photographed a lot of half-naked beauties. Next time I will not release one there! Still there was an exhibition of racing bicycles, but there were few bicycles.

the Botanical garden

to the Child was 2,5 years old, and he to tears was frightened of cactuses in a greenhouse. It was necessary to retire.

the Zoo

Well, there, probably, all were. And we already somewhere time 15. We like to watch crocodiles, eagles and tigers there. And still to go to the room of laughter. Well and, of course, to ride the motorcycle at the entrance.

Zazerkalye Puppet theater

Watched “A favourite toy“. Vanyusha became puzzled, saw all performance on the assistant to the main character (Hare helped to pull down from a scene of kids), did not pay attention to the actress. I got confused as to call it: aunt or girl. But the child told that else we will come and that was pleasant.

Will drop down

, probably. It is, however, not the full list of places where we like to be. I did not mention various parks (TSPKIO, Victory park etc.) fountains, cafe and playgrounds (Karl and Friedrich restaurant on the Krestovsky island - paradise for children and parents, however, for parents paradise a little unprofitable). Let`s compete who saw more than our Vanechki? He, by the way, is on June 22 3 years old, and younger, to Vasyana, on June 24 only a year!

When I chose

where to go with the little son during week-end, I re-read the mass of literature in this respect. Information on the museums of Moscow was still possible to be found out, as for our city, what it was not clear to begin “okulturivaniye“ of the child with. Perhaps our experience will help the loving parents to solve, where to spend days off with the little genius. I will be glad.