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While mother prepares

you noticed that the kid without regret leaves the zamechatelnymipogremushka at the sight of a ladle or a pan? So give them to it! Until you obtain at a plate, it will be, puffing and smacking the lips, to study the treasures.

When should be prepared for

, eternally these uneasy beings are confused by sublegs!“ Play in the room so far, do not disturb“, - the angry mother throws. To understand Eelegko: hot frying pans, the boiling teapot and other an ognedyshashchiyechudovishcha - not kitchen, but some cave of Zmey Gorynych.

Unfortunately, it is the real fact: one of five accidents of a sdetma happens in kitchen. Meanwhile at observance elementary praviltekhnik of safety is a place, so attractive for the kid, to mozhetprevratitsya in an excellent game store. Here it is full of improvised material, it is even unnecessary to be spent for toys. Really, than a board with magnetic to an alfavitomkhuzha of dry macaroni from which it is possible to put letters and figures? Or apples which can be considered as live pictures, with their shades from zelenogodo scarlet. You not only will occupy the child, but also will develop at him which - kakiyepolezny skills. And to vsempogremet a seven-months romper suit which should touch everything, with pleasure will put average in a big pan, vny - small and time is a lot of. Than not a nested doll? Do not forget to tolkovstavit to yourself in vatu ears. In couple of days krokhotulya already crawled to zavetnykhpredmet and took control of them? It is normal, it is only necessary to think obezopasnost of its “abrupt“ route.


whether is not present in the kitchen boxes available to the kid, some toxic agents or sharp objects, and also matches, lighters and other unsafe things. Shifted above? Now a perestavimelektrichesky teapot, having tracked that the wire from it did not hang down. Drugiyeelektropribora it is better to clean far away too. It is good to remove from a table iskatert.

Here still reasons for concern: whether glass in a kitchen door is strongly inserted? Whether for all pans and frying pans there are suitable covers? Whether near rings are extinguished (clear that whenever possible it is necessary polzovatsyadalny, and also to put hot dishes and drinks far away from the table edge). Now there is a set of useful devices, an obespechivayushchikhbezopasnost of our dwelling. Among them - a protective lattice for a plate, ugolkidlya table edges, a latch for those boxes where it is better for kid not to put a svoyocharovatelny nose. And most - that, maybe, useful - caps of a naelektrorozetka. If you do not want that the kid got on kitchen into a vasheotsutstviye, establish in a doorway a high fence from a side of a staroydetsky bed (similar obstacles can be made also at windows. When you vyprovetrivat, they are simply necessary). Garbage can too “transcendental object“: it is necessary that it had a deaf, dense cover.

we Are amused and study

Where there we have grain? Them is that just it is not necessary to a zapikhivatpodalsha: they will be necessary for us as the most beloved zanyatiyepolutoragodovaly researchers - oversleeping and transfusion from empty vporozhny. The best place, than kitchen, for such games you will not think up. To Daytemalysh of a half-glass of grain and other glass, empty (only from a nebyyushchegosyastekl or plastic). Let will try to pour grain from one glass of vdrugy. Costs are inevitable: on a floor the newspaper has to be outspread. Three-year-old Cinderellas can sort grain - to separate, for example, otgrechka rice. Already bothered them? Anything, on the way following task. Here to you, expensive, pieces of cardboard and on two sticks of plasticine on the brother. To start namazhtesly plasticine on a piece of cardboard - it will be a basis for future mosaic. Preparation of such basis - the process demanding diligence and concentration so be going to come to the rescue. Now together plan a stick (ilispichky) a drawing contour, and let kids spread from grain and dry macaroni (white or color) and egg skorlupok a mosaic. One more kitchen was igrupridumat by the journalist and the teacher Marina Aromshtam. For it will be required formochkidlya ice freezings which the kid has to fill. For an uslozhneniyazadacha it is possible to give it a pipette (slightly more than usual pharmaceutical, kakimisnabzhat children`s drugs). Let it gather this pipette water from a stakanaa accurately pours in molds for ice. When it it is finished, give to the child gouache that he added to each mold on a paint droplet. Let chooses colors. It was necessary to clean molds in the freezer and zhdattainstvenny transformations. You can together with the friend a proiznestizaklinaniye: be not angered by
, Moroz!
Hurry, Moroz! Water freeze
of Paint bewitch.

Next day solemnly get molds of an izkholodilnik. There marvelous color pieces of ice were formed. If they are not taken out at once, take (not for long) ice in the warm room. And you potomslozhit pieces of ice in a bucket and go with them to the yard if on the street winter. Pustrebenok will spread out them on snow: it is possible in the form of a pattern, and it is possible to construct from the nikhtsely bewitched lock. Or to find a small fir-tree and to decorate with eeraznotsvetny pieces of ice (only for this purpose it is necessary to lower in thread water that they froze properly and was for what to hang up toys on a fir-tree).

of the Toy from the test

the Neigbour in panic: her Antoshka in two years almost does not speak, the doctor advises to buy him “the developing games“, and for each of them to nadovylozhit not less than one hundred.“ Tranquility, only tranquility“, - I quote a yakarlson. What there games at you in the list? On development of fingers? And did not try to mold an iztest? Excellent exercise, by the way. Dough prepares a tak:na a glass of salt we take two glasses of flour and a little water. Dough to dolzhnopoluchitsya by firm and not to stick to hands. Let the kid pomesit it thoroughly that all fingers worked. But not this main thing. The main thing - from the test to mozhnovylepit and bake amusing figures. Not sharp knife with korotkimlezviy, gouache, average and thin brushes, hairspray and a baking sheet will be necessary for us. Imamina help, of course. Before forming the dough, it is necessary to lower detskiyeladoshka in a bowl with flour. It is the best of all to do flat figures to the naprotiyena, powdered with flour at once. Thickness of such figures - no more santimetra:boly thin is burned, and thick are badly baked thoroughly. We put a baking sheet a vzharky oven (140 degrees) for 15 - 20 minutes. Brought to standard figurkazvenit, and at dampish a sound of the deaf. Ready figure, having cooled, raspisyvaytekraskam. When paints dry - scatter on figures hairspray that were not soiled. For development of small motility, so, and speeches the Italian doctor ipedagog Maria Montessori suggested to pour a semolina on a table and, holding a detskiypalchik in the palm, to write them on this background. Then the kid navernyakazakhocht to try.

For development of the same motility, and also for comprehension to a napraktika of elementary laws of physics well (besides it is awfully amusing) exercise with sponges. We take porolonovy sponges of different forms and the sizes. We pour water in capacity and we immerse sponges there. Interestingly, what of a nikhvpital of water is more? If our sponges remind the kid of mysterious beings, it is possible to ask him such question: “Interestingly, what sponge is more gluttonous?“ Then vzarany the prepared jars we wring out contents of sponges. Where it is more water, that sponge also is the most greedy. And now let the kid will try to gather in gubkustolko waters that when you wring out it, it reached precisely line, zaraneeotmechenny you on a jar.

we Help mother

Kids so are torn to help us, and we it all:“ Play, do not disturb“. And let really will help! To mozhnodoverit the elementary kitchen affairs even to two-year-old journeymen. Let wash vegetables, clean eggs (skorlupk give to the juvenile assistant for future mosaic), razmeshivayutsakhar, will rub apple on a children`s grater. Valdorfsky kindergartens uzheprivlekat children to works in kitchen long ago. Teachers cook jam, rezhutsalata directly in the face of kids and never refuse their help. To try to train Mozhnodazhe together. Now special detskiyekukhonny accessories - safe graters, rolling pins, spoons - serving spoons are on sale. Nedaromtak the book series “My First Cookbook“ where the kazhdayaoperation is illustrated are popular. Recipes in them simple, and dishes poluchayutsyapo - to the present tasty. Having made a “magnificent“ joint lunch, it is possible to vmesteservirovat a table. Kids adore placing plates, to display stolovyepribor. Do not forget to explain only from what party have to lie a knife an ivilka (at the same time and repeat where the right where left). And still it is possible ustroitvesely game, having put a leaf of a Whatman paper on a dining table and having placed on nemtarelka (do not forget about tableware). The following stage - a konturytarelok, forks, spoons, knives are etc. led round by a pencil. Then you snimayetevatman from a table also charge to the kid to paint contours. If it already to nauchilsyapisat, it is possible to designate on “the plan of a lunch“ of the name of “parts and connections“. It is unlikely careless hostesses will grow up from small risovalshchitsa and vashipodrosshy boys will not be ashamed of housework.

Margarita Shits
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