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Do not change in love of

Jealousy - quite silly feeling. Because if for it there are no real occasions, then it is unfair. And if is - that it is already useless.

From other party (so women are arranged) if not to be jealous us at all, then we suspect the man of indifference and terribly we take offense. It seems to me, as men are arranged similarly: the distinct jealousy irritates them, but its total absence directs at suspicions. Therefore from time to time - just for updating of feelings - the loving people arrange each other provocations: one pretends that he changes, another - that is jealous.

Respectively, both men, and at women have several steps of jealousy. And it is good to keep transitional stages under control. So:

You are jealous

of by From has it will become easier than
of the Stage its reaction What to do
1. You do not pay attention to the female names which are found continually in his speech, and to direct subsplittings like “I, perhaps, will spend the night at Katya“ react:“ The main thing - do not forget a condom“. If this beginning of the novel - he is brought and will mobilize all forces for your gain. And if you are familiar long ago, he will suspect that your feelings cooled down. Who knows, it will really be thrown to Katya. there comes Once the moment when it is necessary to tell severe tone: “Listen, I was bothered by your maids!“ Usually it works excitingly since means: “Hurrah! I am loved!“
2. After a call of his secretary you grab it a throat and is terrible - playful tone announce: “So do not get to anybody!“ you a throat too and demands to give coordinates of Sergey who for some reason called you last week. to Begin to rattle, promise complete submission and to drag it in a bed.
3. The same, but joking apart and, perhaps, without hvataniye for a throat. “Pancake! Got“. for You if you are convinced of change? If yes - talk frankly, collect things and leave. If is not present - keep emotions under control.
4. You rummage around its pockets, eavesdrop on telephone conversations and employ the detective. Or hits in a hellbender, or makes couple of juicy scandals, and then leaves. While the getting is good, address the psychologist.

He is jealous

of He by the nature is jealous
of the Stage What it would mean What to do
1. He does not pay attention to late calls of your colleagues, a card from admirers and flowers from the neighbor. It is possible, he just is afraid to frighten off you jealousy. Such behavior testifies or to his self-confidence, or to trust to you. Stop to feign ignorance and dismiss all real and imaginary admirers, or itself make it a row of jealousy: it will provoke counter reaction.
2. Any man`s name which emerged in your speech causes rough reaction: “What such Putin?! What at you with it?!!“ Of this sort tricks - the veiled attempt to report that he loves you and is afraid to lose. Yes anything! In total at you as it should be.
3. He is silent, but obviously strains and reddens when you greet on the street the unfamiliar man. , and the situation can leave from - under control. While the getting is good, explain that you work not in purely women`s collective, but you love only it.
4. It publicly rolls up to you scenes or puts forward ultimatums of type: “That I did not see this guy any more!“ It is already jealousy in pure form - without love. Your freedom is tried to be limited. Take a hard line:“ I will communicate with the necessary people and to go to interesting places. And it does not mean that I do not love you“.
5. He expels your friends or beats you “in a passion rush“. is pathology, and it obviously needs the psychologist. If he refuses to go to the doctor, then it is better for you to leave it: health is more expensive.