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We go, we fly, we float... rules for pregnant travelers of

the summer - time of holidays Came. And holiday, as a rule, is associated at us with distant travel. A subject of our conversation will be transport by means of which it is possible to reach the vacation spot, now, in a waiting time of the kid, special requirements will be imposed to vehicles...

It is careful, transport!

we Will begin

with what features of travel on all means of transport should be considered during pregnancy.

Now - about what should be provided, depending on the chosen transport.

the Plane

On the plane, besides all aforesaid, to you should transfer additional loadings is differences of atmospheric pressure. In the conditions of the lowered atmospheric pressure (at height) the human body, so and the pregnant traveler, tests a hypoxia - oxygen starvation. The same factor influences also a fruit. At favorably proceeding pregnancy the hypoxia within several hours can remain unnoticed, but in the presence of these or those malfunctions of complication can be aggravated.

Differences of atmospheric pressure influence also an organ of hearing. The ear is connected to a nose cavity a so-called acoustical pipe. Normal in process of change of height with an acoustical pipe pressure in a cavity of a nose and in an ear cavity is leveled. At the same time the person has no feeling of discomfort. For acceleration of alignment of pressure at the time of ascent recommend to do to passengers the glotatelny movements, for example, to suck lollipop. If passability of an acoustical pipe is broken, the ear congestion remains, there is ear pain.

Impassability of an acoustical pipe arises in case of sharp or chronic rhinitis - cold. At cold in an acoustical pipe inflammatory separated accumulates. During pregnancy often there is allergic rhinitis of pregnant women - cold which lasts during pregnancy, and after the delivery passes. If you treat such future mothers, then before flight it is necessary to visit the ENT SPECIALIST. The most widespread recommendation of the doctor following: in 15 minutes prior to flying away to a nose it is necessary to dig vasoconstrictive drops and right after it to take a pill of an antihistaminic (antiallergic) preparation. Having removed by means of drugs hypostasis mucous, you restore conductivity of acoustical pipes and will give them the chance in process of change of height smoothly to change pressure in an ear cavity. We want to remind that medicine can be taken only after consultation of the doctor: the doctor will advise preparations which reception is safe during pregnancy.

the Congestion of ears, ear pain do not possess a direct adverse effect on a fruit, however can spoil mood to future mother, strengthen sensation of fear, that is to become a source of negative emotions.

Krom of everything listed, the plane is a vehicle which in case of troubles cannot immediately stop, in the next settlement to take aboard experts.

Taking into account all features inherent in the fastest type of transport, it is necessary to tell that in each airline there are rules of transportation of passengers, baggage and freight. Usually special point which and is called is provided in these rules - “Transportation of pregnant women“ often in this point is regulated both transportation of women after the delivery and newborns.

In spite of the fact that rules of different airlines differ a little, the majority of them defines in the most strict way transportation of those who are already “on snosyakh“: a number of airlines in general forbids transportation of pregnant women if childbirth is coming in the next 4 weeks. it is said by

In rules of other airlines to p that transportation of the pregnant women who are last month pregnancies and also women who have an uncertainty of term of childbirth or the previous childbirth was with complications, it is possible when providing permission of the personal doctor (the health certificate has to be granted not earlier than in 7 days prior to flight).

So, last month of pregnancy we more or less decided on flight, but the vast majority of pregnant women also will not begin to fly to the resort before childbirth. And how the situation with earlier terms is?

transportation of pregnant women happens In the majority of airlines under general conditions if it is carried out no later than 4 weeks to the estimated term of childbirth. At the same time it is transported provided that the airline does not bear any responsibility to the woman for consequences for her health. A number of airlines demands to certify it the special receipt which the pregnant woman has to write.

Of course, the pregnant woman will face all these rules in case pregnancy term already makes 16 - 20 weeks and more when the tummy is already visible or if she declares to employees of airline the interesting situation - at smaller term.

Anyway, it is unreasonable to hide the situation - better to report about it in advance, before purchase of tickets (if the airline is known) or upon purchase of tickets, then at registration there will be no unpleasant surprises.

the Car

the Plan of travel by car can be regulated only by your own reasons, preferences therefore try to plan everything most pleasantly and safely.

develop a route In advance and look according to the card in what settlements there are big hospitals and maternity hospitals. Mark these points on the card. And let better these marks will not be useful to you, than if necessary you will not know where to look for the help.

Being in the car, do not forget to use seat belts. It is necessary to be fastened when you sit not only on forward, but also on back sitting - if, of course, it is equipped by those.


If future mother not the beginner driving, it is not excluded that it will be on a trip not only the vacationer, but, for example, the navigator or the driver. In this case you should not seriously try to halve loading with the driver. Future mother can drive the car 2 - 3 hours, but not in a row, and with 1 - 2 - hour breaks.

during travel on the car should not plan night moving, it is better to spend the night in hotel of the big settlement - it is not excluded that for this purpose it is required to make a reservation in advance.

the Train

In the train, besides all other inconveniences of travel, can face the notorious top shelf. Of course, buying tickets, you will take care of that to you got lower, but how to be if there were only improper places? Always it is possible to address to commercial cash desks and delivery services of tickets where up to departure of the train, as a rule, it is possible to receive the lower shelf. To save in this case it is inappropriate, the changed center of gravity, the changes in joints which happened during pregnancy are additional risk factor of injuries.

If all of you became for a while the inhabitant of the top shelf, and it was not succeeded to exchange, try to make as seldom as possible trips up - down, and, being put to bed, be surely fastened.

the Water transport

Sea and river cruises - very pleasant time of forwarding. Motor ships - the most environmentally friendly type of transport from all listed. However if you did not travel by sea earlier, then during pregnancy it is not necessary to try as the risk of development of seasickness is big.

Useful tips

Happy to you holidays!

Should not plan a trip if you have pregnancy complications:
  • heavy toxicosis of the first half of pregnancy;
  • gestoz;
  • pregnancy interruption threat;
  • prelying of a placenta;
  • other complications and diseases at which your doctor considers travel inadmissible.