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Family hairdresser. Where to go to study?

Most likely, each of us, and maybe not once, having seen the husband fooled for the decent sum in the next beauty shop, or mother with the hair spoiled by chemistry in a hairdressing salon in horror exclaimed: “Even I would make better!“ But it only in the theory all seems simple and easy. Actually not everyone can do and that exactly to cut a bang, not to mention a model hairstyle. Therefore if you decide to watch hairdresses of the relatives independently, then it is better to attend before it hairdresser`s courses.

By the way, obtaining special skills - quite good idea and for those who want to get a new profession or to receive additional earnings. At the same time it is optional to get a job in a hairdressing salon, it is possible to fill up the budget of a family, staying at home. Upon termination of training the circle of your clients can be not limited only by relatives, and is considerably expanded at the expense of acquaintances who, in turn, if they of course like your work, recommend you to the acquaintances, etc. And pluses of work at home are obvious: the free schedule, the own master, children under supervision.

B of additives to it, it will be possible not to doubt that the head of your little child will always be as it should be. As a rule, mothers cut children independently years to three, without attaching great value to equipment of a hairstyle and a form of a hairdress, and being guided by purely practical point of view - that the bang did not hang down on eyes and the head looked accurately even if the kid will forget to brush the hair. But in process of growth of the child also new requirements to his appearance appear. And if it was accepted to cut all children “under a pot earlier“, then now the majority of us seeks to develop in the child identity, including, as for his style. Look narrowly, and you will notice that children`s hairstyles are very similar to adult. However methods of their execution have the features. And the head will not remain not well-groomed. To itself, of course, not to make a hairstyle, but laying and coloring quite perhaps. Besides knowledge of how it is correct to look after hair, to prevent their loss, to keep their strong, healthy, brilliant and beautiful, are simply invaluable!

the House master

So if you decided to become no more than house master, then you should find approximately for 4 hours 2 times a week for visit of hairdresser`s courses. Within 1,5 months for 6 thousand rubles in small group (about 5 people) or individually practicing hairdressers will train you in ways and receptions of the main hairstyles and elementary laying. You should perfect practical skills, most likely, on relatives and acquaintances who will need to be invited to a practical training.

Upon termination of such training any diplomas as it is only a prelude to professional education, of course, are not issued. Though to you can grant the certificate confirming that you visited a specialized course. And what certificates are necessary to the hairdresser - the fan? The main thing that your relatives and friends wishing to have hair cut at you did not come to you with the overestimated inquiries.

I here you already effortlessly and fearlessly cut off a lock behind a lock on the head of your husband. It is possible even that successful experiments on relatives and acquaintances whose image you decided to change will inspire you for continuation of training in hairdresser`s art. Each subsequent step to tops of skill will manage approximately in the same sum and will borrow as much time, but the Multi-skilled hairdresser will be already documentary assured by the corresponding diploma or the certificate

If you from the very beginning assume an opportunity that the gained knowledge will be useful further for professional activity, then it is worth passing at once training after which qualification “multi-skilled hairdresser“, or “multi-skilled hairdresser“ 1 - y is appropriated to category. The course for beginners (who were never engaged in this business) will take 1,5 - 2 months. It will be necessary to visit occupations which last 3 - 4 class periods (1 class period - 45 minutes) 2 - 3 times a week. The total of time of training will average 60 class periods from which the theory, and 48 hours - practice will take about 12 hours. However this very conditional division as during training of lecture unite with a practical training.

the Program of this course, in comparison with previous, much more nasyshchenny also includes such bases of hairdresser`s business as the organization of working process, acquaintance to professional tools and the equipment, washing of hair, massage of the head, different types of hairstyles (man`s, female, children`s and laying).

In addition future hairdressers learn

about modern methods of hair-dyeing, a chemical wave and preparations used for this purpose. During lectures on modeling it will be told about face types and hairdresses which will allow to correct an image subsequently, and also features of performance of model hairstyles to which the majority of a practical training will be devoted.

Time of occupations can be chosen as

at discretion: morning, day and evening visit, and also groups of the day off is offered. Training cost in group will average 7 - 10 thousand rubles, individually - more than 25 thousand rubles. Many firms provide stage-by-stage payment of training: at the beginning of occupations 30 - 50% of total amount will ask to bring you, and the rest can be paid in addition during a course. A number of the organizations do not stint various discounts: festive or seasonal which can make up to 15% of course cost.

the Hair stylist

of Those who do not want to be satisfied with what has already been achieved and is ready to improve the skills, the following step of training after which the certificate of the state sample on assignment of the specialty “hair stylist“ is granted (2 for certain will interest - I am category).

On occupations listeners will stop on such subjects as hair dressing types, types of modeling, modern developments in the field of performance of hairstyles, the fashionable directions in the field of hairdresses, a permanent wave and coloring, stylistics in more detail. The program includes also art coloring. At the same time the number of the practical hours given to coloring and a chemical wave will increase.

Besides, it will be detailed it is told about influence on head skin and hair of paints and chemical mixes. The knowledge and skills received during training will allow all, taken a course, to carry out not only various hairstyles and laying, but also to qualitatively carry out coloring and a chemical hairdressing, to think out new types of hairdresses.

also questions of care of hair will not remain unaddressed, without special knowledge it is hard to understand a huge number of the means preventing a hair loss, stimulating their growth. Still in this area the big part is assigned to medicinal herbs, information on which listeners will be able to obtain during training.

Duration and cost of this course in different places is various

: 48 - 80 class periods (6,5 - 1 5 thousand rubles) and 5 months (20 - 25 thousand rubles).

For convenience of the listeners seeking to save on training, some educational institutions offer the full course of hairdresser`s business uniting a theoretical and practical training in the specialty 1 - y and 2 - y categories. Duration of such course will make 108 class periods (9 weeks), cost in group - about 13 thousand rubles individually - more than 40 thousand rubles.

the Practical training making the most part of any course generally passes

on the volunteers (not less than 2 - x in day) wishing to bring free of charge the pricheskuv an order. As a rule, the firms organizing training process already have a constant circle of clients who are not afraid to hold up the heads under scissors in hands of hairdressers - beginners and are ready to any experiments. Eventually, there will be always nearby a skilled master who will try to correct possible errors which, most likely, will be inevitable at the beginning.

As practice takes place

in specially equipped rooms, all necessary equipment (drying, hair dryers, etc.) during training it is provided by organizers. And here the stock (scissors, hairbrushes) on some courses should get own. At the beginning 2 pairs of scissors (usual and tapering 1 ), a set of hairbrushes and clips will be necessary for you for hair. Too provide with dyes not everywhere so paint will be or at your expense or at the expense of models which will come to you to practice.

1 These scissors by sight gear. At a hairstyle they are used for a svodeniye “on is not present“, taperings, thinning.

the Image maker

Creation of a new image includes

not only a hairdress, but also a make-up and clothes. The following advanced training course is intended for those who want to learn how to reach a harmonious combination of these three main components of image. Influence of physical properties of hair on modeling of a hairdress, color styles and bases of a tsvetogeometriya, cold laying in a wave mode, weaving, a day and evening make-up, correction of the person by means of a meykap - all this is joint in the program of the following grade level.

Besides, extraordinary interesting to any creative person. And art of creation of evening and wedding hairdresses certainly is the most spectacular part of a course.

Duration of training will make

1 - 2 month (2 - 3 times a week for 4 hours) and will manage in group 6,5 - 10 thousand rubles, individually - 25 thousand rubles.


Upon termination of any of the listed professional courses grants the certificate of the state sample therefore listeners should pass test on main types of hairdresser`s works: for example to execute a hairstyle and laying of long hair - or to special skills: to simulate a hairdress, to create an image by means of a make-up and clothes. Though which - where it is not demanded, and will organize interview on materials of lectures. Employment is guaranteed to the experts who completed courses not everywhere. But anyway organizers of training are ready to assist listeners in job search, and also to recommend masters for participation in the championships on hairdresser`s art.

Similar courses - rather inexpensive and short on time - enjoy

wide popularity. New groups numbering 5 - 12 people on each specialization open nearly an every month. The age of listeners varies from 15 to 40 years. Hairdresser`s business attracts generally women, however almost always 1 - 2 men are the share of group though abroad on the contrary the interest in this art is more widespread among persons of the stronger sex. Usually act as organizers of courses being uchebno - the production combines, training centers or the noncommercial enterprises formed earlier at government institutions and also private beauty shops.

Fundamental approach

Recently the hairdresser`s profession very much there was a lot of new the technician which in details cannot simply be mastered for a short time therefore on full education in this area 7 - 11 months will leave. Occupations begin in September and there pass 3 - 5 times a week for 6 - 8 hours in groups on 12 - 18 people. As well as everywhere, a practical training occupies about 80%.

the Cost of courses - from 75 to 140 thousand rubles. with possible stage-by-stage payment. Tools are included in the training price not everywhere. But, as a rule, trainees receive a discount in 10% for acquisition of working materials of that firm in which stock the salon or training center specializes.

Upon termination of courses the diploma about qualification assignment “the hairdresser - the makeup artist“ or “multi-skilled hairdresser“ 3 - go, 4 - go the category is issued. Some centers also hand the diploma of the international sample. Examination can take week as you should report on the acquired skills by all types of hairdresser`s works. Can check also theoretical knowledge of material. Employment of pupils is besides guaranteed not everywhere, but for certain the masters who passed such training will be in great demand. After a basic course it is possible to receive the specialty “the hairdresser 5-go the category“ (highest) or “fashion designer“ at a discount in 15 - 20%.


a course you chose, the main thing that you seek for self-improvement. It is possible that new abilities will become not only your hobby, but also an excellent way to save the family budget for many years ahead. It is not excluded also that you will find even more, than just new highly paid profession or favourite business. It is possible that your abilities and desire to give joy to people will become sense of your life.