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In what a difference between insurance and service in the medical Question center

: In what a difference between insurance and service in the medical center?


Answer: Irina, in the medical center of any form of ownership you usually receive a complex of medical services which is strictly limited: concrete number of visits of the doctor, concrete number of analyses, concrete number of diagnostic inspections etc. Such service is called the subscription on a certain term. If the number of these or those services in this program is used, then you will have to pay in addition some sum of money. In some medical centers such service as unlimited number of visits of the doctor is offered at a disease for today, but all the same inspection and treatment is strictly regulated.

Contracts VHI include unlimited number of visits of the doctor at a disease including necessary experts to destination the personal doctor, necessary inspection. Besides, programs of insurance (except “Out-patient“) include unlimited number of calls of alternative ambulance at critical situations that is not present in subscription service.

In need of hospitalization of the child, according to the VHI program this service will be rendered. All inspection and treatment of the child, joint stay with mother in more comfortable conditions, food of mother will be paid. Stay in a hospital without restrictions is paid. The medical expert of insurance company the next days visits the hospitalized child and conducts control of the course of treatment and examinations.


Thus, it is carried out 3 - x-level quality control of medical care to the insured children: manager of office of the medical center, chief physician of the medical center; medical expert of insurance company and his head; the manager of insurance company who signed the contract of insurance and its head.

Having paid

once, you more do not pay any services according to the program of insurance any more. All problems on the organization of rendering these services are undertaken by insurance company. Here the difference between the subscription and insurance also consists in it.

Head of the sales department of VHI of SK “Renaissance Insurance“ Yamshchikova Vera Egorovna