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Dental care and esthetic medicine during pregnancy of

the Question: whether Can do anesthesia at dental care, and also to do x-ray pictures of teeth at pregnant women?

Answer: Natalya, during pregnancy x-ray pictures are contraindicated. Only in sharp cases, for example at an aggravation of pulpitises, periodontitis, at hypostasis, according to testimonies of the doctor, it is possible to make a viziografichesky picture. Also there are modern methods of treatment which allow to make temporary sealing of channels without x-ray pictures. It is possible to finish treatment of channels after the delivery.

Anesthetics are always selected individually, for pregnant women they most often without adrenaline and do not constitute danger to the child.

Planned stomatologic treatment doctors recommend to pass

in the second half of pregnancy, in the first half of pregnancy - the solution of critical situations and surely prevention!

Manager of office of the general medicine of MEDI Timofeeva Anna Borisovna

Question: I know that during pregnancy help to cope with hypostases the Skin - tonic and various wrappings. When and in what volume it is possible to do these procedures? As it is better to be restored in the period of a lactation: to cope with extensions, with surpluses of skin?


Answer: Victoria, during pregnancy a female organism maintains huge loading, and it not always in the best way affects female appearance... But the most important during pregnancy is a condition of a fruit, and future mother needs to remember it. You should not “pursue“ beauty carelessly.


Nevertheless, some preventive measures it is possible and it is necessary to undertake. During pregnancy skin, hair, nails most of all suffer. It is connected with the fact that mother`s organism in a large number is left to a fruit by minerals. Among methods of esthetic medicine in this period are most effective vacuum massage - Skintonik.

Hypostases - very widespread complication 2 - y half of pregnancy - are the direct indication to Skintonik`s use. After procedure the woman gets up already with absolutely other volumes - water “leaves“ in the eyes.

Skintonik does not stimulate reduction of smooth muscles, i.e. a uterus. And if there are no serious problems (such, such as, the varicosity with thrombophlebitis), it is possible and it is necessary to do - both on the person, and on a body. Hypostases leave, skin as the vacuum stimulates reduction of skin in a certain mode is tightened and reduces hypodermically - fatty cellulose. It is good prevention of extensions, saggings of skin after the delivery. It is possible to do some types of wrappings (not hot!), masks on the person - modeling moistening, but without active cellular elements.

Manager of office of the general medicine of MEDI Timofeeva Anna Borisovna