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Albena 2006: rest on that side of the Black Sea. Part II

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So, after a breakfast we went to the beach which is perfectly looked through from a terrace of Kardam restaurant. The beach in Albena sandy, very wide. On the Russian coast the similar beach is in the village Blagoveshchensk near Anapa. Only, of course, it will not be compared to Bulgarian on comfort.

On the beach also plank beds with mattresses, both umbrellas, and little tables for drinks between plank beds are, but pleasure this expensive - in the first day for two chaise lounges with mattresses and one umbrella we gave 19 lev. Did not turn sour, however. Here the people began to be flown down on the beach, and we saw that in most cases vacationers come with the umbrellas and laying, and paid plank beds are not filled even on a quarter. Without hesitation, also we bought ourselves reed laying on 6 lev and huge umbrellas on 15.

Sea... My God, what there sea! I very much worried from - about the fact that we go in June, and water will be cold. But water temperature on average was 23 degrees. So pure sea that at any depth is visible crabs and rapan which in large numbers run on a sandy bottom. Among sand small and large cockleshells come across. Every night on the beach there goes the tractor which at first sifts sand, and then levels it by means of a heavy metal cable. Therefore beach pure. Somehow time after a storm cast seaweed ashore. Next day the beach was cleaned, and seaweed cleaned everything.

From 14 days of our stay in Albena of 12 days on the sea the calm stood - children bathed with great pleasure. Masha first to come into the sea refused and lapped in the inflatable pool. But day on the fifth she remembered that she was born under the sign of the Scorpion, water elements, and from the sea it was already difficult to pull out it - swam in a circle, dived, learned to swim independently. When to it bothered to float and play in the pool, she went to a playground to ride a swing and hills. On the beach through each 100 - 200 meters there are free fenced playgrounds.

At all with children`s entertainments in Albena is present

of no problems. The same free playgrounds can be met on all resort. There are also two amusement parks with paid standard attractions - a shooting gallery, knocking down of cans, driving on a bull, various trampolines, floating boats, a swing, catapults and many other things. One amusement park is near “Kardam“, another - opposite to “Dobrudja“. We did revenue to both to the competing institutions.

From the attractions which are fallen most in love Mashka - “Catching of ducks“. In the pool with water the great number of multi-colored plastic ducks with hooks on the head who should be caught a rod around floats. Time is not limited. At the bottom of a duck - points which then are counted and depending on their quantity young utkolova choose to themselves prizes. There is an attraction of 4 - 5 lev, prizes give all. We played “ducks“ every day, and sometimes and on 2 times a day, won both water guns, and radio-controlled machines, and dolls and many other things. In the end in the head even crept in to open for me thought something similar at us - and money to earn and that Masha, at last, satisfied the passion to an utkolovstvo:.

One more type of children`s pastime - miniclubs, an art - studios in which teachers are engaged with kids in all occupations, beginning from drawings on a face and finishing with cheerful starts on the beach. Children`s clubs work with 10. 00 to 12. 30 and with 15. 30 to 18. 00. The cost of one day of visit - about 10 lev. Practically all kids can get to them, regardless of in what hotel they live. Good hotels, certainly, have the pass - clubs, but if in your hotel of it it did not appear, then you can use services of such studios as, for example “NIK“ www. nik - bg. com.

We with the husband quite often got out to night sorties without Masha, went to cafes, small restaurants, to discos. So it happened that our rest coincided with the FIFA World Cup, and Albena was taken literally by football fever - practically in all cafes huge plasma panels on which matches are broadcast freeze up, they are surrounded by crowds of the fans who are drinking beer and violently showing discontent or delight.

was amusing to be watched how British ran to embrace from cafe in cafe to each other when their team scored a goal. Germans hung out the flags or towels with futbolno - the German symbolics directly on balconies of numbers in which lived. It seemed to me that in most from foreigners in Bulgaria was French - the French speech was heard everywhere.

From the visited institutions I can note small restaurants of “Poca Loca“, Arabella restaurant - the real ship on the land, the bar “Genive“ on the beach in A la Hawaii style.

we did not decide to go with Masha by excursion, but somehow time got out to a taxi to Balchik and visited a botanical garden and the palace of the Romanian queen Maria there. At first I was skeptical about a trip and thought that a botanical garden - a feeble semblance of the Sochi tree nursery. But having got there, we were struck with beauty and identity of a botanical garden. Still - the gardener who broke Tsarskoye Selo was engaged in landscaping! Maria, the daughter of the Russian princess and the German prince, was married to the Romanian king. In 20 - x years of the XX century it began to build the summer residence in Balchike who those years belonged to Romania.

the Botanical garden is a unique place in which more than one thousand copies of rare plants are collected. There is both a smart rosary, and the avenue of cactuses - giants, and a crater with the stones covered with unusually beautiful types of a moss and wonderful falls. Place very picturesque and unforgettable.

Long were going to hire the car and to go to the ancient city of Nessebar, but circumstances - alas - played not advantage of this trip. We left Nessebar on the following time.

Mashka under the Balkan stars had a holiday romance to the young Frenchman Olivier. In the next hotel “Dobrotitsa“ the married couple from France with the one-and-a-half-year-old naughty peanut had a rest. The young man noticed Maria on the beach when she absorbed a meat jar of Tikhoretsky baby food. Further it was attracted by the inflatable pool, and Marusya was interested in a huge pacifier of the gentleman (the day before we had a tragic farewell to this device).


Later, having met Masha at a playground, Olivier understood that the Russian beauty also is his dream, and began to chase it with the purpose to kiss. Having convinced of inaccessibility of the maiden, the angered Frenchman began to throw in it sand. So that`s that: with hatred to love at men one step. More Olivier to Masha tried not to show interest that strongly hooked on her and revolted. Then Mashka took the initiative and, having noticed Olivier on the beach, began to show it achievements of aquatics. Olya sadly looked at the coquettish girlfriend, but in the sea with the same eagerness did not try to run - and suddenly there again any dirty trick?

In Bulgaria my husband at last defined that more likely we are adherents of the western line of education. At least, when he saw the three-year-old Bulgarian in pampers, his coeval with a pacifier and the Englishman of years of four in a carriage, he stopped thinking that I am the excentric eccentric woman who is still until recently applying all these objects to the child of two and a half years.


For the fifth day of stay on vacation the Internet - dependence has an effect, and I moved off in searches of computer club. I learned about where it is possible to plunge into a world web from TV - the channel which round the clock shows reference information about Albena: in total about hotels, entertainments, drugstores, shops and so forth. Very useful canal - can be seen at first announcements, and then to choose, where to descend on what excursion to go. So, the Internet in Albena is in hotels:“ Kaliakra“, “Dobrudja“, “Oasis“. The cost of 1 hour - from 7 lev. The wireless Internet of Wi - Fi is widespread on all Albena. Quite often it is possible to see in cafe the young woman or the young man with the laptop.

Small information on shopping which me was asked to collect. I will tell just in case enterprising tourists about existence of the LIDI supermarket who fairy is on departure from Albena behind a complex “Gorsk“ (a final stop of an albensky engine No. 1). In this supermarket it is possible to buy everything, beginning from cream for suntan and finishing with flour and sugar. The prices - below average Russian. For example, the Tuborg beer bottle, costs in “LIDI“ 1 lion, and in cafe on the beach - 5 lev. There are both cheeses, and sausages, and sweets, and semi-finished products, and drinks there. Generally all local production.

In general, we paid attention that in Bulgaria all is on sale mainly Bulgarian (an exception, of course, - the Chinese toys), even vodka Bulgarian, but not the Russian. There is in that supermarket also a baby food - in the main HIPP and Nestle. Jars of HIPP stand from 2. 3 to 4 lev. A porridge box - about 7 lev, bank of the mix NAN - 10 lev. In a coastal zone - the price of banks with baby food from 4 lev.

In a supermarket near the beach in a drugstore saw nipples, small bottles (“Chamber“, “Nuk“, “Aventa“ was not), also jars of baby food of above-mentioned firms, boxes with porridges and mixes. Videla on sale of a carriage - canes, bicycles with handles. Toys, clothes, children`s footwear are sold everywhere. In most cases these goods do not deserve of close attention, but if suddenly something tore, damaged or just there was a wish to update resort belongings - that it is possible to find a way out.

can find

On the street of artists which stretches from hotel Kardam to Dobruzhd`s hotel entertaining bagatelles - toys and souvenirs. From them soft toys - puppets with whom almost all children in Albena go are especially remarkable - you move a stick - a crosspiece, and the animal dances ridiculous dance. We bought a camel.

Ya sank down on clay figures of animals. Especially I liked geese. Long thought - to buy or not, it is possible to transport such fragile freight only hand luggage. As a result bought. Now I have the whole herd of geese and ducks in new kitchen;-).

in conclusion a couple of words about hotels of Albena. They are located in 4 lines. The first line - along the beach, the second line - in 100 m from the beach, to the third line it is necessary to climb an abrupt ladder uphill, and on the fourth - to clamber even above. In 1995 we had a rest in hotel which is called “An orchid park now“. Certainly, we made voyage “in places of fighting glory“. The hotel is very good, but as it is good that this time we did not go to it! In total - I to you not strongly recommend to lodge to the third and fourth line with the small child! To go on foot to the beach very tiresomely, and to go by an engine for 2 Leva from the person every day - it is unprofitable.

In Albena it is a lot of remarkable hotels located on the first line. The majority of them works on system “all inclusive“, has beautiful pools, miniclubs, children`s and adult animation. If you have means, safely go to such hotels as “Kaliakra“, “Dobrotitsa“, “A lagoon a scourge“, “Arabela a scourge“ and the other fours and threes with plus.

If you choose by

economic rest, then can consider options “Camellia“, “Bratislava“, “Dorostor“, well and “Kardam“ too (if, of course, it turns out to agree about the settlement in the case N;-).


was successful our rest wonderfully well. Thanks to all who helped to organize it who made our stay in Albena pleasant. You can read the full version of the story with photos here. I am sure that it is not our last sortie to Bulgaria. Also I recommend to you to visit this coast of the Black Sea.

we Wish you pleasant travel!