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Traffic police of

you think, there is it, female friendship? I think, is. And nonsenses all this into the account of the fact that women from - for the man or out of envy are ready 10 - to tear down and raze to the ground summer friendship.

We here with Svetka not such. In what only life of a situation did not put us in all poses of a Kama Sutra, but we with it always a back to a back held perimeter defense. Therefore when Svetka called me drowned in tears, and told that she urgently needs the new husband since he old left her, I declared the general collecting and 10 - minute readiness. Having disguised everything that is possible, and having bared everything that is necessary, we went to night club. Where still to look for the husband, not in Lenin library?

In an hour of the waiting sitting behind a little table in the company of Svetka and gin - tonic I told that it is time to go to the people, in two hours of active actions on a dance floor I gave command to retreat in a billiard room where couple gin - tonics with ice returned me sobriety of thought and I understood that we in vain spend time here. The contingent not that, on hours three mornings is also time for us baink.

So far I tried to taxi from the parking (from where so many cars? The people absolutely perhaps are not going to sleep?) Svetka threw a coin through what post of GAI we will pass with the smallest losses of money and time. As a result she came to some consensus with itself and with stars and ordered: we go across Kashirka.

Unlike the parking of night club, around the 106th kashirsky post to the people very little at this time. Only I and GAI officers i.e. to get lost in a stream there were no chances. We with the girlfriend had a fine mood, we stoically transferred verification of documents, coqueted with the point-policeman and when he was already almost ready to release us back home, the light thought came to its mind: “The girl, whether you want to pass an alcohol test?“

We with Svetka amicably began to neigh, having remembered the same joke about the blonde. Also explained to the inspector that in 17 years of my driver`s experience I was never exposed to procedure of survey and she is familiar with it only on jokes.

- Well, it is necessary to begin once, - the inspector told and brought to my lips the device of the size of the pocket calculator. I breathed at it and the device screeched by an inhuman voice and started blinking multi-colored bulbs.

- Yes you drunk, the girl - the inspector was delighted.

- And me your device to a bulb, - I answered, - as I am a nursing mother and in general the member of a sobriety society since 1918.

- Well, - the lieutenant smiled, - we will go to the doctor.

to me it became sad

at once.

- What doctor, time 4 mornings, I want to sleep, maybe, will take 500 rubles and we will leave friends?

On the lieutenant`s look I understood that I told something extremely indecent. And as in the fact of the offer of a bribe I found nothing indecent how I looked for, the problem probably was covered in the sum.

1000 - I safely doubled rates. The look of the lieutenant became even more sad. He silently turned away from me as the surgeon from the dying patient who will not be rescued any more even by direct massage of heart and began to call a patrol car on a handheld transceiver.

Ya returned to the car and to Svetka in the state close to panic.

- Money this reptile did not take, - I say, - what to do?

Svetka soberly judged

that it is better more with this gone too far type not to enter negotiations, and to offer money to the doctor who will carry out survey.

- Well and in general, a face simpler make - Svetka told - and undo a small button on a jacket. Perhaps they will be lost in contemplation of your bust, about indications of devices will forget.

At this moment the door of my car was sharply opened by

, and the grenadier of two meters in height having expressively waved a bludgeon towards a patrol shevrolet a thunderous voice ordered - on an exit, the girl, move!

the Type of this law enforcement officer brought me just into catalepsy. If with the previous good-natured kolobkoobrazny officer I lovely joked and even tried to make advances, then this giant with a thunderous voice to which I was hardly on a belt, fought off me at all any desire and ability to coquet.

we Arrived to a furgonchik with a red cross, I blew in a notorious tubule. It about something was whispered with the doctor and we with it returned to a patrol car.

- Well the girl, we will make the protocol: driving in an alcohol intoxication, - he told quite amicably.

- And without protocol - I asked?

- And without protocol of 15 thousand, and that is exclusive out of respect for your beauty.

of 15 thousand at me was not. Even houses. To a pay at me in a dresser one sad Franklin rolled and to help me it already than could not. It was obvious. And who could help me now? I with hope looked at the grenadier with concentration writing the protocol. And what to me for it will be, the uncle? - I asked as it is possible zhalostny.

- 2 years of deprivation of the rights, the aunty - the grenadier gloomy answered. Then postponed the protocol and told so softly, on - fatherlike - “Well you the girl, you go by such abrupt wheelbarrow, and you have no money for a bribe. Unpresentably. Perhaps call the husband, he you will redeem?“

“Husband?! - I began to yell, - the Husband threw me with two children and this smart wheelbarrow half a year ago, and the husband threw my friend yesterday, and we went to club, to look for her the new husband. Nobody was found and got drunk from a grief. And I went from solidarity because I do not want the new husband, and old too and in general all men are goats!!!“ - we with the GAI officer a couple of minutes was stunned looked at each other.

Then he silently started the car, and we went. I decided not to ask “where“, to me was already all the same. For me the subject of my husband and ours with him divorce was an absolute taboo. I did not allow mother to nod sympathetically, I did not allow numerous relatives to ask: “Well, how you there?“, even to Svetka I forbade to say the crown phrase: “Well, went to club to look for the new husband?“

Yesterday it broke a ban, but it had a good reason. And I had no good reason to get drunk driving, to be fallen into clutches law enforcement officers, and then to unburden the heart to the first comer to the inspector of traffic police. Therefore if I was brought on execution, I would be surprised less.

This two-meter calf with blue eyes brought me to my car, gave me is right and told:“ All kind, Irina Aleksandrovna, do not break any more“. I as the zombie took the rights, changed from patrol the car, included ignition and slowly moved.

Svetka who all this time slept in the car instantly woke up and asked:

- Well as? Released? How many gave?

- Yes, the nonsense, - carelessly threw I, - gave to three.

Svetka silently watched

at me and could not neither sigh, nor exhale.

smiled to


- All right, a joke. Just like that released.

- “JUST RELEASED?“ - never noticed earlier what huge blue eyes at Svetka. Or they were not such huge earlier? However, it is not important any more. To sleep, sleep, sleep.

we Woke up with Svetka by a lunch, to be exact, to hours to two from hysterical squeals of my hinochka. Hinochka spitefully barked at a pink pillow in the form of a heart and even tried to bite it. No, I of course too not delighted with this design, hearts there everyones, Wuxi - pus. I am a person far from a sentimentality. But what is so categorical... It was necessary to rise and watch that there under a pillow.

Under a pillow, it is rather a bass, such roar as stones from the mountain. I listened to a sound and I did not want to strain and try to understand the meaning of what was said at all. But at some moment the sound disappeared and I understood that I have to answer something. I told “yes“ with semi-interrogative, semi-affirmative intonation just in case.

- it is excellent, - the voice was delighted. In how many to come for you?

- In six - I told at random. And where to go you know?

- So in the protocol the address is.

So... phone, probably, too was in the protocol. And the pleasant voice belonged to the yesterday`s blue-eyed grenadier to whom I complained of the unfortunate private life. And at six o`clock it will come for me, and it, probably, there will be an appointment. Not he invites me to repeated examination?

All this I muttered

aloud, and Svetka with a hinochka attentively listened to me and nodded.

- I will not go anywhere - I stubborn told Svetka.

- you Will go! - Svetka answered and rushed off to pour a bathtub, to turn on the iron, nippers, an epilator and other necessary electric devices in such cases. It was still upryamy.

- Is not present

, all - lousy you are a girlfriend! - Svetka abused me two months later while we with her selected shoes to my wedding dress. I asked the husband to find you to me, and you marry. We so did not agree.

- it is fine, Light, be not angry. I driving do not drink now, the husband does not allow me. So next time - precisely your turn.