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History of our GV

Short background. My mother fed me and my foster-sister about one year. Then the grandmother - the doctor came and told: “Enough!“ also tied up to mother a breast. At us in a family do not argue with doctors, and mother has problems with a breast still - mastitis, mastopathy, etc.

I fed the Senior daughter with

to 3 - x months. In “Tipat Halav“ (the medical organization in Israel which is carrying out the out-patient accounting of children to 3 - x years) told that Chanee ceased to grow fat and advised to finish feeding porridges from a small bottle. Porridges were pleasant to Chanee, and she refused a breast. Within a month I tried to combine a small bottle with a breast, but so nothing left.


Recently, having read article that standard lines of weight for babies are overestimated and are suitable for babies on WILLOWS, I understood that the reasons for transition to porridges were not. Chanee was a quiet child, slept at night, from pokaka - popisa too everything was as it should be. But I then, unfortunately, did not read “Lyalechka“. And all went on around: “3 months fed - already well!“

Dalia received a breast right after the birth. Except a breast did not agree on anything - all baby`s dummies and nipples were pushed out instantly. And even when in Tipat Halav told that Dalia does not grow fat, it did not influence Dalia in any way.

Making the decision to come to work, I understood that it means the end to our GV. Dalia was 7 months old, “human“ (the oldest daughter divides all into children and people) she tried food with pleasure, with special pleasure drank goat milk. I was sure that daily 9 - ti hour separation + business trips will overcome Dalia.

the First 2 weeks were very heavy for Dalia and for me. Dalia fell asleep in a garden after long sobbings and unsuccessful searches of “sisa“, and made up for houses passed, practically all the time carrying out on me. From me milk flew. No laying maintained, it was necessary to change several shirts in a day (employees, probably, thought that I am a terrible woman of fashion). Once you thought of Dalechka, it was necessary to run out from a conference hall... Dalia did not give up, it was necessary to refuse business trips, we kept GV.

When Daliye was executed by

year, following family tradition, time to finish GV “came“. The grandmother is a doctor and the father is a professor began to tell me about terrible harm of GV after a year. But, fortunately, I then already read “Lyalechka“...

to me hardly was given our GV. Since the beginning milk terribly flew, I passed half a year in wet undershirts, then milk flew again... GV took a lot of time, without leaving either time, or forces for the oldest daughter, the husband, itself and the house. It was heavy to me to feed at night. In spite of the fact that Dalia slept near me, I woke up for night of time 3 - 4, often could not fall asleep. At work appeared as the zombie, it was necessary to refuse increase.

At an intense daily routine of all family, the father was out of work. Coming back from work, he saw Dalia who hung on me without getting down. It could not stack Dalia as she fell asleep only with sisy. At night it was impossible to rise too, Dalia wanted only mother. Osya even took week of holiday when I once again decided to separate to Dahl from a breast. But Dalia needed mother... By then mother and GV became something inseparable.

Ya thought that I will support to Dahl to 3 - x months, and then porridges... Then I decided that I will hold on to 6 - ti months, and there - “human food“... Then about one year... My firm decision to finish GV broke in tinkling sounds when I saw how it is necessary for my child. I felt that the violent untimely excommunication can put an irreparable trauma and me and the daughter and to bring an imbalance in our relations.

on the other hand, I in every possible way tried to show to the daughter that there are also other aspects of the relations - embraces, kisses, talk on how there passed day. Gradually GV remained as means for falling asleep + Dalia continued to be fed at night. It seems to me that so she tried to fill mother`s shortcoming throughout the day.

A month ago Dalia decided to remain with the grandmother together with elder sister. It was its conscious choice - we said long enough that mother needs to come back home, and sis, respectively, at the grandmother will not be. Having come back home, Dalia quietly accepted my explanation that the milk ended. She falls asleep with me now, sleeps all night long, never without waking up.

I never was a Fan of GV rather I just never reflected on GV / WILLOWS.“ Lyalechka“ and my own experience changed my position radically. I consider what mothers who can feed and choose WILLOWS, make an inexcusable mistake, losing also the child of very important component of motherhood and the childhood. Most often it comes from ignorance, a lack of information...

the Story was written to

in September of the past, 2005, years.