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Morning storm, or Hi, law of bad luck!

we Live in near Moscow area - in the small cozy town. The most important - directly within the city at us an excellent forest park with a big pit and sandy beaches. And where still to escape from a city heat? Of course, at water. Here also we solved (mother and the sonny - godovasik) since morning to bathe yes to sunbathe a bit earlier.

Weather stood excellent!!! The morning tender sun, in the sky cloudlets. Went, of course, on a carriage - a way through the wood remote and things necessary a great lot was gathered. Reached without adventures, were unloaded on a sand. Synulkin is excited! I am excited! We bliss out.

Suddenly I hear

: far - far something pogromykhivat as if building somewhere goes. Strange. I did not attach significance to these peals until the sky in the east began to be poured by dense blue promptly. Here and to a hedgehog it became clear - the thunder-storm approaches. There am enough kid in an armful, urgently load into a carriage and run home. But to come back - that through the wood!

I Rush an arrow, synusya only on hummocks jumps up, and the thunder-storm - that does not joke. Already also rattles absolutely close, and the rain the first drops began to drizzle. During this race to me all stories terrible about a thunder-storm were remembered - and close do not approach trees, and on the open place do not stand, etc., etc. I jumped out of the wood as if a horse foamy. But happy - were in time!

here kaaaaaak livant

I! I did not see such rain long ago. A stone`s throw away nothing was visible. By the last effort jumped with small on the bus-stop, and there to the people and so chock. Nothing, moved. We sit. We wait. The rain amplifies every second. On sidewalks already rough rivers flow, and to us to the house only couple ostanovochek! I understand that early I rejoiced - it is yet not the end to adventures.

here vetrishche as will fly

A! Yes such that heavy rain parallel to the earth went. The stop roof became useless at once. I seized the child and swaddled directly in a beach cover, and from above covered with towels. It is good though we in human crowd sat, but not with edge, and all the same the rain and wind were such force that dry at this stop nobody remained. Thanks to the sonny - he did not even peep. More likely, with delight in a crack between towels looked at all this weather cacophony.

Here kaaaaak will go off with a bang

on a roof! And then once again and still! No, of course, not the lightning was - then from a stop and the wet place did not remain. It was the hail, but what! Some hailstones there is not less cam of my kid! I do not know even what can be if such thingummy on the head gets. If before I also had any doubts about that quickly the house to reach, then they in the same second dissipated. I sit and any more nearly I cry with powerlessness, and the sonny smiles, points a finger at a storm and with might and main explains to me in the “children`s“ language: “Do not worry, mummy, here you will see, everything will be excellent.“

I here... About great pleasure! From - for turn slowly came up the bus. By the way, only the conductor helped to drag a carriage in the bus to me for what to it the many human thanks. And to our men a shame, nobody even moved. I do not want that in the future my child also indifferently remained to sit... But I distracted.

What happiness was to appear at home! And directly for us the grandfather came - an umbrella from a hail to pieces, itself mokryushchiya. I too as if did scuba diving.

the End of history was ridiculous. I from a cocoon of towels and covers of the sonny, and it dry - a uniform wet speck take out. The kid looked at mother with the grandfather, sighed and... peed the pants. Probably, that it was not offensive for us. Here such hit wheel.

A a thunder-storm that stormed for a long time, but as it was pleasant to watch it from a window, drinking hot tea and with a smile remembering our unfortunate beach rest.