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The fairy tale about a bacterium of Biffi

Once upon a time there was on light a small bacterium by the name of Biffi. To tell the truth, it only this way, for effect, is told “on light“. Actually there lived Biffi on a wall of a large intestine, and about what is light, did not know.

to us, people, apparently, that at bacteria very short century - only several days. But in our world everything is relative. Probably, and old - to prestary trees it seems to stars, mountains too that human life is not longer than lightning flash.

of Biffi zhe has nothing it did not think especially as in her life constantly something occurred. The small bacterium knew that she lives in the Person who cares for it - feeds and gives “roof over the head“. And still Biffi knew that its task - to protect a human body from different dangers. And the brave small bacterium tried very much. For example, in intestines Dangerous Strangers quite often appeared. They wanted to lodge there, in heat and a cosiness too, but in exchange to bring to the Person one troubles. When it happened, Biffi with the little sisters snatched on the uninvited guest and right there destroyed him.

But once Biffi felt

- something not so. It became hot … well and, generally, you know how the unwell bacterium feels. Of course, the small bacterium could not know that the Person got sick with quinsy - she did not even know that he has a throat. But harmful substances which allocated the Evil Bacteria which lodged in a throat and caused a disease together with blood were brought also in intestines.

But the most terrible happened to

after a while when in intestines the tablet appeared ! Suddenly Biffi felt that to it it became very bad, and she hardly managed to hide in a fold on a wall of intestines and to bury in saving slime. And already from there she observed how her girlfriends and little sisters who were not in time to hide perish.

After a while this nightmare repeated. Yes, harmful substances with blood began to arrive much less, but Biffi felt that it will not sustain one more tablet attack. She already felt worse than ever. Was not around the habitual protective environment, and live bacteria became less. Therefore Biffi practically reconciled to the fact that shortly it is waited by the same fate.

So all also happened to

if mother Devochki (the Person in whose intestines there lived Biffi was little girl), did not give it of a probiotics .

just could not believe

of Biffi when near it suddenly there were hundreds of thousands same as it, bacteria, only healthy, vigorous, executed vital force. She felt that it is surrounded again by the protective environment habitual to it since the birth. Soon Biffi absolutely recovered, and in several days she gave life to two little daughters. And from them there were thousands and thousands of other bacteria. All of them, as well as Biffi, truly served the hostess, protecting it from diseases. If Biffi knew in what business and who came to the rescue of it she by all means would tell to a probiotic thanks.

the Situation described in the fairy tale - the illness and reception of antibiotics, fortunately, meets not every day in our life. Nevertheless, there are factors which badly influence day by day our microflora - environmental problems, stresses, improper feeding. Therefore also our bacteria need regular support and protection.

It is especially important

that future mothers had a healthy microflora. Health of the woman during pregnancy is subjected to serious test: all bodies and systems are forced to work in the mode of double loading. Chronic become aggravated or the latent diseases come to light. Even cold which seemed trifling until recently outright disturbs now future mother - whether complication how it will be reflected on health of the kid will cause an illness? Besides, at the pregnant woman the general and local immunity, and, so protective microflora of all organism including vaginas, is suppressed with external viruses and infections sharply decreases. Therefore also gynecologic diseases, including the milkwoman and a bacterial vaginosis have an effect.

Doctors allocate to

several groups of pregnant women whose microflora needs special attention:

On a mucous membrane of a vagina of the healthy woman there lives the set of bacteria, from them 90 - 92% are a protective microflora (lactobacilli, bifidobacteria and peptokokk) which resists to pathogenic bacteria, fungi, viruses. Besides protective flora in a vagina there live also other bacteria which in a small amount are not hazardous to health it is so-called conditionally - pathogenic flora. When the protective microflora is in number reduced or perishes, its place is taken by pathogenic or is conditional - pathogenic flora, causing not only discomfort, but also inflammatory processes.

Pregnant women to whom Cesarean section is planned have to strengthen the protective microflora as much as possible. During operation the mucous membrane of a vagina and a uterus will be injured, there is a risk of hit in an organism of “worldly-wise“ hospital microflora. Besides, after operation antibiotics which kill both useful bifido - and lactobacilli will be surely appointed.

in the majority of maternity hospitals of the child right after the birth is spread Today on mother`s stomach. It is necessary in order that his skin the “native“ microflora, but not hospital microbes occupied. Therefore it is so important for mother to have healthy microflora on skin, and especially in nipples. After the beginning of feeding many women on nipples have cracks. And if on their surface the microflora is broken, the infection can get to wounds that threatens with development of mastitis.


According to the latest data, after treatment by antibiotics breaks structure of the bacteria living on skin, and on restoration leaves not less than 5 - ti years. Therefore if the woman shortly before pregnancy or during it used such preparations, then after the birth of the child there can be serious problems.

If you plan pregnancy or already stay in so fine and touching situation, take care of yourself, the child and yours with it to microflora.


For this purpose use a probiotics - preparations which help to restore natural flora. They are in a dry and liquid form. Bacteria in dry preparations are in the dried-up state - conveniently to store such preparation for a long time. But when such bacteria get to an organism, they begin to work not at once. 6 - 10 hours that they passed into an active form are required. Figuratively speaking a difference between these forms, as between powdered and fresh milk.

at the same time in a liquid probiotic not only bacteria, but also substances which they produce are. These waste products of bacteria help to create the environment favorable for life of protective bacteria with intestines.

Earlier the short term of their storage - was considered less than a month as

as a lack of liquid probiotics. After this term of a bacterium began to weaken and perish. The new generation of liquid probiotics, the preparations “Biovestin“ and “Biovestin - Lakto“ keep bacteria live and active nearly three months.

to get to structure of these preparations, bacteria pass strict “selection“. What it is necessary for? By scientific researches it is proved that the best protective properties bacteria young, but rather mature possess. Such bacteria in a special way “are selected“ and join in structure “Biovestinov“. 1 ml of these preparations contains more than 10 in 10 - y degrees of bacteria. For example, 12 ml of a bottle of “Biovestin“ are enough to prepare more than 20 liters of a bifidokefir.

we recommend

For restoration of protective microflora of an organism twice during pregnancy - in the first and last trimester - to accept “Biovestin“ or “Biovestin - lakto“, duration of one course - 4 weeks. About 1,5 - 2 ml are recommended to accept. 2 times a day, in 30 minutes prior to meal.

Pregnant at which violations of microflora of a vagina are found in dabs is recommended to be applied “Biovestina“ vnutrivaginalno: to enter into a vagina the syringe without needle 2 ml once a day. Lactobacilli - and it is the best defenders of a vagina therefore in this case use “Biovestin - lakto“. If you have a predisposition to the milkwoman or in dabs Candida fungi are found, it is recommended to use “Biovestin“. For prevention of mastitis it is recommended in two weeks prior to childbirth to grease nipples with “Biovestin“ on 1 ml twice a day.

Finally - about storage.“ Biovestina“ it is surely recommended to store in the refrigerator. If you gather in a long trip to summertime (more than 2 - 3 hours), it is necessary to take care that bottles did not overheat. It is better to transport them in thermal containers or to wrap up fabric.

Drink a probiotics and remain are healthy!