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Unusual adventures of an ordinary Russian family in America

Life of the housewife or unemployed wife of the working programmer.

we Will get acquainted with our heroes. This is mother, the father, the daughter Tanya and the son Dima.

Mother as a programmer. But does not remember any more when it etimzanimatsya. The father is a programmer too, successfully works in the American firm. The son of twelve years, darling, the nice boy, studies in the 7th klasseamerikansky school. The girl Tanya of five years goes in kindergaden.

B 1996 the father put the summary in the Internet and received the invitation to a narabot in one very small American firm. From this day and nachalisneobyknovenny adventures of the most ordinary Russian family. Everything that was farther, we will pass not to injure our reader. And we will begin since 1999.

So, in May, 1999 we arrived to our father to the small town that is in 30 minutes of driving from the big and beautiful city of Boston. The father rented to us apartment in cozy and too remote town. Also mynachat to master new vital space.

Mother studied the space and found otsutstviyedruzy, relatives and acquaintances. The first that she solved: to etoispravit somehow. It began to come for walk and to look for sebeznakomy. It was found out that nearby there live nice mummies with children. Spomoshchyyu not really good English and a mimicry mother got acquainted a soslovatsky and Romanian family. And then and with other families living in a complex.

Then it turned out p that the daughter Tanya of 5 years has no friends and. And in general, it is better than a bynayta of the Russian girlfriends. For this purpose very well the Internet approaches. Nakhodimsayta of the next city also we look for Russians there. So at us appeared still multigood friends and acquaintances. Will celebrate with whom holidays now, so kakrodny remained in Russia.

It is good to improve the English still. Found vamerikansky bookstore “English - the Russian Dictionary“, cartridges of dlyazanyatiya English. While mother prepares, she wiretaps these cartridges. Spomoshchyyu Romanians it was succeeded to learn that nearby there passes the set on English besplatnyekursa for foreigners. And mother just stalainostranka.

On testing was defined on what level to place mother. The teacher - the American. How to understand it? It turned out that it is very simple. He spoke simple phrases. At first mother guessed according to separate phrases, and potomstat well to understand. Students from the different countries, the majority of Brazil of an iportugaliya. Brazilians are interested in Russia. Especially Dostoyevsky :) Oniyego, speak, all read there. And mother told that she reconsidered all ikhseriala. And they were satisfied with each other.

Lessons pass

very interestingly. Every time you learn something interesting the orazny countries. The teacher asks everyone to tell about the svoyeystrena. We bring photos and we get acquainted with families of each other of an iobychayama. Everyone brought something remarkable about the svoyeystrena. Got acquainted with how celebrate holidays in the different countries. Ochenyudivitsya, having learned about our Christmas. It was necessary to hold back what we eshchespravlyat also Old New year. And how to explain it.

it turned out p After a while that mother has many acquaintances izkity, Koreas, Romania, Slovakia, Poland, Bulgaria, India, Brazil, Portugal, Siberia, from Kazakhstan, and Ukraine. Here is how it is interesting!

That, it is time for mother to be chosen somehow out of limits of the house. Shops and the town appeared too far. And as there is a wish to see people! The matter is that in the town where myzhivy, you will very seldom meet people. Though there is a lot of houses. In our complex 16 of houses on 3 floors. “And where these people?“ - you ask. It seems that they on raboteil still somewhere, and here it is not accepted to walk and stick out about a svoyegodom.

To the nearest shop of 1 km. We walk. To the city of 3 km. Pridetsyaopyat to go. There are no buses, all have cars. And mother does not drive the car yet.

In the city the library where mother with pleasure independently registered is. Veta to nice library all books in English. In the detskomotdel there are convenient easy chairs, little tables and stools for children. Detimonut to be engaged in puzzles and toys, to play computer games. And mamymonut quietly to esteem. And books here - the sea! Found the Russian fairy tales naangliysky, a lot of favourite and familiar books of the childhood:“ Pep - a dlinnyychulok“, Tom Sawyer“, the fairy tale “On Pike Command“. Found many books okhudozhnik, musicians and it is a lot of books about Russia. So slowly began to read, and, about a miracle, English began to improve! It is possible already and to translate to the daughter fine books. Now we go every week to library we iprosveshchatsya.


So, it would be necessary the car! All study with husbands or acquaintances, takkak driving school very expensive. The student`s rights are for this purpose necessary. To Nadosdat traffic regulations. It turned out that rules of a dorozhnogodvizheniye can be handed over and in Russian. Here and the rights student`s mamapoluchit. Now it is authorized to learn to drive the car. Faugh! Was tired! And how many a zherabota still it is necessary. But it is very interesting!