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House childbirth: in a labyrinth of delusions of

For a start we will decide on concept of house childbirth. We will talk about situations when the woman or a married couple consciously, but not owing to any unforeseen circumstances, choose childbirth in house conditions. Fashion on house childbirth - one of signs of our time. An increasing number of women do not wish to replace homeliness with state walls of maternity hospital even for several days. What conceal in themselves house childbirth - the benefit or danger? Let`s try to understand.

As a rule, to thought that it is better to give birth houses the woman comes with someone`s help. Unfortunately, such “help“ is given, as a rule, on special courses for pregnant women where propagandize house childbirth.

On such courses a basis of preparation for childbirth is the psychological component, really professional psychologists and psychotherapists who have the gift of belief work here. Very with deep arguments, at first sight, from occupation to occupation they tell you about a huge number of advantages of house childbirth and about shortcomings of childbirth of a hospital. It is necessary to tell that on such courses, as a rule, and occupations about childbirth, and occupations about care of the newborn are conducted by the same psychologists or so-called spiritual midwifes who often do not have in general any medical education.

we Will try to understand what arguments those who agitate for childbirth of the house use.

Delusion the first:“ the state house“

Many women hardly transfer change of a situation and separation from relatives. This phenomenon is not new and even has own name - “gospitalizm“. So in language of psychologists sincere experiences on the occasion of separation from relatives and the household inconveniences undergone in a hospital are called. Same, by the way, the desire to give birth in a hospital with the husband or mother often speaks - one of arguments in favor of participation of the husband in a child-bearing is the aspiration to have “near at hand“ the senior companion who will encourage.

to eliminate this unpleasant factor of difference of the house from maternity hospital, now an increasing number of medical institutions is allowed to be present at childbirth to relatives of the woman and a condition at postnatal offices try to bring closer whenever possible as much as possible to house, having as appropriate equipped life, having provided a possibility of visits, and in some maternity hospitals - and cohabitation with relatives.

the Opinion on household discomfort and inconveniences of maternity hospitals was formed by

for decades when postnatal chambers were designed for 10 - 12 people, to women in labor did not allow to carry underwear at all. Now maternity hospitals become more and more democratic, introduction of disposable tools and materials which provide purity and sterility allows women to use own underwear, one-time laying. Many maternity hospitals undergo re-planning, chambers are counted on 1 - 2 woman in labor now.

Delusion the second: expediency of non-interference

One of arguments of adherents of house childbirth is the statement that childbirth of the house is always most natural, non-interference during childbirth is regarded as of paramount importance.

In this regard wants to tell that in maternity hospitals medical intervention is carried out only as necessary, that is according to indications.

If to speak about non-interference and naturalness of childbirth, then it is necessary to mention also the right of the woman for knowledge. All manipulations and introduction of preparations are carried out only with the consent of the woman, the exception is made only by cases when the patient cannot express the consent or disagreement in connection with a state of health. Therefore you have always the right to take an interest what manipulations are planned and why, and also what drugs to you are injected.

Childbirth is not presently any more natural process as the person as a species thanks to achievements of medicine is relieved of impact of natural selection. In this regard from generation to generation process of a child-bearing is doomed to be more and more “medikalizovany“ and dependent on efforts from obstetricians. The fact that achievements of medicine which are applied in obstetrics allow to make childbirth the safest is indisputable.

are not deserved by justifications and compromise options “begin houses, and to go to maternity hospital if something goes not so“. Already at the beginning of the first period of childbirth and even in a stage of harbingers right actions it is possible to prevent many future deviations from a normal current of the patrimonial act.

Absolutely desperate is the situation when at house childbirth the posledovy or early postnatal period is complicated by bleeding . At this time the woman in childbirth is nontransportable (is not subject even to the most careful transportation), that is the woman needs the emergency help in operating room conditions - with application of medicines, special tools, - and transportation in a hospital can lead to the worst consequences. Meanwhile bleedings at the time of delivery have lightning, massive character, and postponement of medical care is inadmissible and in this case it is not necessary to rely on self-healing absolutely.

One more complication which demands immediate intervention of experts is sharp asphyxia of a fruit , a state at which to a fruit oxygen ceases to arrive. Can lead to it, for example, loss of loops of an umbilical cord or an otsloyka of a placenta from a uterus wall. In all these situations the account goes on seconds.

the Most considerable medical intervention is a Cesarean section. Now more than a half of childbirth take place with complications and every sixth childbirth demands performance of Cesarean section.

of the Emergency medical intervention with use of medical equipment and medicines also the condition of the newborn can demand .

the Important medical aspect of obstetric aid to which strictly adhere in maternity hospital is an observance of rules of an asepsis and antiseptics - a complex of the actions directed to prevention of hit of an infection in a human body and on elimination of this infection. These actions include both a specific mode of filling of chambers, and special clothes of medical personnel, and the mode and means of processing of rooms, tools and materials. All this is directed to prevention including postnatal infectious - inflammatory complications, the most frequent of which is , endomiometrit - a uterus inflammation. Development of peritonitis - a peritoneum inflammation - the cover covering bodies and walls of an abdominal cavity can be a consequence of this complication in the postnatal period. Method of treatment of this complication is serious operation during which delete the body which is an inflammation source that is a uterus. In house conditions it is very heavy to provide sterility, to prevent hit of microbes in a uterus where after office of a placenta there is an extensive wound surface.

Legal aspects of house childbirth
In our country are not present the legal base regulating obstetric aid at home.“ Physicians“, “midwifes“ who offer the services in principle cannot have any licenses for their rendering because such licenses are not provided. It is almost impossible to bring these people to any responsibility. Thus, all responsibility in case of the choice of house childbirth lays down on parents.

Delusion the third: foreign experience

can meet by

In literature mentions that which - where abroad, the usage is widespread to give birth houses, calling the midwife on the house. But in these publications the attention of the reader that all this becomes not from good life, and for the purpose of economy is seldom paid. Hospitalization cost in foreign countries is not comparable with quotations of domestic medicine. In the western countries future mothers with the modest income most often use services of midwifes - outworkers (midwife). As a matter of fact, to translate this word into Russian as “midwife“ not quite correctly because these experts receive absolutely other preparation and can work with big degree of autonomy, having quite good knowledge in the field of obstetrics, a neonatology and even functional diagnostics. Besides, midwife is armed cap-a-pie medicines, the diagnostic equipment (sometimes up to portable OUSE - the scanner), devices for reanimation and intensive therapy of newborns and sanitary transport. The Russian midwifes, at all the brilliant advantages, for such work are not trained, and attempts of some figures to extrapolate foreign experience to our reality and on this basis to be engaged in obstetric aid at home - are groundless. Besides, in those countries where obstetric aid at home actively practices, also the system of delivery of the woman in labor in hospital in case of emergency is developed.

By the way, the cities of Russia having specialized obstetric and neonatologichesky crews of an emergency medical service which can come out to the place at the adverse course of childbirth it is possible to count easily on fingers. Therefore the probability to receive the qualified help at a failure of childbirth is very small.

Delusion the fourth: contact of mother and newborn

The fact that at childbirth mother from first minutes unseparably is with the kid at home can also become argument in favor of house childbirth. In this regard there is a wish to note that the modern medicine already does not challenge usefulness of the first early contact of mother and the kid, early applying of the child to a breast, joint stay of mother and the child in postnatal office at all. Therefore if at young mother and the baby everything is good, then it is quite possible to stipulate the desire to be in one chamber with the kid from the first hours with medical personnel. To guarantee themselves such opportunity, it is necessary to choose beforehand maternity hospitals where there are chambers “mother and child“.

Should tell

that the woman can decide on house childbirth and as a result of the previous negative experience of childbirth in a hospital, and a reason for refusal of medical care in this case most often are morally - ethical, but not medical aspects of service in maternity hospital. But childbirth of the house if they also allow you to avoid roughness and rudeness, do not guarantee safety of your health and life in any way.

we Hope that your choice will be correct.