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Quality of our water

Today nobody should be convinced of need use of filters for water purification. In this article it will be a question of quality of water which gets to our houses on water pipes and about features of water purification in house conditions.

Water, as well as air is the most important factor of environment, the exerting huge impact on processes of activity of a human body, its working capacity and incidence therefore it is constantly necessary to care for its quality.

Quality of our water

All used water hozyaystvenno - drinking appointment is cleared and disinfected previously by

on treatment facilities. It from superficial sources arrives. At the time of cleaning, having reached pure tanks, it, as a rule, meets the highest standards of health control. But, as always, life introduces the amendments: at the movement on multikilometer highways from the pig-iron and steel pipes subject to corrosion, quality of water considerably worsens, appears a specific smell, transparency decreases, concentration of iron, copper, zinc and other heavy metals increases, toxic components and bacteria from constructional materials get to water.

Therefore, water needs additional cleaning directly on the place of consumption. It especially concerns drinking water which purity is important for health of the person. Requirements to quality of drinking water are stated in the existing state standard specifications. But it is standard - the state standard specification methodical base does not conform to modern requirements any more. Decades data on quality of water in Moscow it was not published. Such situation remains and today. According to scientific research institute of Ecology of the person and hygiene of environment of the Russian Academy of Medical Science, on average, over the country to hygienic requirements on sanitarno - to chemical indicators there does not correspond practically every third test of “water“ water and on sanitarno - bacteriological - every tenth; - separate city reservoirs contain from 2 to 14 thousand synthesized chemicals; - only 1% of superficial water sources meets the requirements of the first class on which the traditional technologies of water purification used at us are calculated.

Thus, it is possible to draw a conclusion that our health is exposed to huge risks which, naturally, it is necessary to warn.

filters for water purification in individual dwellings are of Particular importance.

1 step: what selection of system begins with?

Of course, from water analysis!

If you decided

to make water analysis at home, provide it to experts from the next sanepidemstantion or local office of “Vodokanal“, and also from any major company which is engaged in sale of filters. For the chemical analysis gain 1,5 - 2 liters of water in glass or plastic capacity; for biological still a floor - liter in a separate bottle will be required. The crane or a tip of a pipe from which water flows should be calcinated. Bottles need to be filled in completely and to close densely traffic jams.

the Selected tests needs to bring

to laboratory within at most 6 hours. By results of water analysis and depending on a technical task which you want to solve (the general water supply of the house, drinking water, etc.) it is also necessary to select the clearing equipment.

2nd step: from a problem - to the choice of the filter. How to pick up system of water purification.

Selecting system of water purification for the dwelling, it is necessary to give the report that water will be used both in hozyaystvenno - the household purposes, and for drink and cooking. A problem of bringing quality of water to level, optimum for each of its applications, solve by means of the relevant systems of water purification which are subdivided into several types.

One of them establish

where water comes to the house, others put in a use point, for example, in kitchen. The first do water “hozyaystvenno-household“: the washing machine works with it, it is possible to wash the dishes, to take a shower. The second prepare drinking water. Requirements to purity of water in the first and second cases have to be different. Otherwise or drinking water is spent for economic needs, or for drink the water which did not pass due cleaning is used. However, much, of course, not to similar gradation. it is desirable for p to deliver to

On an entrance of system of water supply of the apartment the filter of rough cleaning with a grid from stainless steel or polymeric cartridges which can detain a suspension and a rust. It is necessary to facilitate work to plumbers: the filter reduces an internal arrosion of mixers which badly react to hit of particles, the ceramics of bathroom equipment becomes covered by a raid of a rust and salts of rigidity less.

Sometimes for the filter the water strut has

no place. Then it is possible to put absolutely small device from brass - “gryazevik“, relieving of dirt and a rust. However filters of rough cleaning will not help to eliminate unpleasant smack of water. By and large, good, minimum bulky device has to purify water as much as possible. It is desirable to choose constantly working filter to avoid reproduction of bacteria in it. It is recommended to use those filters which passed tests for compliance to state standards. The good filter does not change natural mineral players water which comes to a human body. The purpose of installation of the home filter consists in returning to drinking water its quality.