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Nine years of absolute happiness

Somehow time, once again walking with the dog on the native area, I came across the company unfamiliar to me consisting from as it seemed to me, the zamudrenny intellectuals who are passionately discussing novelties of the computer market. There was 1996, I was 14 years old, to all those children - on eighteen - twenty. Everything, as well as I, were dog lovers.


of Dogs in our company gathered a lot of the most different: there were both two sheep-dogs, and my Rottweiler, and a riesenschnauzer, and the French bulldog. But blew most of all mind small graceful a sheltie and her owner. The former athlete, and nowadays the student of technical college, high and brown-eyed, eternally impudent and made skeptic, it made impression of not criminal fortress. He was called a simple name of Wan. It had the best friend Serega.

the winter Came, and all of us continued to communicate. Talk was carried on most boringly - philosophical (so it seemed to me, already 15 - the summer little girl). I stuck to children that they played with me snowballs or drove from a hill as their many peers did, but in reply received only looks of disapproval.

Somehow so turned out in the evening that we remained to walk only three together: I, Vanya and Seryozha. We struck up interesting conversation on “what is happiness and whether there is it in general?“ . Here me for the first time for these months broke through, and on their numerous denial concepts of happiness per se, I tried to prove to them that absolute happiness happens, it is only necessary to manage to make out it. That evening I was scarified into smithereens, and, offended and offended, I came back home.

was Sent by months, there came the spring, then hot summer. Parents, being supercareful, sent me for all summer on the dacha to the grandmother. At it, of course, was to me well, and the company there too was, but every day I understood that I lack my children - philosophers. I felt in myself changes... opened which - what new horizons, and thanking all of


for me there was a surprise when on September 7 on a City Day the father called me to phone and with irritation told:“ There some next Vanya asks you“. By the way, the father at me the man very strict, therefore he never approved that it 15 - the summer daughter communicates “with adult men“. I flew up to phone and heard Vanin who is almost forgotten for all summer a voice which invited me to go out for a walk. This day became decisive in my life and defined everything my future.


Ya a dog and left the house. The autumn wood was so bright and beautiful that itched in eyes. We were only together... Later I found out that its inaccessibility and scepticism belongs only to surrounding and familiar, and with the relatives which I became after this meeting, it is very soft, gentle and patient. I saw in it so much fine for one instant that I thought: here he is my future husband, my rock for which I will be able to hide future father of my child, my best, most loved and reliable darling!

In many years he admitted to me that in the summer it and all company lacked my vivacity and imprudence while I at the dacha lacked their tranquility and “wisdom“. Thus, already next winter we played all kompashka snowballs and with might and main rode from a hill, and I was improved in study and, at last, learned to think a droplet.

In 17 years he presented me a small gold ringlet and honestly told:“ From this day you are my bride, but I marry you not earlier, than in three years“. I just flew and made secretly from the strict father wedding plans. Then there was the last class, final and entrance examinations, I entered the institute. Life took its course, and years of my happiness with it all flew by by. I understood that I want to live with it in one apartment that was absolutely impossible, to cook to it the most tasty food on light though I was not able to prepare, to iron to it t-shirts and... to give birth to it to the child. But it were only dreams, and in practice - only my study, hopes of parents for my bright career future, the termination of institute by it and job search.

When to me was twenty years old, He just came to my father and asked my hand. Here I outright was frightened: knowing temper of the father and his plans concerning my postgraduate study, I just wanted to vanish into thin air. But I underestimated the father. He understood all for a long time and said in low tones:“ Take away“. In 3 months we celebrated the most beautiful and noisy wedding. It was mad and light day in my life.

Now 2006. I am 24 years old, to my husband - 27. While I write these lines, in my tummy the small heart - a heart of his son fights. My kid has to be born any day therefore I decided to put end of these of nine years and to understand what we achieved.

At the moment we lead full life in own apartment, both were learned and got good education (thanks to our parents), Vanya works at decent work, I stay at home and I am engaged only in improvement and wellbeing of our FAMILY. Dreams of napkins and saucepans came true for all 100%, my father just adores my husband and considers that I made the most important and right choice in my life. At us as inveterate fans of animals, have houses a cat and a little dachshund. And, above all - there will be a kid soon.

can wish

of What else in this life and who told that absolute happiness does not happen? In total - I was right then in dispute, the incident there is a lot of - many years ago with Vanya and his friend Seregoy... It is necessary only to be able to make out it... My happiness now violently snores in a bed, having curled up. Tomorrow he will get up and will go for work, and I will wake up and I will think again of as far as I was lucky and to try to make his life same fine...