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Travel along a route Moscow - St. Petersburg - Finland - Sweden - St. Petersburg - Moscow. Part I

10 - 18 of August, 2004
Crew: the driver is Sergey, the shift driver and the navigator - Svetlana, passengers - Rolling (12 years) and Vasilisa (6 years). The car - VAZ - 21083 1999 of release.

my husband loves fast driving, children become engrossed in reading of Carlson, and for me the main thing - when all is good. Here from these three components the route of our holiday was also born.

Why we refused from traditional bus - ferry offers of numerous travel agencies and preferred to travel independently? First of all by drawing up the program of a trip we were guided by interests of children - wanted to please them before approach of new academic year.

to us should have got to Finland till August 15 (because Mummi - a dale is closed on August 15), to carry out to Turku not less than one full day (besides in Mummi - a share), to stay in Stockholm not less than three days, and in one of them we wanted to go surely to Astrid Lindgren`s Park in Vimmerbyu.

Well and an important factor - money. There was a wish to look, naturally, not only more, but also to spend less money. We did not find the round meeting all these requirements, and decided to create it.


Preparation began

with visas and tickets for the ferry. We took advantage of the offer of the company Silya Lyne and reserved a cabin and the parking place on the ferry along a route of Turku - Stockholm - Helsinki and room for 2 nights in Scandic Ariadna hotel in Stockholm. It cost us 516 Euros for four. Plus night in Ramada hotel in Turku - 165 Euros, the Finnish visas - 45 Euros from the passport, that is 90 euros for all (children are entered in one of passports) and the obligatory health insurance - 1 Euro a day from the person, only 28 Euros.

Total in Moscow we paid

899 Euros. With ourselves we took 1000 Euros and, as N / z, - 700 dollars.

Some days before departure I brought our vosmerochka to service with a request completely to diagnose running, to replace everything that is replaced, to adjust everything that is regulated, and in general to prepare it for a long journey. What was as a result made: replaced a GRM belt, a belt of the generator and the resonator, changed oil with the corresponding filters, added antifreeze, adjusted the valve and the emergency brake. All this cost us 3000 rubles.

the Husband solemnly pasted an obligatory oval of RUS on back glass, shipped in a luggage carrier a jack, a tool kit, the compressor and the twenty-liter canister for gasoline, in salon - a children`s car seat for the younger daughter, unscrewed the top luggage carrier, and the car was ready to travel.

Day the first, Tuesday

Left a little later, than planned - at 7 in the morning. Surprisingly, Moscow did not fall down any more, and there were very many cars on streets. Nevertheless, it was succeeded to leave to traffic jams the city and somewhere about the half-ninth morning we were already in Klin where filled a full tank. It was enough for us almost for all road, and the second time we refueled already on entrances to St. Petersburg.

Sergey is proud of the fact that for all road we were not overtaken by any car. Average cruiser speed it held 100 km/h, we went almost without stops (naturally, all were fastened, and Vasilisa went in a children`s chair) and in 14. 30 drove to St. Petersburg.

That struck in St. Petersburg - constant traffic jams. In Moscow it is possible to move almost freely by car in an interval between 11 and 16 hours late at night and in the afternoon. In St. Petersburg roads are filled always. All these prospectuses, attractive to the motorist, direct, wide and such on the card, are covered the uncountable number of traffic lights, it is impossible to disperse even kilometers to 50.

Still the authorities for some reason block for repair entirely all width of the street, in both parties, and is always quite unexpected. It is necessary to look for a detour that for the non-resident`s person very not easy. To travel over the city to get to it on the other hand, it is impossible too - ring road is under construction, but a condition of building very depressing.

I drivers on the road behave at all not as in Moscow. In Moscow I turn every day on the left to the yard on rather brisk street, and the counter flow always passes me, stopping and pomigivy headlights. In St. Petersburg we were never passed, and I did not see that someone passed someone. The simple thought that it is often easier to pass, than to squeeze into a narrow crack, did not seize consciousness of Petersburg motorists of An of masses yet.

was reached At last to the apartment in which we should spend the night. This apartment is in the downtown, absolutely near Nevsky Avenue and deserves the separate description. To the typical “dostoyevsky“ yard - the well is conducted by a narrow, long and dark gate. The yard small, with a green island in the middle and a competitive parking lot - “who rose earlier, that and slippers“. At the same time 2 of 10 places are occupied with rusty “kopeks“, one of which for some reason all is shot (at night, by the way, something was heard, similar to shots).

the Entrance called here by “ladder No. 8“ - dark, mysterious, with the steps which are ground off by many generations of residents. Windows of rooms with low, to a knee, window sills look to the yard, and the window of kitchen leaves in a strange internal well of 2 by 2 meters in size with a floor at the level of the 2nd floor, the wet and filled-up garbage. In the same well there are windows of an entrance of the neighboring house closely docked to ours. Here so everything is difficult.

Day of the second, Wednesday

Lifted children again early - at 6 o`clock. Younger half asleep asks: “Mother, and what, in St. Petersburg always so early it is necessary to go for a walk?“ It is necessary to tell that children did not know about a true route of our travel, they thought that all trip will be limited week in St. Petersburg, and all. The surprise was successful - about where we go, little girls understood only at customs, having seen the huge index with the inscription “Finland“. Were delighted, of course, and when learned about Sweden, nearly dropped out of the car from surprise and delight.

without reaching Vyborg, filled a tank to full and filled the canister which is waiting in the wings. In the same place, at Yukos gas station, bought “green card“ - car insurance. It cost us 385 rubles for 2 weeks, point works round the clock, and there is a lot of such points of sale about Vyborg.

B 11 of morning we were in Cowberry - point of transition of border. It is farther from Vyborg and is away from the route to Helsinki therefore we assumed that to the people will be a little, and differently there should not be tourist buses. And it appeared. All formalities on both sides of border borrowed us an hour and a half, and if we took in advance and correctly filled in the declaration, but not for nothing stood in a queue, then would save at least minutes 30.

the Travel agency opened for us the visa per day before the reserved spending the night, and we could not hurry in Turku, and travel a little across Finland. Our route passed through Lappeenranta (trassa13), to Kouvol (route 6), Lahti (route 12), Hyameenlinn and on 10th Route straight to Turku. A little longer, than through Helsinki, but we wanted to diversify our way.

of the Highway went on the wood, and our first stop happened on the Finnish earth on a forest clearing, it is a little away from the road. The cloth taken from Moscow and sandwiches made in St. Petersburg were useful on our improvised picnic. Children found several birch mushrooms, rejoiced to tiny fir-trees, and I was surprised that in ten meters from a clearing there passes the federal highway, and here is silent, mushrooms and raspberry grow, and absolutely untamed forest birds go. And still began to smell - tart, juniper, absolutely unlike a smell of our wood.

Sergey added a tank of a dopoln from the canister, and we started at way. Highways pass in Finland away from the cities, a paving good, all go accurately, follow rules and politely pass each other. Very distinct road signs - with number of the route, names of the next and large settlements, that is it is impossible to get lost.

Restriction of speed - 80 km/h, on some highways - 100 km/h. It is impossible to break, it is necessary to drive at constant speed. On the one hand, it fine saves gasoline - on one forty-liter tank we passed 600 kilometers, and the first time refueled already in Sweden. On the other hand - monotony lulls, and we were several times interchanged the position, being afraid to fall asleep driving.


roadsides - pure, either graveled, or set with a short grass Struck us. Neither dust, nor dirt. As a result our car after the end of travel was same pure, as to it.

the huge boulders left once a glacier, exposures of rocky breeds Often meet, and sometimes the road is cut through directly in the rock.

Still that it seemed to us interesting - constantly along the road houses, separate or grouped on 2 - 3 structures come across to

. And there are they almost at the highway, but at the same time them it is almost not visible - so dexterously they are entered in a surrounding landscape. The corner of the house will flash, a roof. Happens and so that the farm is built in the middle of a huge wheat field, but then constructions are surely surrounded with the small bosk hiding life of owners from public eyes. Sometimes the minor road to it here to the farm or a village departs from the highway, and on a fork there are nice multi-colored mailboxes.

we assumed to Spend the night in Hyameenlinna. The guide reported that the town is rather interesting, in it there is a lake, the market square and a fortress based still yarly by Birger. And it appeared. In the town of 45 thousand inhabitants and the mass of the museums - prison, artillery, local history, the museum of cards. The quiet, accurate town with the central pedestrian street, multi-colored houses and numerous shops and restaurants.

In the same place, in the center, we found Emilia hotel. In sign English asked the room for two adults and two children. Offered us a triple room with an extra bed which was quite decent, big, with the conditioner, two bathrooms and a view of a picturesque pedestrian street. It cost 102 Euros, parking - is free.

For the first time faced the Finnish high cost. The modest dinner on four at hotel restaurant cost us 60 Euros, considering that younger eats only French fries and anything else.

A little away from the downtown located the lock - fortress to Hyama, being under construction with XIII on a XVIII century. Fortress is built from a red brick, has an internal court yard, and walls very thick and hollow inside, in them inhabited and economic rooms were located.

To the yard the free admission, and on the door conducting in fortress hangs the plate on different languages including in Russian:“ There is no entrance without tickets“. Nevertheless, nobody demanded tickets from us, and we without tickets looked at all fortress really interesting and unusual, with a ditch, fortifications and a view of the lake.

On the opposite side of the lake the cascade to water houses go down, here, under fortress walls, the fisherman, slightly at some distance - a lawn with benches and a playground, park with boat pier sits. Usual silent European idyll.

Day the third, Thursday

we Dare to get up a little later - not in six, as usual, and around eight, it is necessary to be in time for hotel breakfast. A decent buffet - there is no variety big, but products qualitative and tasty, even porridge was present, banal porridge on water.

to go to Naantali where there is Mummi - a dale, nearby - 170 kilometers, through Turku so hours in 11 we already zarulivay on Mummi - the parking, we buy tickets, and the free bus is lucky us to Mummi`s Valley - trolls. Mummi - the parking costs 4 Euros for all day, but then we understood that it was possible to do both without it, and without free bus - it is simple to reach.

not to do Without tickets - they look as bracelets, are tightly attached to a hand and in all territory the unostentatious smiling girls attentively peer into wrists of visitors. Types of tickets a little, at the different prices, we chose tickets for 24 euros for adults and on 15 on children. Is included visit of park of Mummi in the price - trolls, theater Emma and islands of adventures of Vyaski.


- a dale - full delight. Children smiled continuously, were photographed from a mumma - mother and mumm - the father, ran in a mumma lodge - trolls from the floor on the floor, laid down on their beds, sat down at their little tables, looked in lockers - all this is possible, touch and take everything that you want.

And we, adults, did not stand aside too. I started up ships on mumm - the river, and Sergey sat down at a mumma office - fathers to write “memoirs“ on the ancient typewriter. The territory is big that to look at everything, it was required to us hours 5. Were tired, of course, terribly, in the same place ate in fast food (16 Euros).

Emma which visit is included in the price of one and all tickets cannot go To theater - all in Finnish, but to Vasilis everything is something interested, and she forced us to sit out all half-hour representation.

in principle, our ticket was calculated on 2 days, and we could visit Vyaski`s island next day, but children were so excited, so were eager for adventures that we decided to go immediately.


On the island is lucky a small ship with the captain in a piracy suit and the same team. To float absolutely not for long, minutes 15. On the island there is actually an island of adventures more than nothing. Some other way, except as on the boat, it is impossible to get on it. Actually, adventures on the island it is sports - tourist, diluted with country life. Archery, a bungee, circulation on a rope and on stilts, a rock-climbing, the Finnish village. I learned to go on stilts, Sergey shot a bow as Robin Hood, and children squealed on a bungee, jumped on a trampoline and ironed rabbits in the Finnish village.

Unexpectedly found a sauna. Opened a door in some next lodge, and there - a sauna, please, come, take a steam bath, right there nearby the lake to which it is possible to jump joyfully after a bath. Also unexpectedly found bilberry. Under legs looked - and around at the bilberry bushes entirely covered with berries though collect by a hairbrush. Came back with blue languages, of course.

In Turku us was waited by the ordered Ramad`s hotel - 2 double rooms with a door between them. On the road we stop by in a supermarket Spahr, we are bought by products for 40 Euros - ham, cheese, bread, rolls, mineral water, juice. We have supper at ourselves in number, already understood that it is necessary to save on food. We act this way and subsequently - breakfasts in hotels, lunches where - nibud are cheaper, like a pizzeria or business - a lunch at restaurant, and a dinner in number - sandwiches, salads and cookies from shop.

Day the fourth, Friday

the Buffet is good certainly and more various

, than in the previous hotel. Checkout time in 12 so we pack things, we load them in the car and we go for a walk across Turku. It is possible to leave the car till the evening on the hotel parking.

we Leave to Mikaelennkirk. It is Archangel Michael Church - the typical pseudo-Gothic is constructed at the beginning of the century. Something reminds the Historical museum.

the Craft museum of Luostarinmyaki - the kept old city quarter the lace maker, the woodcarver, the shoemaker, the baker - and at you in the eyes work as

with lodges in which any handicraftsmen - the watchmaker sit. The entrance ticket - 3. 40 euros, but do not check them. We also did not begin to pay.

the Cost of survey of empty interiors of fortress of Turku makes 6. 40 on the adult and 4. 50 for the child. Outside fortress is far more interesting, than inside. It looks rather monumentally and attractively, and halls almost empty.

In the museum at a fortress in the principle is what to look at - swords, guns, ancient suits. It is possible to enter through an exit - it to the right of gate at once.

was eaten in cafe at the museum - two buffets cost 27 euros. Children were fed with them. It appears, they have kvass, just the same on taste as ours.

Before departure there were some more hours, and we decided to go to big shopping center Mylly, like our MEGA. The entrance to shop has special cages for dogs - green, mesh and the doggie on a door is drawn - not to mix who should be imprisoned there.

Departure of the Silya Europe ferry to Stockholm - in 21. 15. We arrived in advance, in two hours. The show, of course, shaking - at first a continuous stream huge trucks drive, then the same never-ending river cars float, and somewhere on the other hand horseless passengers enter. And all this mass of people and cars easily is located in huge 12 - the deck ferry!

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