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And you spoke, I will feed to school... (experience of breastfeeding - from beginning to end)

Terrible thoughts of not pregnant woman

Why I was frightened also by whom? The child`s birth (despite all dreams of it) was represented by ordeal, but a bigger despair was caused by the subsequent procedures: feeding, bathing, clothing and other, so far unknown. The desire to give rise was replaced by panic attacks:“ I will not be able to feed him in certain time, I hate the mode, and hours one, and those broken at our place. I such awkward - suddenly I will drop it, I will break something to this small fragile Being. I will not be able to maintain sterility and I hate ironing clothes“.


Pregnancy forced out silly thoughts of the future problems current. And still there was an Internet and the best book - Serza. So I considerably grew wiser. I knew that I will feed on demand, was not going to buy “just in case“ mixes and small bottles. The solution of the problem of food reduced fear of all the rest.

I suddenly, on the 37th week of pregnancy, watched the educational movie on breastfeeding which upset and frightened me. Applying to a breast seemed some difficult process demanding special flexibility of hands, good reaction and luck. And all this did not guarantee that I will manage to avoid a set of the problems discussed in the second part of the movie.

the First time

Childbirth was long and heavy, however, memory of them was quickly erased. The son was put to a breast at once, but made it “for show“ - droplets of colostrum did not act, and so important contact lasted some seconds. And then it was necessary more to sustain fight with the doctor for joint chamber as “after such difficult childbirth, it is necessary to have a rest three days, but not to be engaged in the child...“ I do not know whether the doctor listened to my incoherent entreaty or quieter arguments of the husband (who was present at childbirth, but unlike me who is not the patient). From the son I was not separated.

In chamber and I, and the son fell asleep at once. Morning round woke us, and only after its termination I could consider, still anonymous, a cub. To my astonishment, the newborn child was not such helpless and innocent. Perhaps it and maternal imaginations - his look was quite reasonable, requirements are clear. He was also absolutely correctly put at once to a breast (the pediatrician who approached with survey validated) and then three days and three nights tirelessly sucked absolutely empty breast. Manager. office forbade to take the child in a bed. But as from - for seams I could feed only lying, and we did it continuously - in maternity hospital the joint dream was adjusted.


Ya that the breast “does not give life signs“ though colostrum at many in the second trimester appears. The conviction which collected for pregnancy supported that I will feed easily and long. The son did not demand food, and, appear, knew better me as everything has to be.

I here, for the fourth night, on the eve of an extract from maternity hospital, IT CAME! Probably, that night I also like trust to the instincts, got the confidence which allowed me not to trust further blindly public opinion, unskilled pediatricians and councils of the senior generation. And the son treated emergence of food as to due, but did not reduce the efforts and ate even in a dream.

From 0 to 6

Having stayed mother slightly more than four days, I could already show to the husband the art of the treatment of the child and guessings of his desires. The first months I got enough sleep so well, more than ever in life. The dream became sensitive, several times in a night it was necessary to open eyes to help the son who is looking for a breast but I slept for 14 hours. Affairs and efforts appeared a little. The husband erased and cleaned. I refused a linen ironing, having read about its possible harm for the kid. Preparation of simple food (I adhered to quite strict diet) took away not enough time. The son was very quiet, did not cry, was not ill.

wanted to be told About a diet in more detail. I stayed the first two weeks on buckwheat cereal, walnuts, bananas and green apples. Then there came New year. The holiday table was modest, but it was succeeded to do without buckwheat cereal. And in new year I returned to the various, though dietary menu again. And here in 2 months my son began to become covered by the ugly red shelled spots. The diagnosis was unpleasant - laktazny insufficiency, but our remarkable pediatrician did not even give a hint at the termination of GV (and there are doctors who advise it). So the next 6 months I was deprived of any dairy products (most heavier left cottage cheese and milk porridges). Red spots at the son passed, but instantly appeared, once I was tempted with ice cream or glazed cheese curd.

Everything took its course. In a month there was my one and only sleepless night - it was necessary to leave the child to the grandfather and the grandmother to go to the REGISTRY OFFICE to register him. My mother asked to strain off just in case milk. I specially woke up at night when it is more milk, with terrible efforts filtered, filtered - only the cup bottom was covered. Then “on a smell“ woke up the got hungry son. While fed (and this pleasant, calming procedure took not less than an hour us), milk in a cup as though turned. I a couple of hours have a sleep, again began to filter - probably, decanted 50 ml. In the morning I incidentally overturned this cup. The arrived parents found me tortured, sleepy, alarmed behind decantation of the next portion. It is difficult to describe my emotional state when, having returned, I saw that the milk extracted with such work and remained not drunk. Any more I was never decanted.

A soon, apparently, in a week or two, establishment of a lactation happened. Now milk from me flew almost continuously, not only cups, cans could be substituted.

Still I want to tell

about an important subject about which recognized from Serzov - “baby a baby sling“. During pregnancy I had a maniacal desire to get this thing. To buy a qualitative import baby sling it did not turn out, I did not trust a domestic samoshiv - as a result the baby sling was sewed to me by the father. It is necessary to write separate article about our baby sling. Here only I want to tell that when to me all the time bothered to sleep, there was a wish to put the house in order, to prepare something tasty for the husband, to sit at the computer, only the baby sling helped not to break the contact come with the son.

About a baby`s dummy. The relations with a baby`s dummy did not develop. Decided to replace itself with a baby`s dummy when problems with a tummy began - it seemed that if the son eats less often, problems will be less. But the child did not recognize the bought pacifier. In 3 months of a problem with a tummy came to an end, but we began a thicket to leave. To feed in the early spring on the street it is cold, in transport - it is a shame (then life forced to feed both in minibuses, and on the main streets of three cities, in McDonald`s and even at the Red Square). Then I palmed off on the child demanding milk a baby`s dummy, strong holding it (that did not depart). With arrival of summer this need disappeared, the pacifier got lost. In a year the son found it, listened to explanations what is it, and thrust into a mouth... opposite end.

And then about one year

New stage GV began

after 5 months. In 4 months and week the son spread (it is a subject of my pride so I cannot but brag), to five learned to overcome obstacles. Approximately at the same time began night to find a breast - now I could not wake up.

the Feeding up I at first tried to enter

“as it is correct“. From 5 months began to allow to gnaw apple, drying. After 6 - ti tried to give a boiled vegetable marrow or carrots puree, apple puree. Probably, the son ate couple of spoons, with pleasure smeared the rest on himself and the sprained furniture. He ate apricots with big appetite. In 8 months tried to give a children`s squash - 1 - 2 spoons were hardly pushed. From tortures of daily feeding I was rescued by the son, having included a box with porridge in the plan of destructions. My hobby for a feeding up also came to the end with it. The son received fruit, boiled vegetables when they were at home and he showed desire is them. Meat, cottage cheese, juice entered into a diet after a year. From 6 months, during a heat, began to give water from a poilnik.

A so the main food remained milk, the son more and more began to enjoy.

And then - to one and a half

After a year, having read the put menu, began to worry that the son eats a little. And he ate in 1 year 2 months - 1/2 banks of baby food meat plus porridge or vegetables, 2 - 3 spoons of children`s cottage cheese, and scanty portions - boiled vegetables, fruit, cheese. Saws only water. Well and of course, my milk (5 - 6 times a day, without restrictions). Heard councils that it is necessary to stop GV, then feeding will be adjusted, cautions that the child starves and does not receive useful substances, well and, of course, statements that in milk after a year of nothing useful, one harm. All this talk caused concern, but nevertheless I trusted in the intuition and council of the wise pediatrician from online - consultations:“ Offer different food, interest, but do not insist. Also do not worry, everything will be adjusted“.

In one and a half years, and the truth, everything was adjusted. The son gradually increased norm of the eaten food to put, at the same time 4 feedings by milk remained: evening, night, morning, before a day dream.

When I the first time reflected whether it is time to finish

When the son was 1 year old and 10 months our triad (it, I and milk) endured the first crisis. It is difficult to understand the prime cause - whether my organism began to be exhausted and the amount of milk decreased, whether the son began to need more me and milk. As a result the son practically did not depart from a breast, and I constantly felt terrible fatigue, there were problems with teeth, hair, nails and all this against an autumn depression. I tried to limit feedings, tried to distract the son in the afternoon, forced every time of minutes on 10 to wait for milk (justified itself the employment, the son understood), fed up him for the night bananas. As a result I almost ceased to feed in the afternoon, but night feedings did not get to anywhere - all - I got used not to wake up at night, and the son who was left without control ate how many he wanted. Then in me the confidence ripened that it will be possible to finish smoothly GV by 2 years recommended to WHO.


A in a month the last got, the teeth which appeared the heaviest at the son. Month of saliva, snivels, whims. And again uncontrolled round-the-clock feedings returned.

to Stop feeding with

very simply, I many times threw

In 2 years and 1 month we returned to the former achievements - only night feedings. Then I began to put to bed without milk. Replaced so favourite process with the song, and then and fairy tales of own composition. There were successful periods - 2 - 3 days on one, morning feeding, but then again came back to two (both 3, and 4) to night feedings, and I should have been distracted only by the affairs, and in the afternoon the son found a breast.

In 2 years and 2 months, having read councils, smeared a breast with brilliant green, showed to the son, told that I got sick. On the subsequent requests for milk showed “what all green“. The son did not cry, and, apparently, even felt sorry for me. I, at some moment, cowardly promised that I will recover soon and again there will be a milk.

For the first time went to bed, without removing a bra, and at 5 in the morning woke up from a terrible laktostaz. It is good that the son took a breast, without opening eyes, and that could not agree to “sick“ milk.

Then still few times repeated a trick with brilliant green. I did not believe any more that it will turn out to stop GV at once and forever, but it helped to have a rest a little from a small sosatel.

As everything ended with

2 years, 4 months (exactly). For the last week my state strongly worsened. After morning feeding rose with dizziness somehow to function, it was necessary several times a day to lay down to have a rest. And then I developed the plan.

  1. cotton baud and within the next month carried it round the clock. It allowed to exclude completely uncontrolled sucking - the son could not reach a breast.
  2. Told
  3. to the son that milk became a little, and I will feed only him at night now.
  4. Entered the rituals facilitating falling asleep. In - the first, the obligatory fairy tale or the song for the night (over time guessed to write down them on a dictophone). In - the second, before going to bed the son surely brings himself drinks - the bed has to have not less than three cups with juice, water, tea, compote. In - the third, I have to repeat before going to bed several times an introduction “All children cleaned teeth, laid down on beds, took cover blankets. One Mitya does not sleep!“
  5. fed with
  6. only at Night if the son woke up and persistently asked milk. Gave a breast for 2 - 3 minutes and only once in a night. The son argued with me, but did not cry. Still ridiculous disputes took place at us nearly an every evening when the son, only - only learned to speak offers from 2 - 3 words, proved to me that night, darkly. I had a thought to buy a children`s watch, but there were no suitable. Then the excuse was unexpectedly thought up that night will be when in the house light in all windows opposite goes out.
the Chosen method turned out

very successful. And the breast was not overflowed, and I felt vigorous and cheerful again, and the son did not worry, any time did not cry from - for the accepted restrictions. So there were even no special reasons to absolutely stop GV.

In three weeks I strongly caught a cold. There was a wish to recover quicker, was afraid to infect the son - so made the decision to be treated by tablets (the previous 3 years I used only folk remedies.). Even in the afternoon I told the son that mother got sick and drank medicine, from - for whom milk became poisonous. It was necessary to remind it both in the evening, and at night, but tears and rough protests the termination of GV did not cause. Having been left without my milk, the son fell in love cow at once (though until then did not drink it). In several weeks it became clear that GV is finished finally and irrevocably. Now I did not need to invent overalls for a dream, and I was not locked in a bathroom any more to change clothes.

A recently, considering pictures, the son began to show on a fly agaric, on my breast, with delight shouting “Poisonous!“

the Epilogue

Probably, I am not a fan of GV. So far fed, not only knew, but also felt the huge importance, usefulness and correctness of what I do. Also GV helped to make the first years quieter and joyful, saved the money and time (spent then for the child, but with bigger advantage). Having stopped feeding, I did not feel lostness, a razorvannost of bonds, belittling of the role. Sincerely I rejoice that the son began to sleep all night long, without waking up. Still he matured and gained big independence.

my Last visit to the stomatologist showed that at last I outstripped process of destruction and I leave an office without talonchik on the following time. And how many tempting offers of beauty shop became available to me!

I think of the same soft, besslezny termination of a joint dream Now (I already have a plan).