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You had a kid - whether the house is ready to a small miracle?

With the child`s birth your life absolutely changed, and, probably, it seems to you that already now you have to learn as much as possible about care of children and their education. But you should not try to remember everything at once. As the kid will grow, you are waited by new cares and new opening. And now it is better to think of the near future - about the first three months. Try to estimate once again the house from the point of view of safety and comfort. Of course, most of all your kid needs your love and care, but it is necessary to take care also of some important things.

In your forces to create the atmosphere of tranquility, safety and, of course, love even if the child has no certain room, and his bed costs in your bedroom. And you and your kid will spend here a lot of time therefore it is worth thinking carefully, how exactly to organize space and lighting. Pay attention to a ceiling light - it should not be too bright as the child can lie long, just examining everything around.

Place furniture taking into account that then to you can be required to make fast shift and to trade places home decoration that it was convenient also to you, and the kid. Take into account that it is necessary to do daily damp cleaning, and small objects should not you disturb in it. Simplify for yourself this task.

In order that the newborn well slept , it is the best of all to put a rigid orthopedic children`s mattress in a bed. It is possible to use the mattresses having two parties - “summer“ of cotton and “winter“ of wool. The bed linen has to be made of natural soft fabrics: coarse calico, chintz, flannel, terry fabric, jersey. That the kid in a dream incidentally did not pull to himself on the head a blanket, use the special belts and clips fixing it. The bumper (thin matrasik, fastening to bed sidewalls) helps to protect the child from blows about a bed wall, and the canopy blocks a bed from bright light, draft and insects.

It is possible, you paid attention to a special children`s cradle and think to use it instead of a usual bed? The cradle can be transferred easily from the room to the room not to leave the sleeping kid of one. However before getting such cradle, it is worth paying attention that it is calculated on rather small weight and it can be useful only in the first four - five months.

the Second important place in your nursery - a pelenalny little table . Any flat surface can become it. Lay on it thin matrasik or the blanket curtailed several times that to the kid it was not too rigid. Then cover it with a waterproof film, and then a diaper which can be replaced easily. Surely track that your pelenalny table was strong and steady, attach it to a wall if it is possible.

On safety of your dwelling needs to pay special attention . For a start just bypass the house and examine it. Clean any small objects which the child can swallow, put protective caps and cases on electric sockets, think of how to lock rooms to which the child should not get independently clean to the inaccessible place all cleaners, house chemicals etc.

What from children`s things, objects for care of the kid and means of first aid can be necessary for you? How to choose really necessary and useful? Now first of all you need diapers for newborns, baby`s undershirts and baud, and also socks and bibs. Check whether there is in your the home first-aid kit a thermometer, antihistaminic preparations, solution for processing of an umbilical cord (3% solution of peroxide of hydrogen, 1% spirit solution of a hlorofillipt or 2% solution of diamond greens (brilliant green)), febrifugal for newborns (without the content of aspirin), the means reducing gas generation, safe cuticle scissors with the rounded-off ends, wadded disks or balls, a nasal aspirator and children`s cosmetics - means on care of gentle infantile skin.

to you the following cosmetics will most of all be useful to

In the first several months: the children`s clearing napkins, powder or cream under a diaper, foam for bathing, children`s cream, children`s oil for massage. of JOHNSON`S® Baby develops care products for gentle to children`s skin more than 100 years. Specialists of the company work in close cooperation with pediatricians. All means released by the company pass the most strict quality control at a stage of selection of raw materials, and ready-made products are surely tested in clinical conditions.

Now when at you and there are a lot of cares, it is important that household chores did not take away from you too much time. Correctly organized house space and necessary means on leaving not only will help you to care carefully for your kid, but also will exempt you from excess efforts.