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Respect biorhythms!

U everything the known nested doll are a live prototype: it is an our organism. At once we will explain why. The matter is that each physiological function, whether it be a dream, digestion of food or growth, works at the frequency as radio station, and the periods of its activity are replaced by the calm periods, fitting into minute, hour and daily terrestrial rhythms.

of Fluctuation with the smaller period it are p included in rhythms with big and are regulated by them. This nested doll is also system of biorhythms in which everything pulses, keeping the general balance.


What is it?


In a human body most distinctly allocate the fluctuations having the periods equal or close on duration by days, week, lunar month or year. Biological rhythms allow us to adapt to changes in environment, first of all to change of day, night and seasons. What the system of biorhythms, subjects a good health of the person works more accurately with. The illness begins with violation of a rhythm of work of system of bodies, and only then clinical symptoms of a disease appear. Studying of character of biorhythms allows “to take“ a condition of a preillness, to define weight of a condition of the person and to record recovery. Till the birth biorhythms allow to judge a condition of a fruit unmistakably: if it is healthy, then the maximum frequency of its warm reductions is necessary on two o`clock in the afternoon, and then will be gradually reduced. If the kid suffers from chronic oxygen starvation, the picture becomes opposite: heart rate at this time day is minimum and increases in the next hours. Having revealed an illness till the child`s birth, the doctor will be able to begin treatment earlier.

Laying of biorhythms of the kid occurs at the time of the birth, their formation is carried out in the first months of life and depends on that how close will be contact of the kid with mother during this period. Biorhythms of children differ from biorhythms of adults first of all in instability. Special value for kids has the correct rhythm of a dream and wakefulness which depends on the mode of feedings and is formed already on 3 - 5 - y to week of life. That the kid developed normally, it is necessary to observe a day regimen strictly.

As we already told

, small rhythms join in big. Seasons therefore it is important to remember their influence on our organism concern to these last. Seasonal meteorological changes involve changes in immune system of kids. The most dangerous time - spring and fall. That is why experts plan children`s infections inoculations for these transitional seasons, are engaged in prevention of rickets and iron deficiency anemia. Besides, the science recorded a number of the interesting facts connected with month or a season of the birth of the child. Twins are born in the summer or in the fall more often, complications during pregnancy are rare at conception in spring months, and the kids who were born in autumn and winter months better develop. Let`s add that children grow in the spring and in the summer quicker, and the increase in weight goes late fall and in the winter more intensively. And results of the researches conducted in various climatic conditions, but at one geographic latitude, have property to coincide. Interesting, but still inexplicable feature!

Children, as well as adults, are divided by time of the highest working capacity for “larks“ - their fifth part, “owls“ - a third of children, and “pigeons“, that is aritmik concerns to them. Larks are most attentive from 8 to 10 o`clock in the morning, and an owl - from 4 - 6 o`clock in the evening. These characteristics are called hronotipy. It is important to understand what category your kid treats to make for him a reasonable daily routine and not to demand impossible.

Treatment time

the Pediatrics belongs to biorhythms seriously, and existence of a hronobiologiya and hronoterapiya is recognized long ago. Need to coordinate treatment with daily, monthly or annual cycles was prompted by medical experience. The main idea “treatments time“ is that maximum efficiency of medicines at a minimum of by-effects coincides with the greatest rise in activity or for 2 - 3 hours is ahead of him. Anti-asthmatic bronkhorasshiryayushchy preparations need to be accepted late at night or at night to warn a night attack of asthma. Other example. It is known that weight of a course of an allergy depends on concentration of biologically active agent, a histamine, in blood of the kid. It happens at 7 o`clock in the evening, and at this particular time sensitivity of sick children to allergens reaches peak. Therefore, the kids sick with atopic dermatitis, food allergy, the small tortoiseshell, have to begin drug intake already with 4 o`clock in the afternoon to neutralize the greatest possible amount of this artful substance. And here children - to allergic persons should give B6 vitamin only in the morning as in the evening it only strengthens allergic and inflammatory reactions. At a duodenum ulcer the preparations reducing amount of hydrochloric acid, it is better for children to accept in the evening or for the night. And this rule concerns not only drugs: I write premature and some full-term children with unripe ability to acquire even better to feed at night, then maternal milk or artificial dairy mix will seem to them to the most appetizing.

the Most known form of violation of system of biorhythms is desinkhronoz - a mismatch of biological rhythms on a phase, for example, from - for flight to far remote time zones. It is shown desinkhronoz by exhaustion, sleep disorders and operation of the digestive device. It is necessary to remember such reactions, going to travel. Experts know for what reason appears desinkhronoz: it is connected with production of hormone of melatonin which is responsible for coordination of biological rhythms in an organism. Melatonin is produced in a gipotalamus of a brain and conveys information on rhythms to bodies and fabrics. Its action on daily rhythms antithetically to effect of light. Increase in melatonin in blood protects biorhythms first of all from action of artificial light sources at night. It is not excluded that in the nearest future on the basis of melatonin the medicine, best in the world, - the regulator of biological rhythms of the person will be created.


is able not only to be considered, but also to correct biorhythms of a sick organism by means of medicines. It is so-called pulse - therapy. For example, to recover function of bark of adrenal glands make the following. At first by means of high doses of medicine (Prednisolonum) suppress allocation by hormone adrenal glands, then stop introduction of a preparation, and the organism sharply increases production of own corticosteroids in much large numbers, than before.

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