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From Verona to Naples of

Of excursion Italy tour we thought long ago, but only this year at last decided. The set of the websites and programs offered by various operators was studied, the set of responses on the tourist websites is read. As a result the choice fell on excursion round “From Verona to Naples“, offered by the Danko company. We chose this tour because unlike many others, it was not necessary to come back home in an arrival point for return here - we arrive to Verona, we take off from Naples and thus, we save time on moving.

Documents were prepared and handed over to

in 3 weeks prior to round, payment is brought to our constant agent who reserved and redeemed our round from the operator.

Surprises began

even before departure - some days before the beginning of round we were told that a departure is postponed to 1 day later, i.e. round is reduced by 1 days and we will be given compensation in 20 euros for the person. Considering that 8 - dnevny round cost more than 700 euros for the person, this compensation looked strange. Besides, to us “overturned“ round - it had to begin in Naples, and come to an end - in Verona. But we could make nothing any more, it was necessary to accept everything as is. Did not report to us about reduction of number of excursions, and we accepted all changes with due tranquility - why to spoil nerves before a trip...

Day the first

At last we fly to Italy. With plane it was lucky - there was not a charter probably in a charter to us tickets was not enough, and the operator decided to send us usual flight with loss of one day of rest. Arrived to Naples, passed through customs, received baggage. As usual, we go to look for the meeting firm - and here, please, the new surprise - of representatives of the Danko company is not present among meeting . Asked all - neither information service, nor another meeting such do not know. But we not too despond - not one, and same vouchers flew were at our many satellites.

In 15 minutes of searches found the Russian-speaking girl - the guide and tried to find out from it who has to meet us. The girl had some list of the Russian tourists, but we in it were not. Gradually all arrived from Russia gathered in one place - about 50 people turned out. One half was in the list of the guide, the second - is not present. Having communicated to some tourists, we found out that the representative of the Gartur company, and has to meet not by “Danko“ us at all. In our voucher about “Gartur“ nothing was written.

Through an hour and a half painful expectation us was shipped in the bus. In the bus already easier - there was a conditioner, and it was possible to sit. In half an hour we, at last, left the airport and went to Pompeii.

Pompeii, the port of Naples, the island of Capri (time has not enough) - many thanks to the local guide, for this day he told us a lot of interesting. According to the program had to be a sightseeing tour across Naples and hotel in vicinities in the evening, and next day, in the second half, departure to Rome . We loafed about in the bus in a stopper and passed twice along the embankment then to us declared that now we go to spend the night to Rome.

Darkens, we tired and hungry, and to Rome to go not less than 3 hours. In the program of round still there was a short survey of Sorrento, but it, probably, excluded. To Rome profits about 12 o`clock in the morning. The first day was too saturated and nervotrepny. The guide Natasha who took us with himself from the airport throughout the day was not tired to repeat that we are not her tourists and any our questions she cannot answer because belongs to its duties only a transfer .

Day of the second

On the Eighth of May in due time (7. 30) we joined group of the Russian tourists expecting excursion to Vatican. Later some time the Russian woman came running, distributed tickets for the subway and escaped. As it became clear next day, it and was our guide Marina. Possibly, the tourists who arrived one day earlier were already familiar with Marina and the program for the evening, but our small group brought to Rome at night by Natasha were ignorant - the guide was not even presented to us .

the Second day was

not less saturated - early in the morning excursion on the Vatican Museums, then a pedestrian sightseeing tour on the center of Rome. Both excursions were excellent, the guide - remarkable. Here only for one day is too much. By the end of the second excursion tourists constantly looked for what to lean against, where to sit down. Generally, slightly crawled to the Colosseum... In the Danko program these excursions were offered in different days, and to us united them in one. After excursion we found small small restaurant - have dinner and have a rest, and then went to examine the center of Rome. By the evening returned to hotel.

After the day sated with excursions in 19. 10 in intention to have supper we went down to the hall of hotel and began to look for where our dinner. It turned out that in hotel there is no restaurant, and only breakfasts are offered. We paid 2 dinners in Rome. After unsuccessful searches we decided to call by phone of the guide specified in the voucher. Turned out that our guide on holiday , replaces it Marina that the dinner passes in some restaurant in 10 minutes of walking from hotel. The unknown Russian girl who came into hotel on the affairs - the guide on own initiative decided to help us, phoned to the coordinator, found out and told us Marina`s phone, agreed with some Italian that he leads us to restaurant where we will be fed (big with her thanks!) .

as a result we lost

an hour and a half on searches of our guide and a dinner, missed excursion “Evening Rome“. Having phoned to Marina and having described her our problems, we also turned out guilty that did not come to collecting to 19. 00 for sending for a dinner (on what nobody informed us, as well as on the evening program). Marina was not ready To constructive conversation, got nasty and told that the next morning we leave from Rome to Florence . We were surprised since in our program to Rome 2 excursion days were allotted. If we did not begin to search for Marina and did not phone her, perhaps, would not learn about departure.

the Third day

the next morning we left in the direction of Florence. On the way stopped by at some little shop where it was offered to us to taste and buy wines, candies and other local delicacies. Then went to Siena - the city very much was pleasant. Having had a bite in cafe on a main square of Siena, our group returned to the bus and went to Florence.


On one of central squares at us began a sightseeing tour with the guide on the center of Florence. While waited for the guide, the rain began. Hid in the cathedral “Santa Croce“, looked at burials of the famous people. The rain was not going to come to an end, and we ahead had still all excursion. Short dashes from - under one canopy to another we moved on the areas. The guide was excellent, the story was very interesting, but from - for a rain excursion had to be reduced - all group got wet to the skin.

our guide Marina told that she agreed with the bus driver that it approached to take away group to the appointed place for 20 minutes earlier and we ran to the meeting place. Hurried in vain - to come the driver earlier and did not gather so to us 20 minutes which are torn off from excursion were necessary to wait for him at a stop the same. Marina plainly could explain nothing. some tourists already just laughed At its non-obligation to smooth the unpleasant moments, to support good mood . Generally, waited for the bus and reached to hotel.

the Fourth day the Fourth day can consider


successful - in the morning excursion to Pisa (it is a pity, was allocated for time for survey very little), by a lunch we come back to Florence for visit of Uffizi Gallery. We gather on the square at the fountain in due time and almost half an hour we wait for guides ... At last guides appeared, distributed us tickets and earphones and constructed in turn on an entrance. The gallery could not but be pleasant - to see with own eyes masterpieces of Leonardo, Botticelli and other great Florentines - only for the sake of it it was worth visiting Florence.

the Fifth day

to us for half a day allocated to


In the fifth day free time in Florence. We decided to examine the downtown independently: climbed on Duomo`s dome and looked at the city from height, walked on the different areas, have a bite and by the fixed time returned to hotel. After a while it became clear that our bus will arrive absolutely not soon - to us declared that it got stuck in some stopper. of 40 people sat more than 4 hours in the hotel hall waiting for the bus . Generally, instead of one and a half days allotted to Florence by the program of our round we were in it 3 days - actually a half of all trip. About 7 o`clock in the evening we left Florence towards Bologna which we had according to the program this day. Visit of Bologna was reduced to survey of a main square and the fountain on it - time at us was no more than half an hour to reach from the bus the area and to return back. We did not see the city in general. Arrived to hotel absolutely late, have supper and went to bed.

the Sixth day

left towards Venice in the Morning. In total anything, but we still did not know how we will get to Verona from which had to take off for Moscow. And practically all group had to take off from Rimini. The guide assumed that we at first with all group will go to Rimini, and already from there we will be carried to Verona. If you present to an Italy map a little, then will understand our horror - from Venice to Verona about an hour of driving, and from Venice to Rimini - it is not less than 3 - 4 hours, well and from Rimini to Verona as much again - generally, the whole night in the bus . On the way to Venice the guide made happy us, told that from office the instruction to return us 10 euros for the person for the lunch which was gone in Rome is received, and suggested to reckon this money on account of excursion across Venice. Of course, we agreed.

Venice to us madly was pleasant to

. Amazing palaces, channels, smart gondolas and almost any smell about which read so much. After walk on the embankment and a fast lunch the group gathered on San Marko Square for excursion. Our Marina called us away and reported that we are waited by remarkable news - from Venice we will be brought in 5 - stars hotel where in numbers there is a jacuzzi, and there is it absolutely near Venice, and we should not go with all group to Rimini.

After visit of the area and St. Mark`s Basilica, and having visited the Palace of Doges, we hurried to a water taxi and returned to buses. We were replaced in other Gartura bus in which there were 5 more people with the return tickets from Verona. Whether it is necessary to say that promised 5 - stars hotel was very modest rural three . We, in general, even were not surprised to it after week communication with Marina. Having taken an interest in departure, we received assurance from the guide that will send the fax with information to a reception in the evening. Having not bad had supper, we carried out all evening waiting for this ill-fated fax which was not sent .

the Seventh day

got up early in the Morning since flight at us morning, and about departure we so learned nothing. On a reception no information existed. We began to call the Marina who had to be in Rimini. She, of course, was aware not of our departure and sincerely was surprised that we were told nothing. We sat, took a walk, waited until our neighbors wake up, from them learned that at night they were called by the guide and reported about a small delay of flight and time of departure from hotel. It is necessary to tell that the minibus for us arrived to accurately specified time, and we quite comfortably reached the airport of Verona.

When booking round by one of criteria of the choice of this round for us. Unfortunately, we managed to visit only the airport of this city . For some unclear reasons in the voucher issued to us in day of flying away we had an excursion in San - Marino. If the departure was appointed to late evening, we, probably, could visit there, but in the ticket time of a departure was designated by 10. 30, therefore, these plans could not be realizuyema in any way. So, absolutely devil-may-carely treat preparation of programs of rounds in the Danko and Gartur companies. to Whom it is curious to p to look at

on extremely crazy program from our voucher, can get acquainted with it. We reserved and paid round with 8 - the day excursion program, as a result received only 6 excursion days. to report to On a request the surname and to sign in the voucher of change in the program of round, the accompanying guide Marina refused . (Council: if round begins to go not according to the program - ask listings of time of your stay in hotels, suddenly then it is useful).

of the Summary

If you sometime think of excursion Italy tour, do not buy tour in the Danko company. And before reserving round at other operator, be surely convinced that a host definitely not “Gartur“ . We travel quite often and are always kindly ready to travel agents, understanding how difficult their work is. But in this case work of the operator and a host were at the lowest level, at the same time indifference, sometimes, rudeness and unwillingness to structurally solve problems most of all surprised.

Despite a huge number of organizational problems, from the country we had good impression. This merit more the country and its guides - Italians who conducted our tours. Italy is that country to which it is necessary to arrive still, and, perhaps, even not once. Here only the following time, I think, we will do without “Danko“ and “Gartur“.