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Pluses of pregnancy

Still quite recently I was terrified on myself: and for what only the husband loves me? I am not able to prepare, so, trifles everyones - fried eggs, pancakes, macaroni, borsch and semi-finished products. Yes, I can still chicken bake in an oven, with a crisp.

But it have not enough! I do not risk to hem trousers, I bear in studio. So since the childhood I am not on friendly terms with spokes.

decided to connect by

to the husband a scarf Once, thought, let it will have an “exclusive“ thing, own hands made, some lace so turned out, in a different way you will not call, the word of honor. Even it was a shame to show. It, however, was pleasant to the husband, and he refused flatly another. But I - that understand that I “salted insufficiently“.

I wanted to make by

something such all the time, to surprise darling. But where to find for this time? In the morning - work, after - study on an evening department, then a long way home. You will arrive by eleven in the evening what there a dinner? The benefit that we live with parents, and mother constantly helps out me. Here and to the husband to complain there is nothing: the lunch and a dinner are always ready, the linen is washed, in the apartment an order.

Mother does not reproach me, during week-end I tried to unload it from house efforts, but it is a shame to me that I am such bad hostess. I even began to shirk sometimes lectures that at least once in a week to arrive from work a bit earlier and something to help mother. But it not only not especially helped, but also led to problems with study.

Ya already was absolutely despaired as the way out was found by itself. Once, having felt not really well, I went to the doctor and I was told joyful news: I will have a child! At first everything remained still, mother was in all charge of housekeeping. But a month before a maternity leave I felt that I was very tired. No wonder, at work - the work involving all hands period, at institute - session. And I decided to take the next vacation at work, and at institute issued an akademka.

the First days I just enjoyed

a dream and inaction. But then it simply bothered me, became somehow dullish. Pregnancy proceeded very easily therefore I could get up early enough in the morning and do everything that wanted. At first I was engaged in the house. To release days off, began to tide up on weekdays. Then beautifully placed all books and, at last, sorted all things in the room, having thrown out couple of packages of garbage. So many unnecessary papers collected! And everything was no time to deal with them.

Soon to wipe with

dust and to vacuum time in two days became for me too boring occupation, besides it did not take a lot of time, and to watch TV or to read till the evening was tiresome. And, without thinking twice, I went to kitchen. Here new opportunities for “creativity“ opened, and one fine day I decided to cook borsch with haricot according to the grandmother`s recipe. As it is strange, but everything turned out, however, a lot of time for cleaning and preparation of vegetables left. Haricot should be boiled three times, changing water and so that it did not collapse. And to fry onions and beet on a frying pan. The lunch was estimated by the highest point - did not remain at all.

Having won a victory over a lunch, I decided to try something absolutely new to myself. Pies were this novelty. Fuss with them was much therefore to mother to be engaged in them was once, even during the week-end. And I decided to risk, all the same whole day of the house. Since evening asked mother about the recipe of the test and secrets of preparation of a stuffing, and began to create in the morning. To knead dough it appeared quite simply, three different stuffings turned out not bad too. But “the first pancake“ all the same was a lump. Dough clung to hands so and it was impossible to make anything. Mother who came from work a bit earlier helped out. Generally, pies were successful. Mother said to all that I baked it, and I only reddened in response to praises and muttered that not without the aid of mother.

Having repeated in a week once again pies, I understood that it is not enough. It is necessary to move further. Pizza became the following step. It appears, at the correct approach and huge desire everything turns out! After progress with pizza I decided to be trained to bake sweet, nevertheless I am future mother, and children love sweet. And if still this sweet is baked by mother, so it is simply healthy! On myself I remember how we with the sister and the brother rejoiced when, coming from school home, we found cakes, croissants, eclairs, pies and other delicacies on a table.

Ya decided to bake cake. Found the recipe in a mother`s notebook and began to create. By means of the mixer dough appeared to be made very easily. As a result, a lot of time for pastries left, and cake “evaporated“ in a day. Now every week I began to indulge house tasty. To prepare for me it did not seem difficult any more, on it left only three - four morning hours. And what to do is farther?

I wanted to occupy myself with something creative. There was a choice: knitting, sewing, embroidery. In one magazine for future mothers read very good article about the superstitions connected with pregnancy and childbirth. Of course, I agree, all this the metaphors which are not proved from the point of view of medicine in any way, but nevertheless something holds from some occupations, like knitting. If it is talked only of me, then any problems and when you solve for two, it is necessary to be more circumspect. I think many future mothers of the same opinion.

And still I chose by

an embroidery though about needlework in article it was mentioned too. Took one of the t-shirts, itself drew the picture and began to embroider. Occupation very much carried away and the closer business approached end, the it was pleasant to me more and more. Sometimes I even so was fond that I did not notice how the tired back began to ache. Of it I was always reminded by the kid, pushing with a leg in a stomach. The result of “creativity“ pleased me therefore I am not going to be satisfied with what has already been achieved.

Summing up of

the results, I can only be glad to what managed to be reached thanks to pregnancy. Exactly thanks to pregnancy, when still I would find time for embroidery? So, I made friends with a plate and pans, and I hold a thread with a needle in hand much more surely now. People around are happy, and I am happy, so, also my kid is happy.

Needs only to hope, as after the child`s birth, I will find time for needlework and house efforts. I not all managed to try, in line knitting of bootees and sewing of baby`s undershirts:-).