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``Givenchy Code``. At fashion the secrets...

“It attracted me to itself(himself) as if the mistress, and bent to my ear. Around us the New Yorkers shipped in the thoughts walked down the street. I knew that they will not help me. I remained absolutely alone alone with the murderer“.

Recently appeared book “Givenchy Code“ of Julia Kenner - not just next translation of the popular foreign thriller what often meet recently. As they say, not all that gold that the best-seller in America! However about this novel which author was entitled the Best author according to “America Today“ and the Best author of “Uoldenbuks“ and also the most prestigious literary awards of the USA, it is necessary to talk separately.

the Book is read by

in two days just because instantly captures the reader!

the Main character, Melanie Prescott, at first sight seems the ordinary girl - beautiful, well educated and not found the hero in labyrinths of the big city yet. Its attempts to make a choice between work, favourite doggies and private life raise the understanding smile and make it in something similar to many of us. And her life becomes complicated mysterious the Internet meanwhile - game in which it was Melanie unexpectedly involved, and appearance of the mysterious murderer...

the Genre of the book to define

not easy: it is a unique alloy of mystery of “Da Vinci Code“, an intrigue of melodramas of Sidney Sheldon, humour of books of Sofie Kinsella about the Shopaholic and subject unpredictability of the qualitative adventure story. Style it is also hard for p to describe

, most of all he reminds good cocktail: strong, but easy, exciting and weakening at the same time. It so strikingly differs from style of the usual ladies` novel that creates rather an illusion that you watch the fascinating movie, but do not read the book. Perhaps, “Givenchy Code“ has every chance to become a fashionable subject of this season.

generally, it is the present modern book for the modern reader. The only serious lack of the novel consists that couple of days your affairs will stay in absolutely thrown state!

Grudges that two other books of a series - “Manolo Matrix“ and “Paradox of Prada“ - only prepare for an exit. However, the Eksmo publishing house promises to publish shortly and the second book of this intriguing Julia Kenner`s trilogy.