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Change of a situation

We got acquainted when I already had a child from first marriage. Met year, and then decided to live together.

I was not pleasant to

of the Mother-in-law at once. It is so strong that it began to pit us in every possible way. And at the same time to stand aside. It was awful. After work there was no wish to go to it home. Every day scandals. The mother-in-law lives in the neighboring apartment. We had its stiralka. And therefore she quite often looked on us. But as soon as she went for the dacha or came for days to work (in hospital), so everything settled down, between us peace and harmony were restored.

We decided on the child, our general child. As soon as the mother-in-law learned about it (from the son) began to pit even more. We were already going to disperse. But I became pregnant. For me it was happiness, and it just frazzled from me nerves. Made cry, and then maliciously grinned and spoke:“ And what you cry? You cannot be nervous“. Now he does not like to remember that time, speaks young was, silly. And what was to me?

When the mother-in-law learned that we will have a child, told: “There now, now with a stomach you will not expose it“. And what fights were from - for a name... It is terrible to remember. Every day when I came back from work, I had only one thought - to leave.

I one fine day (really fine sunny day) I entered the temple. Only the service began. I stood and roared. I could not stand long and left. Up to this point I did not believe in God, century. in anybody. But then in me such stock of force, internal force appeared. I understood that if I sustain, then he will understand that he is wrong.

When the child was born

, the husband changed. Became attentive, careful, literally kissed to me hands - legs. Preserved me against the mother. And told the mother:“ If I once again hear or I learn that you discuss Sveta, I will make grandiose scandal“.

its Tactics was replaced by

. She began to cry that all left it, threw. The mother-in-law does not live alone, she has a husband and the younger son. Denis began to come to it again. But the drop sharpens a stone. And after a while it became bad again, only then I because of nerves lost milk. It already I could not forgive the mother-in-law still.

In two years to me were called as to the person on the waiting list on improvement of a living space, from department of housing policy and suggested to enter Luzhkov`s housing programme “To a young family - affordable housing“. We thought and agreed. Accumulation of money for new housing was not the purpose, with it it seems everything is normal. It has the apartment. We live in it. And there live my parents. The purpose was to save up money, and then to leave it, not to take a subsidy, and on the saved-up money to buy giving. Well though in the Kaluga region. But there it was impossible to lease the apartment under the contract, then we handed over this, and moved to Maryino. The idea of moving was initially it. There was a big three. And here a two-room flat in the nine-storey building.

We moved. If the mother-in-law did not sit with grandsons earlier, then to her Maryino was not to persuade to arrive. Well and God with it. We could not sustain the program and in a year returned. But in a year our relations changed to the best. There was nobody to spoil our relations. I began to smile. We were happy. And still we were waiting for one more kid.

Nevertheless to us had to return back. The mother-in-law as did not approach, all does not approach grandsons, but now in a different way. The husband loves me, he told, and still he told that if I once again lift weight, then he will take offense at me because he wants that I to it gave birth to the fourth. Not now, later. When younger grows up. Year through three.