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Travel along a route Moscow - St. Petersburg - Finland - Sweden - St. Petersburg - Moscow. Part II

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Day the fifth, Saturday

Arrival in Stockholm we overslept

. We go down in hold with children and suitcases - and there one our car costs, and the valet near it is nervous. Plunged, left, began to look for bank to exchange Euro for Swedish kronur - Saturday, everything is closed. By miracle left to the central station, there changed money, 150 Euros at once (a course about 9 kroner for euro), and bought the map of Stockholm and the map of Sweden.

Be attentive

with an exchange of money! On Saturday and Sunday all banks are closed, the exchange Forex bureau works at the Central station on Saturday till 21:00, on Sunday only till 15:00. After that it is impossible to change money anywhere! Perhaps, there is something working at the airport, but we were not there, did not check.

In the first day we decided to go at once to Astrid Lindgren`s Park in Vimmerbyu because that else can be done in the unfamiliar city at 7 in the morning provided that lodge in hotel only with 15. 00?

it is worse than

of the Road in Sweden, than in Finland, car owners violate rules more often. The high-speed mode is especially not observed though quicker 150 almost nobody goes. Attempt to overtake Lexus led to the indignant beeps though in general the people behave more correctly, than at us. Road signs too less distinct if not to be extremely attentive, it is possible to go astray.

the Landscape differs from Finnish in a smaller ukhozhennost, perhaps. There are no farms, seldom found roadside constructions all brown color, unlike multi-colored Finnish lodges. On the road the first time refueled. Gas station automatic - you put notes in the filling automatic machine, and it to you pours gasoline. 200 kroner - 20 liters.

the Guide deceived us. To Vimmerbyu there were not 200 km, and all 350.

should Go so: You leave Stockholm on the twentieth route Stockholm - the Gothenburg which begins directly from port, the main thing - not to go astray in the Stockholm. In Sodertalje the route forks on two, and your way lies on Road E4 to Norrkoping. There you turn on Road E22 and you go along the sea to Vastervik, for Vastervik you turn to the right on the minor road No. 33 which will bring you straight into Vimmerbyu.

the town very nice - multi-colored lodges with well-groomed lawns, flower beds, bright playgrounds. Striking contrast with sad identical rural houses.

At last reached by

Astrid Lindgren Varld. The family ticket costs 640 kroner, is calculated for two adults and three children, and it is cheaper, than to buy tickets separately for all four. At once went to have dinner, the full-fledged lunch on all cost us 320 kroner, is cheaper, than the similar lunch would cost in Finland.


Each book of Astrid Lindgren in Park allocated the platform. There is both Emil`s farm, and Carlson`s lodge, and Willa “Chicken“ on whom there lived Pippi Dlinnyychulok. It is necessary to tell that Pippi is the main character of local fantastic reality. Everywhere its images, dolls, clothes, a wig - everything, as at Pippi are on sale. Carlson is pushed on the second plan, somewhere between Emil and Rasmus. Even it is offensive because we have Carlson - the main prankish and the general favourite.

the Park huge, and constantly happens on some platform representation. In total in Swedish, but Katya remembering “Emil“ nearly by heart “translated“ us everything almost literally. Performances are remarkable, even children play quite professionally.


Directly along paths of park aspen mushrooms grow, it simply is necessary to notice, on the contrary - do not notice.


B one of corners of park reproduced a piece of old Vimmerbyu of times of the childhood of Astrid - with a central square and adjacent streets, only in a reduced form. All houses - bank, hotel, shop, magistrate - growth from the adult. In show-windows of shops small toys, sweets are spread out, in windows people in clothes of that time are visible. All tiny and awfully nice.

We spent by

to Astrid Lindgren Varld the whole day and left at six o`clock, at the time of closing. The word of honor, was very a pity to leave from there, the feeling was as though again the childhood …

Children and parents >

Small lyrical digression. There is a lot of children, both in Sweden, and in Finland. And from boys externally every second - Emil or Malysh, and girls - either svetlenky accurate Ida, or long-haired red Pippi.

the Attitude towards children here not as to “is eternal

- confused - under - legs - small fry“ and “keep silent - when - adults - say“. Treat them with respect, as to let small, but to citizens of the country. Never I saw mummy with the person warped for rage shouting, splashing, pulling a hand.


Completely connected to education process fathers. While mother with the senior lies on a grass and eats ice cream, the father patiently goes on a glade behind a tiny topotushka, lifts the kid, shakes off, takes out from a mouth of the cone and the earth, changes pampers, and all this with boundless patience.

the Episode which shook me occurred in Mummi - park. Mother holds in bushes suspended the girl, and not small, years of five. The child pisat, on call there is a father with a piece of toilet paper and when process is complete, blots with a napkin intimate places of the daughter.

One more supervision from Mummi - park - in one of toilet cabins, besides a toilet bowl, is available a pot.

Children - disabled people meet quite often. The family, and among them - the child in a wheelchair sits at a performance.

Day of the sixth, Sunday the Scandic Ariadna Hotel to which we arrived yesterday late at night costs


directly near the mooring and resembles the ferry a little superficially. From a window of our number the wonderful view of the sea, on the moored and sailing ferries opened. Number is good, but for four is very close, the spread-out beds occupy all space.

according to the plan at us supposes Today survey of three museums located on one island of Yurgordene.

the Museum of the ship “Vaasa“ - the ship constructed in 1628 and the drowned then. It is lifted in 1961. Impresses. It is shown not only the ship, big and rich for the time. Around “Vasa“ the whole museum with the exposition telling about how it was built what life by the ship was as it was lifted is created. The set of models, sculptures, are recreated sketches from ship life. Show slides and movies, besides in the Swedish and English languages.

the ships which are laid up nearby - “Saint Eric“ of the beginning of the 20th century, a mine zagraditel and other ships also belong To a sea exposition. Tickets the general are also valid for all sea exposition, there are 70 kroner the adult, 10 kroner on the child from 7 to 15 years.

Yunibaken - small analog of Park of Astrid Lindgren. The entrance costs 95 kroner for adults and 85 kroner for children. After Mummi`s visit - a dale and Astrid Lindgren Varld Yunibaken does not impress at all. All exposition is concluded in one big building, the same country house “Chicken“, arrived on a visit Mummi inside - trolls with the lodge.

Only in Yunibakena that causes delight and admiration - it is the magic train. It consists of separate cabins, each of which moves independently, and goes from Vimmerbyu station. We were lucky - excursion was in Russian what we were kindly warned on an entrance about. The cabin consistently passes Emil`s farm, Roni`s lock, a closet of the kid Nils Carlson with very naturalistic rat, flies by over the magic country Nangiyala, over the house of the Kid, drives in Carlson`s lodge, passes some more books and finishes on Pippi`s country house.

during the movement of the train is forbidden to be removed and photographed therefore I had to attach the working chamber between knees, having directed it forward. And surprisingly everything wonderfully registered so now we are owners of exclusive shooting with comments in Russian.

On the museum island all food points rather expensive therefore we drove off, found a pizzeria, nicely ate on 345 kroner, and then returned to Skansen.

Skansen is the museum under the open sky, in it old rural houses and estates, city quarters, churches and belltowers are kept. It is broken ogorodik, too, probably, on a traditional sample. Everywhere it is possible to come, look, get acquainted with ancient Swedish life. In the estate, for example, two young ladies sit and languidly play cards.

In addition in Skansen there live “traditional Scandinavian animals“ as it was written at an entrance. Really, wolves, foxes, bears, boars, lynxes, elks under natural conditions live in big open-air cages, gluttons and for some reason seals are, probably, the most typical Scandinavian animal.

Peacocks go just on paths, without any open-air cages and are afraid of nobody. Children extracted - couple of feathers, having arranged small peacock hunting.

Skansen works late hours in the summer, till 22:00 therefore we returned to hotel late and hungry again.


Day of the seventh, Monday

To this day at us appointed departure to Helsinki. The ferry departed at 17:00, and all the time before departure we decided to devote Gaml Stanu.

Gaml Stan`s

is the old city entirely located on the island. The royal palace with performance of a military orchestra, right there, at the palace - little shop where copies of royal regalia, cards etc. are on sale. We bought Vasilisa the “real“ royal crown, and I very much regretted that at that moment I had no camera on call because happiness in children`s eyes words cannot be described!

the Old city is a labyrinth of very narrow medieval small streets, suddenly opening squares with multi-colored high houses, souvenir little shops, extraordinary beautiful flower benches, intricate signs, crowds of tourists. And the cafe, coffee houses, small restaurants, little tables on the street for which there is a wish to sit down, order coffee or a beautiful dessert is a lot of, to look in Carlson`s sky.

draws in

But time, we hurry, it is necessary to be in time on the Knightly island, to look at church (Riddarholmskyrkan) of the 13th century in which bury the Swedish monarchs. Tombs of kings, memorial plates, including de Gaulle because he was the gentleman of some important Swedish award. An entrance of 20 kroner on the adult and 10 on children since 7 years. It is impossible to photograph and film with the camera, but the included chamber which besides is skillfully clamped under the arm can very much and many …

of Half a day - it is mad a little for Gaml Stana, and three days are too very little for Stockholm! A lot of things were seen only by the way, from a car window - numerous sculptures of the cows painted in the most unimaginable colors, the huge hand which is sticking out of water, a very tall tower in the amusement park from which continually as if cabins with the squealing people and much, many other, interesting and unforgettable fall down.

Finally I will a little tell

about parkings in Stockholm. They almost everywhere paid, and it is better to pay for small time and to leave the car for a long time, than not to pay in general. Several times we for a while parked on parking for disabled people - they are conveniently located and are almost always empty. Nobody interfered with us, but I know whether it is necessary for it a penalty. And in general it is unclear what to do with a penalty if suddenly the receipt is stuck on glass. To pay or not? And if to pay, then where and how? We with the unexpected penalty and left home.

there Comes departure time. We are loaded on the ferry of Silya the Symphony - better and more than on what we floated to Stockholm. The cabin is more spacious, and the feeling of the passenger not so strongly is present at a lower deck.

On the seventh deck the Promenade - such big internal street height to several decks, with shops, restaurants, a nursery is. To the Promenade there are windows of cabins more expensive, there go transparent elevators, everything very beautifully and impressively. It is possible to leave children in the game room, and to do some shopping.

On the twelfth deck located Sunflower Oasis - a water complex with a sauna, numerous jacuzzis and a small waterslide for children. We spent couple of pleasant hours there.

the Dinner on the ferry (buffet) costs 28 euros for the adult and 11 on the child of 6 years. It is necessary to notice that a variety and quality of dishes is excellent, wine and beer without restrictions, it is a lot of snack, hot dishes, desserts, fruit.


On the ferry offers such program that it is possible to have a good time all night long: night club, casino, orchestra, karaoke, pianist, various shows. We preferred to go to bed and woke up already at the way to Helsinki.

Day of the eighth, Tuesday

In Helsinki were not for long, saw Senate Square with the Senate, University and a monument to Alexander II, were convinced that yes, it is really similar to St. Petersburg. Came around to look at the church cut in the rock (Tempelleaukio) and went to the Aquapark Serena. The aquapark, of course, was pleasant - hills different, is and absolutely for kids, and is such on which you rush with a speed of 40 km/h.

was regretted Then that did not plan in Helsinki at least couple of days. Here is what to look at - many museums, and for children - the big amusement park of Linnanmyaki and even Legopark. But the visa at us came to an end today, and we were forced to hurry.

To border was reached quickly - only 200 km and the route high-speed (E18, she goes straight to St. Petersburg). By the evening already were on border. At our customs, as always, Finns have no turn. Finns have one point - showed documents, splashed a stamp in the passport, and is free.

U us - passport control, customs control, surely check presence of the autocitizen if it is absent - it is necessary to make out right there, on the place. Then survey of the car - formality of course but to open - it is necessary to close a luggage carrier. And then 3 (!!!) barrier where it is necessary to show passports. On everyone at least 2 persons sit. That is, under the law, 4 changes, that is 8 people on everyone. And how many in Russia of such unnecessary posts??? And really it was necessary to show passports only on one, on the others just wave hands - pass.

To border was pulled on the last gasoline. Filled a full tank right after customs - 40 liters, of course, got but all the same it is cheaper, than to fill a full tank there.

in the homeland

Here we and in St. Petersburg. Nevertheless it is sad to return home after full and accurate Europe. Please only the prices - here you will tell nothing!

Wanted to remain

for about 4 days in St. Petersburg, to take a walk, look, to children to show round the city. But after Europe somehow already there was also no wish. Brought together children in the Hermitage, to show how the Russian tsars lived, took to Peterhof - on imperial “dacha“, looked at fountains, wetted through through in crackers. Looked at night how draw bridges, and next day went home, to Moscow.

was Brought quickly quickly, through 6. 5 hours after start were already at the dacha in Solnechnogorsk. There we were also caught by the native GAI officer for speeding - the only time for all travel!

arrived to Moscow Late at night. On the counter there was the general run - 3575 km. The car was same pure as to a trip, it was decorated with sun-protection shirmochka with the image of the Kid and Carlson on back lateral glasses.

I that is especially pleasant - our vosmerochka never brought us, did not break and did not turn obstinate!


managed our Travel. Impressions, photos, videotapes, stories will last for a long time - before the following travel. We already decided that trailering is for us!


we spent For gasoline in Russia about 2860 rubles (220 liters) if to consider on average liter on 13 rubles (2004). Two times we refueled in Sweden - 300 kroner (30 liters). Total the consumption of gasoline turned out small, generally due to optimum driving across Finland.

in Europe we spent 900 Euros and 400 dollars For food, numerous tickets, not numerous souvenirs and other expenditure, and on pleasures in St. Petersburg ate still dollars 200. So - take council money with a stock as in Europe life really very expensive. We spent almost everything, and at the same time at us there were no emergency situations.

How to save

On gasoline - surely take

with yourself the canister with gasoline, in Finland the 95th gasoline costs 1. 13 and 1. There are no 18 Euros, 93 at all, in Sweden slightly - is slightly cheaper.

On children - can underestimate age of the child and to lead him without ticket to the museum or to feed free of charge as we made it on the ferry.

On tickets - do not buy tickets until you find the one who should show these tickets.

- in hotel always ask

On the parking where the free parking for living.

On food - look for at restaurants business - a lunch or a buffet, in Finland it is called voileipapoyta or seisova poyta, in Sweden and is written - Buffet or Lunch. On time it is limited approximately from 12 to 15 o`clock. Still it is possible to eat in pizzerias - it is not really expensive too. Well and it is absolutely economical - products from a supermarket.

In Sweden shops - snackbars where it is possible not only to buy something to eat products, but also in a complex, for example, a hamburger plus Coca are (or coffee plus ice cream) there are 20 kroner. In Finland for 2 Euros it is possible to buy only a dry roll in a supermarket.

On souvenirs - think whether they are necessary to you in such quantities and all relatives need to be presented?

Happy journey!