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Spoken English or Broken English?

Presently the level of teaching foreign languages at any high school much higher than, say, twenty years ago. What the school with profound studying of English differs from usual in? And how to define what school is better?

the English special school - what it means?

According to official definition, such school provides to each pupil education at the level of state standards and gives expanded, profound knowledge of English.

These schools happen the different models appropriated on the basis of certification of Department of Education. From simple where there are separate classes specializing in language (No. 279) to the pro-thinned-out gymnasiums and lyceums where two or more languages are taught (No. 1531, No. 1543 and so forth) .

If you decided to approach

a subject seriously, you need model of school not below the third - with profound teaching one language or even to the fourth - two languages.

What is meant profound knowledge?


On this subject the bigger number of class periods has to be released, but at the same time teaching English should not go to damage to the objects caused by the general program. Means, additional school hours are required. From here the fifth lessons for first graders, occupations on Saturdays and so forth follow. As far as loading will increase, you can estimate. Here the approximate schedule of teaching English at school 4 models: 1 - y a class - 2 hours a week, with 2 - go on 4 - y classes - 3 - 4 hours a week, with 5 - go on 11 - y classes - 5 - 6 hours a week.

English since the first year of training

As far as we mean this year? He is useful, however it is impossible to call him absolutely necessary. Usually first graders study language bases in a game form. There are practically no written tasks. They master the alphabet, learn verses, go in for phonetics much.

On the one hand if you since four years drove the son or the daughter on occupations by English, silly to interrupt with

them for a year: memory at children short.

C another, practice shows that, having begun to learn language from the second class, through a year and a half children easily come to the same level, as those which studied it from the first class.

of the Technique of teaching

In general, concerning teaching techniques our time is much more favorable, than a situation, say, about twenty years ago. Many departed from traditional cramming.


Almost everywhere in elementary grades uses Vereshchagina`s textbook - Bondarenko - Pritykina. Not all consider it as the best, but the fact that it is accepted at the majority of schools, is the fact.

For the senior classes use of foreign developments is possible

(for example, the Oxford University). As a good indicator serves teaching a number of objects in main language, for example the English literature or regional geography.

the Equipment to

For specialized school existence of the English library, a record library, film library, computer classes and so forth is obligatory for

. The real pleasure for pupils are the Internet - clubs. It is very good if the school has own a web - the website. Youth forums and “chats“ can become excellent motivation for comprehension of subtleties of a spoken language. Recently speak about development of “information technologies in education“ much.

But! Psychologists claim that at an excessive podsazhennost on the computer the oral word suffers. Children are disaccustomed to normal real-life communication, hesitate of the pronunciation, hardly perceive the foreign speech.

reading aloud, retellings, occupations in school theater helps to Break a barrier. In actors take not only the children developed, self-assured, but also, on the contrary, children excessively modest, constraining. The large role is played by the identity of “director“ who has to be not only the good teacher, but also the psychologist.

Holidays which are spent usually several times a year give the chance to parents to estimate knowledge of the offsprings. Kids - first graders represent just learned the alphabet, read verses, sing songs. Performances begin with the second class:“ Teremok“, “Doctor Aybolit“. And here the senior classes of school No. 1201 play Shakespeare`s plays.


by means of theater solve not only the problems connected with English. Complexes are removed, “stiffness“ is overcome, children become more liberated, better brought up, socially adapted.

And who learns?

By rules the school passes certification each five years. For this period all teachers have to complete advanced training courses. After them a certain category is appropriated to them: the second, the first, the highest.


a question at meeting what percent of teachers of school has the top skills? Whether there are honored teachers? Honorary workers of the general education? What length of service at them?


Departures abroad

B M. Gorbachev and R. Reagan signed 1989 the contract on “The international currency-free exchange“. According to it our school students left in the USA for one month and lived in the American families. The next year the American children came to us.

Now such trips any more are not paid with the state. But many schools continue to ship children outward with accommodation in camps or in families. Now at the expense of their parents. The trip to England for two weeks costs 1200 - 1300 conventional units. Experience shows that fifth-graders from good school can already freely communicate with peers.


At receipt you have the right to take an interest in

whether relations with higher educational institutions are established. Some schools are proud of cooperation with Lomonosov Moscow State University, with Linguistic institute, MGIMO, pedagogical Higher education institutions. You can be answered that shots from the higher school are involved in teaching language in the senior classes. That`s wonderful! But also the negative answer is not a good reason to reject school, without having learned about it more. Very much can be that here give enough high standard of knowledge, suitable for receipt in prestigious HIGHER EDUCATION INSTITUTION. whether

to All suits


the Only serious contraindication are logopedic problems. At enrollment of pupils check is made without fail! In case of insignificant violations of diction studying of English at parallel occupations with the logopedist is possible.

besides special schools are considered as “schools with the increased content of education“, so, special requirements are imposed to health of children. To the child have the right to refuse receipt if it has a serious chronic disease. Explain it with the fact that the child with poor health will not sustain loadings and will be often ill therefore will not be able to master even the standard curriculum.

of the Problem can arise and in case nobody in your family knows English. The curriculum is very often calculated on the help of parents. Otherwise prepare for what you should employ the tutor.

Very much can be

that to you can suggest to bring an entrance fee with the mysterious formulation “for needs of school“! Alas! It is widespread and very. Having decided to pay this money, you have to realize that it only the beginning. Besides, it is necessary to know that under the law collection of a payment is inadmissible for the class periods approved by the curriculum of school. Parents have the right to get acquainted with it. On additional educational services the contract has to be signed.

How to learn?

to Listen to opinion of acquaintances? To visit a thematic virtual party? To choose school with history, with traditions? All this is quite good, but opinions of people are often subjective, and there are sad examples of how the deserved school which management decided to rest on monasteries of predecessors can easily degrade.

a number of the purely formal objective signs allowing to make your assessment more exact Exists. In a lobby of school two documents have to hang: license for educational activity and charter of school. In it all types of educational services which are rendered by this school, including out-of-class work are designated.

the Third important document is the contract which is signed with school by parents. There have to be precisely and obligations of school, the pupil and his parents are clearly registered.

Read these documents attentively. Write out what especially interested you. Talk to pupils and their parents, to teachers, specify whether there corresponds the declaration to practice.


whether the school participates in regional and city competitions, the children`s Olympic Games, conferences? The quantity of the won prizes can serve as a teaching level indicator.

“Some parents come to our school, being guided by information from the Internet. However you should not forget that feature of psychology of the person consists that irritation, offense we state aloud where more often than gratitude“.

Voytsekhovskaya M. M.
Principal No. 1201, honored teacher of the Russian Federation.

How to arrive?

it is much easier for h2 to be admitted to good school, than can seem if to proceed from data of “gossip hotline“. Simply it is not necessary to wait for August. In April or the beginning of May it is necessary to come to the secretary and to write the application. And then almost for certain you will be invited on … testing.

This scary word frightens by

many parents. All know that it is forbidden (except logopedic!) but it is all the same carried out. However you remember that results of this check can have only advisory nature. On the basis of bad result to you have no right to refuse reception if at school there are vacant positions or you live in the neighboring yard.