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Feed, mothers! “I you love

!“ - my breast spoke to Vikula for the first time enclosed in the rodzal. Vika just was born therefore there is no other way for expression of the tsunami of emotions which covered me yet.

For me breastfeeding began

even during pregnancy - in the head. I knew all the actions, realized obstacles from relatives, studied everything up and down. I was helped with it by the Internet - I spent a traffic working still for everything - all websites where there is information on GV, I was not lazy to read all references which were issued by the searcher.

A lot of things I allowed to read

the husband - to it was absolutely not indifferent, than his future child will eat. He joked that I began pregnancy to feed after the delivery at least, and went to give birth with installation to feed to the maximum - information obtained about advantage of GV so turned me. Thanks a lot to Slivina Natalya Vladimirovna and Larionova Tanusha for timely support and the help, they for me as two beacons in the abyss of often inconsistent knowledge of advantage of breast milk!

Of course, process of feeding goes side by side with children`s psychology and, of course, education of the baby. Who as not mother from first minutes of life will transfer all feelings from the world? Who as not mother through a tender touch and a tasty warm milk will tell that life is a delightful thing? For the baby the mother`s breast at the initial stages is a synonym of security, heat, caress and love.

So was and for my Vikuli - after the delivery it had quite unpleasant process of rehabilitation, she ate almost continuously the first several months - the breast was both a universal uspokoitel, and the comforter, and food, and in general necessity. I never limited Vika in access to a breast - I do not see in it any sense. I never considered amount of the milk eaten by Vika and given by me is the unnecessary and often forcing to be nervous information.

of the Pacifier and a bottle in our house were absent always, even at the time of my childhood. As my mother spoke:“ If the child needed a pacifier, he with it together would be born“. In a case when it was necessary to leave somewhere, very much helped and helped out a baby sling - I went down the street or on shop and fed Vika on the run. From heat of my body and measured rocking, having gorged on, Vika fell asleep. Sometimes in a baby sling Vika was carried by the father - especially when she grew heavy or was fed before walk “to a dump“.

Happened that I lay all day with Vika in an embrace and fed - fed - fed. It was rather heavy to narrow the outlook to a framework of one bed, but business was worth it - slowly Vika began to be interested more in world around and interest in my breast began to die away slowly.

Now our breastfeeding continues, Vika already slowly learned to divide as food a breast and a feeding up, thirst and hunger, but my breast still for it in honor. It is pleasant to me I will nurse, likely, I very much to miss then on these minutes tendernesses and caress. Wicky had now a habit “to feed“ me with something in reply during feeding. I am sure that my girl will grow up the sympathetic, kind and self-assured person and will also nurse the child, in a different way cannot just be. Therefore feed, mothers!