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Albena 2006: rest on that side of the Black Sea. Part I

there was a June, 2006, and thoughts of rest even more often visited my rebellious head. The accurate plan of sea adventures was not, but there was a clear desire to change scenery. At last, we decided to gather the close company with children and to leave to the sea for the weekend, dated for June 12 - to the Independence Day of Russia.

the Call-down of boarding houses and bases of the Black Sea coast revealed

that water temperature in the Black Sea hardly reached 18 degrees, so, children will not manage to bathe. Decided to try the coast of the Sea of Azov. From eyewitnesses I heard quite good reviews of Golubitskaya`s village.

Having rummaged on the Internet, found several private hotels and recreation facilities whose Websites promised conveniences and comfort for very small money. But in the past we faced more than once that pictures and prices on the Internet are far from severe reality. Therefore my husband Alexander, having used business trip to Novorossiysk, decided to spend a couple of hours, to stop by on the way back at Golubitskaya and to look at the offered options in real. The husband severe and sad returned: the sea is dirty, high prices, conditions not all that well, and at owners of hotels on all one answer: “And what you want for this money?“

we want

of What? We want a cosiness, hospitality, convenience we want in number. The “340 rubles from the person in days and a room with shared facilities“ option is not really interesting to us. I consider “Lodge with Conveniences for 1800 Rubles a Day on Recreation Facility in the middle of June in the Village Golubitskaya“ option unfairly expensive. No, probably, the thesis “better, instead of as - nibud“, removed by us last year concerning rest on the Russian coast, is actual in any way and until now. Whether itself should acquire problems for the money?

“And can to Cyprus?“ - shy I asked.

“And it is possible for

also to Cyprus“, - the husband unexpectedly agreed, - “look for options“.

Options long had not to be looked for - we flew to Cyprus twice, and since 2003 to me mailing from travel agency “Zeus Travel“ comes with the best offers on a departure from Krasnodar. Inexpensive apartments with kitchen in the center of the resort area, say, of Limassol could become option, optimum for us. We already lodged in a similar apart - hotel in Aya Nap, and with the child to us was rather spacious there and it is convenient. In a special offer on a departure on June 18 there was just an option arranging us.

So far I chose by

hotel, my mother - to have a rest at the sea decided to join us, and at the same time to communicate to the beloved granddaughter Masha without whom we do not leave anywhere - in two years and seven months Mashka was with us both in Cyprus, and in Turkey, and a set of times in resorts of Krasnodar Krai.

the Following step to long-awaited rest. As were going to cooperate with this company for the third time, counted on a discount of 5% as to regular customers. The situation was complicated by the only moment - to take off on rest on June 18, we should have transferred documents to Moscow already next day, there was not a lot of time, it was necessary to pay somewhat quicker the bill, to reserve hotel, to contact firm - the courier which would deliver our passports from Krasnodar to Moscow. Generally, efficiency would not prevent us.

I is called here by me in “Zeus“, to the manager transferred me not at once - it was necessary 8 to listen minutes to music of multichannel phone. The manager asks to dump the application for the personal e - mail, dictates me it. And or incorrectly dictates, or at me not really well with hearing, generally, the letter does not leave though you burst. I call the second time, even minutes 10 I listen to music, and then I am told that the manager works with other clients, it will be released in one or one and a half hours. OK, not a question, I send the letter with the application for e-mail addresses which I find on the website of “Zeus“. I ring the third time, even minutes 8 I listen to music (it is so possible to spend also all discount for telephone negotiations). At last, I contact the manager, but she says with me it is impolite and bad supposedly you got me, the young lady, without you is enough clients of our company, there is no time to be engaged to me in your account.

Having called to the aid self-control, I compose such phrase:“ I feel that you are angry and ready not really positively, but understand, we have the last day to transfer you documents. I very much you ask to help me and to send the account on our 4 permits“. Poumolyal I it also began to wait for favor. In an hour the manager called back to me and reported that she can help nothing, and for June 18 everything is sold. And in 3 days, on June 13, me the next special offer from Zeus in whom there were all hotels, as in previous came. Well the girl did not want to cooperate with us, and this year we are not fated to meet Cyprus, probably.

to what I all this write

K? On strange combination of circumstances, literally for few weeks to the described events I wrote at a parental forum the whole tirade about a role of tour operator to the traveller`s lives in which in detail stated the modest opinion why it is worth approaching the choice of the sending company intelligently.“ Zeus Trevel“ I considered and I consider as one of the best companies across Cyprus in the market of tourist`s services. We admired harmonious work of representatives in the territory of Cyprus more than once. Believe, such responsible and friendly managers as Ksenia in Limassol, not so - that often manages to be met. It is a pity that the Russian office of “Zeus“ not so carefully approaches staff recruitment.

But, as they say, everything that does not become, everything becomes to the best. I did not lose courage, and began to consider possible options of rest with a departure from Rostov-on-Don. In May I helped to choose to mother Italy tour and found the website of the Rosintur company in the Internet. There I also found remarkable option - two-week rest in Bulgaria for very small money. In Bulgaria we had a rest two times - in far 1994 and 1995, once in Kranevo, the second - in Albena.

to Return to Albena was remarkable dream, rest there to us was very much pleasant and remembered. But here a question - whether we will manage to process documents? It is necessary to receive the visa in Moscow, the travel agency is in Rostov, and we live in Krasnodar. I gather in “Rosintur“, and - about a miracle! - thanks to the manager Natalya Kravtsova, within 15 minutes I receive the list of all necessary documents and an assurance of what all of us will manage to issue. We should transfer only documents to Rostov by bus, and further the travel agency undertakes all questions - will meet, will process, will send to Moscow, at the airport will give us.

To crown it all listed, I receive also a discount of 5% though round and is laid so out burning and the price low. Wow! After failure with “Zeus“ it was very pleasant to meet the people ready to help us to organize rest.

So, we process documents, namely, we fill in questionnaires, we attach passports and... according to one color photo of 3,5 x 4,5 cm in size on everyone leaving, including children. In what complexity? I do not know where in Krasnodar at eight o`clock in the evening to make a color photo of a given size. Well, God did not deprive me of sharpness, I build family members against white wall-paper in the hall and I click on tsifrovik. In the computer I set to photos the necessary size, I dump on a disk and I carry to the photocenter. Photos turned out excellent: quickly, conveniently and for only 6 rubles:.

Further we transferred to

documents to Rostov, paid the bill (two adults plus the child with breakfasts for 14 days in two-star hotel in Albena - 30500 rubles, including visas for 70 euros from the person, and separately for my mother who wished to live in a single which, as we know, is slightly more expensive than a double - 14300 rubles). Packed things and in the appointed day went to the Rostov airport from which on THEY are to 134 us it was necessary to fly to Varna. Until landing everything went to the plane, like clockwork. But when we climbed a ladder, turbines joined and hooted, Marusya was frightened and... I will not describe everything burden of flight, I will tell only that the daughter weeds transferred just awfully, and, both there and back - neither sweets, nor toys, nor a bottle with water helped.

In Varna us was met by the minibus and quickly brought quickly to hotel in Albena. The hotel to Cards 2 * is located on the second line in 100 meters from the sea at the very beginning of the street of artists. Tired, we sat down on sofas at reception and began to wait when we are settled. Having received keys, we go to numbers in the case C, and having reached them, we fall into despair: not that it is modest, and just very much - it is very modest, furniture old, doors on a balcony rotted through, closely, stinks of tobacco. There is no wish to live in such conditions two weeks with the child in any way.

sent to

the most skilled briber and the heartbreaker For negotiations with the manager of hotel - Sashka. He admitted that he was not confident in the successful result of negotiations and was adjusted to hear a spell which is said by employees of the Russian branch of services, and in all spheres and at any levels: “And what you want for this money?!“ On the contrary! Bulgarians have all differently! The manager assured Alexander that will pick up to us number better, and it is much better originally offered. And if we do not accept any room in this hotel, then for small surcharge we will be transferred to hotel a star above and 50 meters closer to the sea, if only we were satisfied and had a rest with comfort.

I do not know

that played a crucial role - a hypnotic charm or tip in 50 lev, but already in half an hour we moved into in two-room apartments with the refrigerator, the TV, two bathrooms and small kitchen. The three-star hotel is not sent to watch though all remained rest I was tormented by curiosity that for hotel to us would be offered and what sum should be paid extra.

our new haven us completely satisfied

: number 35A in the case N, New Kardam hotel. Number is light, spacious, on the 3rd floor. On a floor everywhere light-a beige tile, walls are pasted over with wall-paper painted in light-yellow color. In a drawing room - upholstered furniture, the TV, a coffee table from dark glass. A sofa with the folding French mechanism. In the second room - a double bed, a dressing table, a bedside table. From both rooms balconies, with plastic furniture, from balconies a view of the sea. In kitchen a sink with a desktop, the Nord refrigerator, a hinged case. It is a pity that there was no microwave.

In one bathroom - a sink and a toilet bowl, in another - a toilet bowl, a bidet, a sink, a shower cabin, a big bathtub and a sliding window - I go bananas from bathrooms with windows. In halls the built-in cases. Generally, all necessary is present. Only hint to the management of hotel: it would be time to think of new curtains and covers - with them in number it would become much cozier and lovelier. However, it is already trifles.

Cleaned the room every day, and very carefully. In the very first days to us replaced the mixer in a shower cabin on new though we did not complain of anything, repaired some sockets, and - that most of all struck me - replaced the TV with small with big. Respectively, on tip we did not press close. In general, all personnel in hotel very friendly, benevolent, all smile, make advances to the child - the atmosphere of heat and hospitality.

However, I will not forget to mention also shortcomings of our lodging: in - the first, windows of number came to the brisk street of artists on which cheerful tourists till 12 in the night walk. At the next restaurant it is very beautiful, but in various languages the actress very loudly sings: at first we enjoyed its deep penetrating voice, but by the end of the second week could not wait when its working day comes to an end.

On the first floor of hotel outlets settle down. When sellers are closer by 12th night close the rolleta, a roar such as though give on May 9 salute in honor of the Victory Day. From a situation with noise we which - as left - were reconstructed on the mode at which to sleep went to bed late, got up early, and in the afternoon all family went to a long after-dinner session of Morpheus. The second “chpoks“ - directly under our windows the lime tree on which the great number of unknown insects was flown blossomed. At first they irritated me, then I got used to bugs, midges and other evil spirits.

after arrival us was waited Next morning by a breakfast in hotel. We with the permit did not begin to buy at once lunches as we were afraid that in hotel with the declared stardom they can be not too good. But the breakfast convinced us that food at restaurant of hotel can give “an excellent“ - all fresh, hot, in enough. Abundance of vegetables, fruit, smart pastries, quite good sausages, several types of flakes, tasty yogurts of local production, cheeses, eggs and various dishes from them - from fried eggs to an omelet with tomatoes, cheese pie, well and a lot of things is many other things. The food is nourishing, tasty as house.

Without hesitation, were paid also by lunches - one lunch of 11 lev (1 lion is equal to about 17 rubles, further recalculate independently) on the adult - and were not mistaken! Lunches are magnificent, various and tasty. Always meat is a lot of - beef and pork are more often, but there was also a chicken. From fish happened: a mullet in batter, a hake, a jack mackerel on a grill. Garnishes are various: both rice, and potatoes in various execution, and macaroni, and stewed vegetables - very much like to cook any baked puddings which are bearing a faint resemblance to the Cyprian musaka. I will not begin to list all tried dishes, I will give only one fact: in 14 days the first never repeated! The chief - you will not refuse to the cook the imagination;-).

could find

On a buffet food for the child - both soups, and the steamed meat, and stewed vegetables, and fish - there is a lot of options. Of course, it is forbidden to take out products from restaurant, but in the first day I approached the managing director and explained that it is not always convenient to me to feed the child in the hall, besides some dishes demand additional processing (crushing), and asked permissions to take which - that with for Marusya. The chief answered that he does not see in it a problem. We brought with ourselves a floor - a liter thermos in which we also took out a small portion. Usually it was soup which Masha eats not really accurately and to eat it in number - the place.

Lunches were so plentiful that in a dinner already the reason was not. Besides it is possible to descend to sit in coastal cafe or small restaurant in the evening. It is possible to take in cafe chicken - a grill on carrying out for 8,5 lev. And it is possible to buy to have a bite in local supermarkets - there is everything, beginning from slices of water-melons and finishing with ready salads in plastic containers. The prices very much and very accepted - in the central zone are slightly more expensive, and far away from hotels or near inexpensive hotels - is cheaper.

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