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Whether we grow thin in a bath of

Perhaps to lose weight by means of a bath? How it is correct to do it not to do harm to the health?

is Advised by the therapist sankt - the St. Petersburg medical sanitary part No. 18 Irina Mikhaelovna Semenova.

In a bath intelligently

can really Grow thin by means of a bath. But for this purpose it is necessary to follow certain rules. Let`s begin with the fact that at a sharp stage of any diseases it is better to refuse visit of a steam room. Also it is not recommended to go to a bath during periods, pregnancies, feedings by a breast and within 6 months after operation.

If do not have

contraindications, it is possible to go to take a steam bath. Today you can choose between the Finnish sauna, the Turkish hammam and the Russian bath. Each option has the features.

In the Finnish sauna air dry, and temperature fluctuates from 70 to 85 degrees. Here you just lie on the shelf. At this time the body gets warm, vessels extend, sweating becomes more active. As a result the organism is exempted from toxins, skin begins to breathe, blood strenuously supplies an organism with nutrients, various liquids, oxygen.

the Russian bath - the most intensive way “warm stones“. It still call steam. Temperature is higher here, than in the Finnish sauna, - from 80 to 110 degrees. Besides, air in a bath damp, it is saturated with vapors of grass infusions.

Turkish to boors - the most sparing type of a bath. Temperature does not rise higher than 50 degrees here. Feature of this bath consists in quite high humidity. As a rule, in the Turkish hammam not just take a steam bath, and at first do a soap peeling. It is a peculiar massage in a large number of soapsuds. He clears skin and prepares a body for further procedures.


to lose weight in the minimum terms, best of all suits exactly the Russian bath. In it you lose more liquid, exchange processes become more active, and excess centimeters leave quickly enough.

the Bath, a peeling, massage

In the centers which specialize in correction of a figure a bath surely include

in programs of weight loss. The best effect is reached when it is combined with other procedures. For example, such program very well works: Russian bath or Finnish sauna, peeling of all body, manual anti-cellulite massage, vodoroslevy or mud wrapping.

Here is how it looks in practice. At first in a bath carry out clarification of skin by means of a peeling. For it the salt of the Dead Sea mixed with a certain set of essential oils and flowers of a lotus is used. Relieved of dead cages, skin will better react to further procedures.

After a peeling the anti-cellulite wrapping goes. Problem zones - a stomach, hips, buttocks - wrap up with special structure which splits fats and removes excess liquid. During a wrapping it is possible to carry out massage of hands, the heads and faces. And at the end of a session the general massage surely becomes.

On average for one such procedure can dump 0,5 - 1,5 kg and to 4 cm in volume. The best result which managed to be reached is a loss of 25 kg. The person visited a bath and further procedures about four months. At the same time conducted active social life, did not limit in anything itself, and process of weight loss did not cause in it any unpleasant feelings.

Should tell

that this way of disposal of extra kilos also strengthens health. After a bath work of kidneys which cannot sometimes cope with all slags which accumulated in an organism is facilitated. Blood supply, a lymph flow, vodno - a salt exchange improves.

A it becomes still easier for p to breathe. High temperature and humidity weaken fabrics and bronchial tubes. It is especially useful in our climate as chronic bronchitis and pneumonia are very widespread among us.

Pair home-style

can achieve Quite good results, visiting a bath separately from other procedures. But only you remember that on a bath it is necessary to be adjusted. For a while forget about all problems, switch-off phone and prepare for rest and relaxation.

is only important to know when to stop. If you came for the first time, then you should not come into a sweating room for a long time at once. For a start two or three calling for 10 - 15 minutes will be enough.

Between visits of a sweating room have a rest not less than 15 minutes. Rest after a steam room has to be not less that time which you were in a sweating room. Over time the organism will better perceive bathing procedures, and the number of calling can be increased.

Ideal option for people skilled - to 5 calling for 10 - 20 minutes. The people with good health visiting a bath for many years are able to afford it. The main thing - to listen to the organism and not to pursue “records“.

special broths will help to Strengthen positive influence of a bath on a figure. It is necessary to drink them before calling a sweating room and during rest. It is the best of all to add them to green tea to reduce concentration of infusion. There are some recipes which will help you to grow thin:

of Malines. It is possible to use also dried fruits or leaves. To fill in 1 tablespoon of raspberry with boiled water and to take on a water bath of 5 - 10 minutes. To filter and bring the volume of the received broth to initial. This drink contributes to normalization of functions of an organism. There are an excess liquid, salts. Broth promotes splitting of fats.

peppermint. It can be added to tea, it is better green. Possesses the sudorific, anti-inflammatory, anesthetizing action, and also improves digestion.

Guelder-rose. It is better to use fruits. Broth prepares as well as from raspberry. Increases sweating, calms, weakens, reduces blood pressure, improves appearance of skin, and also contains many vitamins.

Chicory. The root is used. Broth makes active a metabolism. Reduces glucose level.

wild strawberry. Escapes it can be added to tea, and it is possible to prepare broth. Plant actually miracle. The wild strawberry not only is vitamin-rich, but also possesses sudorific, zhelchegonny, diuretic action, and also reduces the level of sugar and a blood pressure. by

Special measures

After the second or third calling when skin is steamed out, it is good to p to carry out a peeling. He will help to make skin more smooth and equal. Use any srub habitual to you or make it independently, having mixed sea salt or ground coffee with honey or sour cream. Sit several minutes, having rubbed with a srub, then massage all body and get up under a shower. These means it is better for p to put

after the second or third calling a sweating room when the body is thoroughly prepared for further procedures.

can make by

an anti-cellulite wrapping Now. Mixes for house use are on sale in shops. It is possible to prepare such means independently. For this purpose dry clay which is dissolved with water will approach. Other option - therapeutic mud which can be found in a drugstore. All these means apply on problem zones, wrap them in a film and come into a sweating room for 10 minutes. Then the wrapping is washed away.

surely apply to

In 15 - 20 minutes after the last calling on all body the moisturizing cream or oil. Especially it is important in a cold season. In general, after a bath any oils and creams get into skin better and work more effectively. For this reason at this moment it is good to use gels and weight loss creams.

massage will help to Strengthen effect of a bath. Depending on the purpose it is possible to choose relaksiruyushchy, classical, anti-cellulite. And if there is no expert “near at hand“, be engaged in self-massage of problem zones. Masseurs and specialized oils will help to execute anti-cellulite massage to you.


Usually skin in a bath reddens from - for the increased sweating and the strengthened blood circulation. If you noticed white spots, it is worth taking special measures. From a sweating room it is necessary to leave, take a cold shower, to measure pressure. Try to drink more liquid, hot tea with a lemon is the best of all.

this day should not come back To a sweating room. It is worth having a rest 40 - 45 minutes. If it becomes better not, moisten a towel with cold water and apply to the head, hands and feet. It became better not? The help of the doctor is necessary.

Usually such situations arise at the people having constant stresses. Vessels at them are narrowed and the organism can inadequately react to sharp increase of pressure.