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For the aid to mother of

Ya I am going to become mother for the second time. Remembering the mistakes made during the first experience of breastfeeding, and I fed year and 3 months, I decided to be prepared in advance. With my preparation I was very much helped by articles from the different websites. I tried to look for information on personal experience of mothers. As I consider that it is much more important, than just theoretical knowledge.

Here I placed quotes from various articles and stories about the rules of breastfeeding collected on Internet open spaces. In skobochka in the italics I left the notes. I hope that collected material is useful not only me.

Main principle: strict diet, plentiful drink, quiet way of life and frequent applying. The correct psychological spirit, huge desire and love to the kid - here the main criteria of successful breastfeeding.


“The amount of milk does not depend on quantity of food (I ate a little at once and tried not to eat after 7), and here quality depends directly. If you have milk, then restriction in liquid does not lead to reduction of a lactation, and here if you have no milk, then no collecting, tablets and others a miracle - inventions of modern medicine will help to bring up the kid.“

“In food I adhered to the scheme checked to me more than once and as a result did not regret - I can count sleepless nights on fingers of one hand. For the very first time this scheme such is.

C 1 - y weeks it is possible: all porridges, except rice. Bread black (can cause a meteorizm!) with bran or a rough grinding (it is better dried); rich rolls in the form of croutons. Apples baked (it was my biggest consolation and a delicacy); 1 walnut a day; the egg floor in two days (if the child has no allergy, in the majority a case of egg is do not recommend); dried apricots - to 5 pieces a day. Low-fat cottage cheese with a small amount of sour cream; butter, is better melted; potatoes; juice apple (can cause a meteorizm!) and birch (juice it is better to do, as in store a lot of sugar that leads to fermentation in a stomach); dogrose broth, green tea, fresh kefir.

Certainly, nothing fat, sweet, fried and, except salt, any seasonings (it is pleasant to many children when mother adds to food of seasoning, onions and garlic, this recommendation it is individual). And whole milk (can cause a meteorizm!) by the way, too it is not recommended but only fermented milk products so, with milk I did in some way without notorious tea. (Many claim that tea with milk raises a lactation, but it is not absolutely right, main that drink was warm, almost hot, it is possible though just water - the effect will be the same.)

With 2 - y weeks: boiled carrots and beet (in small amounts), all types of cabbage (except white); pumpkin; boiled fish and fish soup (fish can be strong allergen!); cocktail - banana with kefir; firm and home-made jam - to taste cheese“.

“I gave rise to

in the spring when full-fledged fresh vegetables were not, but I was very much helped out by vegetables frozen, Polish, in packages. Having a microwave, they can be prepared in only a few minutes, - having slightly salted and having added oil, - and in the first months it oh as important!“

Recipe . For example, from fresh vegetable marrows. You clean, you cut in traditional cubes, you prisalivat, you allow to flow down, you merge juice. In a glass saucepan with a cover you put in a microwave for 7 - 10 minutes at the maximum power, again you merge juice. Then 7 - 10 more minutes on a minimum, you merge excess liquid last time and if vegetable marrows are ready to this moment, you add butter, cut in cubes (same by the size, as well as vegetable marrows) firm cheese, carefully you mix also for 5 minutes in the furnace!“

“For mother a standard diet, in the mornings - any porridge, soups, low-fat meat. Surprised that except the expected set of restrictions, kissel is impossible (on starch the child can have an allergy) and walnuts, in them fats which cannot be acquired yet. Running forward, one may say, that all diets were kept by our mother month one and a half, and then she gradually ate both strawberry, and chocolate, and a citrus with honey. Just gradually imposed next “ban“ and monitored reaction at the child“ - on Internet open spaces, personal experience.


“As should feed with

the child if at mother laktostaz - painful hardening of one or several segments of a breast? I had it several times, however, without temperature and other complications. Without any compresses, decantation and massages passed in few days. But there is such nuance: that part of a breast from which when sucking there is the lower jaw of the kid is best of all exempted from milk. I.e., if hardening in the top part of a breast, it is necessary to organize feeding so that the lower jaw of the child turned out over this zone. For this purpose the author advises the kid to put, and to mother to go down over him on all fours from the necessary party. Not super - it is comfortable, but is effective, - it is checked! - council from the book “Encyclopedia of Breastfeeding“ the author Eleonora Groysman“

“When feeding it is important to p to put correctly the kid to a breast (do not hesitate and urge in maternity hospital that you were taught to be put correctly the child to a breast that checked several times, how well you cope, it considerably will facilitate to you life right after an extract, and you will feel more surely, having remained with the kid alone). At first I watched correctness of capture and did not allow a breast to move down on a tip. Corrected at the slightest deterioration. Tried that the son took all brown part of a nipple. But now I have no mastitis, cracks. The son “devastates“ completely a breast and well stimulates it. “

“It only much later I subtracted

that one, but though it is a little to give other breast at the end of feeding needs to nurse even. Because it is considered that milk in the second breast remained unclaimed and the signal on reduction of production of milk comes to a brain. It turned out that a breast full, milk in it stands, and I cannot give it as there passed not enough time from the previous feeding, and I put it the same breast. All thought that there will pass more time, then it will be possible to give other breast. But everything comes with experience.“

“To me in maternity hospital was advised at the beginning laktostaz to put a cabbage leaf to painful sites. It was for this purpose necessary to dip a leaf into boiled water for several seconds, and having slightly cooled, to put. Several my friends took this its advice, this way fine helps.

“And the main council - across Nikitinym! For relaxation of nipples took a warm shower before feeding, during feeding warmly took cover and drank hot tea (not very well what, the main thing - hot). Of course, and at me did not do without cracks (rare mother does not face them), but I was rescued by Purelan cream of Medela firm, it does not need to be washed away before feeding and heals instantly.“

“If the breast very strongly bulked up also decantation very painful, then it is possible to apply a decantation method by means of a small bottle“.

“Everything is simple

, especially, if is to whom to help. The liter glass bottle with a neck in the diameter of centimeter of 3 - 3,5 is necessary. It should be washed up and poured in a little hot water, - that got warm. Then to turn in a towel, to fill in with hot water to top, to merge water and something cold to cool a neck. Immediately we cover with a neck of pacifiers (densely, without gaps) and absolutely not for long we wait. Effect same, as with banks. As soon as the bottle begins to cool down, in it the nipple and, “oh, a miracle is slightly pulled in!“ milk absolutely without serious consequences begins to run! The method is good just to clean surplus. Grams 50 fast descended, and then hardly drips. But that it was also necessary for us. Further the kid will be able to rassosat itself“.

the Lack of milk

“The child in each feeding eats


differently. Even if he on norm needs to eat 100 grams, he can eat only 30, but another time he can eat, for example, 120 grams. (Remember it when you do control weighing!) “

“Still I learned

from articles how to define whether is enough for the child of milk. The essence consisted here in what.

Should consider by
  1. quantity of wet diapers in days (them has to be not less than 8 - 10). Unless the doctor spoke to consider diapers? No, of course not!
  2. to Watch
  3. at mood of the child i.e. if it is cheerful, disturbs nothing him then there is enough milk. I agreed that the hungry child will let mother know that something disturbs him the behavior.
  4. the Increase in weight in a month has to be normal for age of the kid.“

“Food at decrease in a lactation: nuts, infusion from fennel seeds (or fennel), the bee uterine milk and plentiful drink - it were obligatory components of my menu. During the periods of dairy crises to me very much (!!!) nut milk helped: 6 - 7 walnuts shelled and skins and kneaded with sugar to put in the boiling milk. Then to remove milk from fire and 2 hours to insist. It is even tasty!“

“You want

the means checked on itself for increase of a lactation? So, we will take, for example, on the 2nd tablespoons of a yarrow, a seed of fennel, a nettle dry, parsley dry. Collecting is ready to mix everything-. Put it in well closed capacity, you will pour out and make from there. It is not necessary to be picked constantly with herbs.

broth: 2 teaspoons of collecting on 1 glass of water, slowly to boil 30 minutes, then to add to a glass. Broth for 1 day. When everything is normalized, can not drink broth, and so before the following failure. Be not afraid, will not swell out malyshulyu.“

, and my mother who prepared the following means came to the rescue here.

  1. Fine laktogonny means. For preparation of drink from them take 20 g of seeds, carefully crush in a porcelain mortar and fill in with a glass of boiled water. To accept on a half-glass 2 - 3 times a day. Very simply - you take a thermos and you drink.
  2. it is Also good, as well as the radish juice with honey diluted (1:1) the cooled and slightly added some salt boiled water is opposite, however, (on 100 g of a radish - 100 g of water and 1 tablespoon of honey).
  3. Massage of a breast under a warm shower me was almost inaccessible to
  4. (houses very well helped!) and helped with hospital... massage of a neck! I also did not think that it is so effective!
  5. Nicotinic acid (RR vitamin). To begin about 0,5 tablets 2 times a day before the feeding. To bring to 1 tablet 3 times a day. After reception face reddening and burning of a breast is felt - it vessels extend, and milk arrives better.
  6. Vitamin E 0,1 - 0,2 - 2 times a day. To accept 7 - 10 days.
  7. Ascorbic acid to 1,0 g a day. To accept 7 - 10 days.
  8. in maternity hospital to me recommended to drink cocktail - nonalcoholic beer + the concentrated milk + funduchny dust, but even only one nonalcoholic beer well helps to increase amount of milk.
It bought

vitamins for the feeding mothers and Essentsiale forte, and told that we will improve properties of my milk. Vitamins - always, and Essentsiale forte on 2 capsules 3 times a day - week, further - on one capsule (ONLY AFTER CONSULTATION of the DOCTOR!) and the lyalka had pure and smooth cheeks and legs! And nothing helped, I gave it very expensive antihistaminic preparations (of course - according to recommendations of doctors). All said that we have a severe diathesis, an allergy nearly to everything, including my milk!“

“Arguments of supporters of breastfeeding

  • Mission of the woman - to feed the child with milk.
  • for
  • It is economic - it is not necessary to be spent for mixes and small bottles.
  • It is convenient to
  • - warm, sterile milk, always near at hand if the child sleeps with mother, it is not necessary to rise at night.
  • Prevention of cancer for mother.
  • Yes, maternal milk changes properties in process of growth of the child, it adapts to an organism, corresponds to needs of the kid, and, respectively, does not lose useful properties.
  • anal contact Full of a psikhoemotsa.

Arguments of opponents of breastfeeding

  • Milk lost all useful properties.
  • do to
  • of Mummy it for the sake of the convenience.
  • Overindulgence, to school will be sucked.
  • your breast will be similar
  • to ears of a spaniel.
  • It almost a perversion (especially if you have a boy).
  • the Child will tell
  • later.

it is not excluded that, at heart they try to be repaid as did not feed or fed not for long.

Personal experience

Ya did not see obstacles to refuse to the child milk.

Milk I successfully replaced with

in the summer cream after solar bathtubs.

Milk perfectly neutralized any hints on food poisoning at the daughter.

U me and the husband had very severe poisoning, the child nursed - mother`s organism the fine filter. Unnecessary and superfluous it rejected all.

Yes, me it was convenient to


It is the last physiological communication between me and the child.

Milk is irreplaceable

during takes off and landing of the plane.

Change of climate and water was painless.“

“In conclusion

  1. Mother always feels the child, it has to consider and satisfy his requirements. It is not necessary to listen to those who advise to close eyes to the crying kid, to put to him a pacifier. It is necessary to be guided by the child.
  2. If the doctor points
  3. to shortage of milk and advises to finish feeding the child, try to put more often it to a breast, it stimulates a mammary gland on production of milk. To begin dokorm never late. In one very clever book it is written:“ Even the old woman who was giving birth 40 years ago will be able to feed the child with a milk drop if he constantly sucks, stimulate a breast“. I completely agree with it. What to tell about just given rise woman when the nature gave her such ability.
  4. If the child began to refuse a breast, having got used to easy food from a small bottle, and you are seriously adjusted to fight for breastfeeding, then do not give in to temptation to put a bottle to the child if he after long attempts and refuses a breast. All this is temporary. Again persistently offer it a breast, do not think that something happens to it for hunger. What still will remain to it except how to take a breast if any more nothing is offered? Real fact: at an earthquake the maternity hospital, under fragments hundreds of babies collapsed. What surprise when all were rescued in several days was, and they were without food and water. At small there is such feature - they can do without food several days without prejudice to health. Perhaps, it will seem cruel, but it so. It is a terrible example, but very indicative.
  5. the First month it was heavy
  6. , the daughter did not want to sleep in a bed more than 15 minutes in any way. And nights and at all insufferably constantly to jump on shout. What here dream? From second month the daughter sleeps with me. From this point began to sleep long, could oversleep all night long. Well and me it became much easier, it is not necessary to rise. After 10 months decided to accustom gradually with the husband her to a bed. At this stage one wall at a bed is cleaned and moved up to ours, it seems as sleeps with us, and in too time, in the bed. It is very convenient because mother needs to get enough sleep that there were forces to be engaged with the child in the afternoon.
  7. After 5 months I all - broke a ban: began to feed the child in one feeding with both breasts, my many acquaintances so did. And after 9 months the daughter herself began to choose a breast. I consider that time to nurse left came, I give it it, and it, having sucked, undertakes right. To it - that is more visible that it is necessary to it. Very often sucks alternately one, other breast. And here result - I feed still what and to you I wish. “

Here what I counted as the main thing from articles and publications read by me. I hope that authors of quotes which I used will not remain on me in offense. I did not wish to pass for plagiarism, just tried to systematize the knowledge gained from their materials and articles.