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Baby food: investigation of

I went to investigation to study Today the range of baby food. Of course, on a pedprikorma no special baby food is necessary, but it is necessary to satisfy curiosity? Moreover thought, suddenly what it is useful. Nothing is useful, unfortunately (or fortunately?) :-).

Can food

of the Price: from about 10 to 50 rubles for a jar. Contents: fruit - vegetables in the homogenized look (homogeneous mass, mashed potatoes). A question - how to learn to chew? No, it does not suit us. There are still any fancy jars, like “Meat on - country“, with pieces which promote chewing, but such it is not enough. And if to learn to swallow without chewing, and then to be retrained to chew before swallowing, that is whether in it sense …

of Kashi

Here expanse! Both dairy, and nonmilk, and dietary … Prices: from about 25 to 70 r for packing. Contents: the usual porridge diluted and crushed. Besides, and to chew? Well, it is florets. Most of all I struck a variety of tastes: with banana, apple, wild berries, dried apricots, prunes, cream, honey and t. p, and still their various combinations. First thought: “Probably, it is tasty“. The second: “And whether here it is useful?“ . Reflecting on this subject, I came to a conclusion that all these porridges sweet or, at least, have some special “nekashevy“ taste. Therefore, having got used to such porridges, the child usual porridge is will not be.

Moreover, having taken packing on which something was written like “usual buckwheat cereal“ in hand, I read structure:“ Buckwheat, sugar, water“. Sugar! Even usual buckwheat is sweetened! Survey of structure of other porridges was unfavourable - everywhere sugar. And, therefore, receiving instead of usual porridge sweetened, the child fast becomes a sweet tooth. And the parents who were recently be touched on with what appetite the child eats greedily a sweet squash later some not really big time do not know any more how to force it to eat usual fresh cottage cheese, soup, black bread, etc. Because the majority of useful products everything are unsweetened! And I here know the mass of examples of how people and at adult age sakharit porridge and jam soup candies … Generally, we and here found nothing for ourselves (considering that any sweetmeats and chocolate - fruit jelly I am not going to give to the child of years to 2 - x precisely, and sweet porridge nearby left of them).


it is A lot of

, it is a lot of. So what is even ridiculous. Just looking at this abundance, you begin to think that juice is the main food for the child, necessary and irreplaceable. But we - that know that it not so. Prices: from 10 r and... as far as there will be enough imagination though, apparently, it is not really expensive, but for “once to drink“, hm... Better freshly squeezed. And compote because juice about one year is not so necessary for the child is even better as his producers draw to us.

And about a lawlessness

the Lawlessness in what on the majority of children`s products is written “is recommended to


from 4 months“, and even “from 3,5 months“ . On juice, porridges, banks. It is fine, let us assume, that there are still orthodox mothers who begin with 3 months to pour in juice in the child (a lot of such, unfortunately, though I do not understand from where they take this, any pediatrician of it did not advise me). But porridge!!!

A, sorry, I missed such thing as instant children`s soup. It too with 4 - x month. What it contains, I was not even interested. And so, even on artificial feeding porridge is not recommended to children before 5 months, and even 6 - ti! And these nearly with 3 - x! Eat, children. Buy, parents. Grow rich, producers.

It is fine if who grins here, then I will explain: to me in principle it is not important who there as grows rich. To me that my child was healthy is important. And that other children were healthy. And whether they will be healthy at such approach to food? It is unlikely. It is good that many mothers all - follow the intuition and common sense. What I also wish all:-)