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Under the sky blue... What it is possible to be engaged during walks with the kid in?

of Walk with the child - an integral part of a daily routine of young mother. They can take about 2 - 3 hours, and in a warm season and in serene days - and that it is more. In these hours the kid breathes fresh air and, as a rule, sleeps. And what busy mother? Usually - strolls on park with a carriage or sits on a small bench. But what if to try to look at walks as on an additional reserve of free time? We offer mothers some options of its use.

of the Hobby and entertainment

After the birth of the child of many women are not left by feeling that their world became isolated on the house and care of the baby. The best way to return feeling of completeness of life - to remember the hobbies and just those occupations which give you pleasure and help to distract.

If you have a video camera or the camera, it is quite possible to take them with itself on walk. Landscapes, amusing street sketches and, of course, your kid - plots for shooting can be found a set.

Fascinating occupation - maintaining the diary of development of the child. In it you can write down growth, weight and “achievements“ of your child at a certain age, and also the maternal impressions. Present how it will be pleasant to you to read your records in many years together with the grown-up son or the daughter! Besides, such diary will help you and on reception at the doctor. It will be interesting and to your spouse who works for days on end and sees the baby less than you.

In a warm season on walk it is good to p to be engaged in needlework - knitting or an embroidery: you both derive pleasure, and will save on purchase of clothes for yourself and the kid.

Reading - perhaps, classical option of occupation of young mother during walk with the child. The choice of a genre depends on your identity: it can be both your favourite detective story, and books and magazines about health and development of the kid. And if you with yourself have a player, then it is possible to enjoy the audiobook with your favourite verses or to listen to music. The tiny radio receiver will allow you to be aware of the events which are taking place in the world.

of the Lover of crossword puzzles, puzzles or psychological tests can quite be engaged in all this during walk too.

Personal “a time - management“ For certain to you should write


a set of lists and orders every day: for the husband to whose duties purchase of products belongs; instructions for the nurse or the housekeeper... They are formed, as a rule, in a hurry when house hurry or distract you. All this can be made slowly during walk too. It is possible also without hurrying to plan own day: for this purpose it is enough to take with itself the daily log - usual or electronic. It is also convenient to be engaged in “home accounts department“ at this time, having calculated the budget for the next month.

we Care for ourselves

Is frequent young mother has no time even on elementary gymnastics; to take care of itself, too it is possible to use walk. If your kid has a “sports“ three-wheeled carriage, then it is possible, beforehand to take care of sports “form“ of clothes, to make with it small jogs. There is a mass of various useful gymnastic complexes which you will be able to carry out, without drawing general attention: among them - Kegel`s exercises helping muscles of a vagina to be restored after the delivery and respiratory gymnastics.

we Look for allies

Parks and playgrounds usually become for young mothers the real clubs of “communication on interests“, and at the same time - and school of an exchange of parental experience. Here you will be able to find also those mothers whose children grew up, and those, at whom not one, and several kids. All of them more than once faced problems which seem to you not solvable, and with pleasure will share with you the “company“ ways of their overcoming.

Besides, having agreed with the girlfriend or the acquaintance, it is possible to make small “sorties“ in shops: while one mother shops, the second sits with two carriages. By the way, if you study, this time can be used also for visit of the subscription in library.

Office on a bench

If you the professional journalist, the translator, the editor, the proofreader, the tutor, the teacher of higher education institution, - can consider that you were lucky. On a shop in park it is a pleasure to write articles, to check notebooks or to read student`s works. And if you have a laptop, then you can suit on walk the real “marching“ office especially as itself can organize also Internet connection via the mobile phone. Of course, for this purpose it is necessary to be spent a little.

during walk you can also read to

specialized magazines which will always help you to be aware of the latest developments in your professional area. For the expert, especially in the technical sphere, it is actual because professional knowledge has to be updated very quickly here.

If you have

no work yet, it is possible to look for it on the same small bench, checking announcements in newspapers. It is possible to respond right there to the offers which are most interested you, having called potential employers by the mobile phone. It is also possible to be engaged in search of the nurse or housekeeper, purchase of the apartment and a set of another useful matters demanding viewing of a large number of announcements.

we Study

“on the run“

If young mother “in combination“ is a student of higher education institution, then on walk it is possible to take the textbook or the abstract. If you study in humanitarian educational institution, then walk - fertile time for reading texts on literature if in technical - it is possible to teach formulas or to work out problems, to be trained in performance of test tasks in various objects.

Almost unlimited opportunities arise for learning of foreign languages: now there is a set of training programs on disks and cartridges. It is only necessary to stock up with a portable player and earphones - and it is possible to listen to texts in a foreign language even on the run. And if to choose the secluded place in the wood or in park, then it is possible and to repeat words and phrases aloud, fulfilling a pronunciation. The portable electronic dictionary which can be taken with itself will become the good assistant in this noble cause. It is also possible to sign up for foreign language courses and to study, without attending classes, on the Internet. And for performance of tasks it is very convenient to use walks.

So the birth of the kid, contrary to a popular belief, does not mean the end of career and years of solitary life at all. The main thing is reasonable to use the available opportunities, still ahead!