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We collect the file on higher education institution of

In modern Russian education priorities were displaced. If several years ago higher education institutions were divided by the principle “state - non-state“, now the gradation “qualitative - low-quality“ even more often meets. There was a question as it is correct to choose higher education institution.

the first step

you decided to go to the non-state university. Before you the newspaper or the Internet - a page with very similar offers. On what to stop? For a start attentively study a rating of educational institution. Here two main sources of information.

First - professional ratings of higher education institutions.“ It is necessary to distinguish two from official: a rating “Reytor“ and a rating which is carried out by the Russian sociological association together with the Union of journalists of the Russian Federation, - Vladimir Zernov, the Chairman of Association of non-state higher education institutions of Russia, the rector of the Russian new university (ROSNOU) tells. - In a rating for 2006 more than one thousand higher education institutions were presented. And about this monitoring nobody foreknew so it is not necessary to speak about any juggling of data in this case. Besides, surveys which are conducted among large employers rather highly are quoted. They estimate practical skills and knowledge of young specialists. These ratings can be found in the Internet“.

the Second source of information - the various student`s and educational websites and forums where it is possible to find information practically on any higher education institution. It is simple to make the first impression about institute on them. If to correlate student`s responses to official ratings, estimates will coincide percent on 90.

the Step of the second

After you got acquainted with statistics and results of various polls, it is necessary to estimate future Alma - a mater visually. Call dean`s office, specify the address and - at way.

Where is

Quite often the dean`s office of institute is located in the decent building in the downtown, and classes are given at old school with the showered plaster. Keep in mind: if the higher education institution holds the Open Day in the building of a concert hall or movie theater, it has no room. In a selection committee at once find out where the teaching department is located and where it is necessary to study.



At any institute you will be met friendly: all higher education institutions without exception are interested in inflow of students. But conversation can be based differently. The serious higher education institution at first will tell about programs of training, priority activities, will take an interest why you decided to choose this institute. And if instead give the self-advertisement block - as it is easy to arrive and just reflect to study whether it is worth arriving there.

should be afraid of
of What?
Vladimir Zernov: There are several moments which have to guard entrants at once.
“Promise the moon“ for very low tuition fee. The simultaneous combination of two concepts “well“ and “cheap“ does not happen. Today the average cost of training in Moscow and St. Petersburg makes $1500 a year on a full-time department. If to you lower than $1000 a year declare training cost, then this figure has to guard. At a similar tuition fee it is just impossible to keep within the estimate - to guarantee a worthy salary to teachers, to pay rent of audiences, to support and improve financially - technical base, etc. High-quality training for such money is impossible even when using remote technologies.
“You by all means get a good education“ . At high-quality training and high requirements to students, elimination is inevitable: someone “overestimated the forces and opportunities“, someone chose not that direction of preparation... If the higher education institution extends the last mediocre pupil not to lose money, about serious training out of the question.
“We accept all without examinations“ . Sociological researches show: only one student from ten can study study of the strength of materials, and one of one thousand will understand theoretical physics. Entrance tests are necessary to understand whether this entrant is capable to comprehend this science or study will turn back waste of time and money“.

Attentively look at


how the rector`s reception - “inner sanctum“ looks. In serious higher education institution you will see important documents here: license, certificate on accreditation, various diplomas and medals. If students of concrete institute are prize-winners of the Olympic Games, participants of various competitions, members of team of KVN, will not begin to hide it from visitors.


Vladimir Zernov:“ One of criteria of prestigiousness of higher education institution - teaching structure. If representatives of higher education institution enter in uchebno - methodical associations of professional community, participate in development of new training programs, legislative activity, this higher education institution does not stand still. I recommend to take an interest in a selection committee what percent of teachers has academic degrees and ranks. I would advise entrants to learn what positions are taken by higher education institution in professional community by whom it is founded in what audiences educational process is organized. Council of rectors of higher education institutions of Moscow and the Moscow region - the authoritative and widely known organization which is held in undoubted respect and the highest degree of trust at professionals of an education system. Council of rectors includes 130 state and 2 non-state higher education institutions (including ROSNOU). It is obvious that this list will be gradually replenished. But already one fact that the higher education institution chosen by you is included into Council is the quality proof of training in concrete higher education institution“.

It is material - technical base

In detail ask on hardware of audiences where students are engaged. Learn whether there is a gym, libraries (usual and electronic). Whether there is a computer class and Internet access etc. Ask for permission to look at all this with own eyes.

Active student`s life

Surely talk to students. The best characteristic “will study it is difficult, but it is interesting“, the worst - “a full freebie“. Take an interest whether students from other institutes passed into this higher education institution. It is a good indicator too - on the first course of the inexperienced entrant to entice not so difficult. But then, realizing that the chosen higher education institution gives nothing, far-sighted students always try to pass into more serious institute.

In any serious higher education institution quotas of the number of regular teachers exist. It is desirable that the quantity of “shtatnik“ did not exceed 50 - 55%, the invited teachers - practicians, the acting scientists have to fill the remained niche. The similar quota is obligatory for all large world universities. It speaks simply: to bring up the progressive young scientist, the teacher has to have continuous scientific practice, be in the center of modern scientific life, on a first line of science.

three types of higher education institutions Exist: university, academy and institute. From non-state higher education institutions of 1% has the status of university, 3% - academies, all others - institute.

One more important point which should be learned whether foreign students study in higher education institution. The international recruiting companies use very strict system of an assessment of educational institutions. And if such organization approves activity of concrete higher education institution and recommends it to the wards (from where they were - from Eastern Europe or from India), so the higher education institution can be trusted.

the Step the third

you walked on institute, communicated to students, carried out “developing attack“. The following step - studying of the main documents regulating work of higher education institution.

Attention! The license, accreditation, the charter have to be in open access, they are not a subject of a trade secret. Have to provide them according to the first requirement. If on a request to show them refuse or begin to explain long and vastly that there is now no secretary at whom papers, etc. are stored, it is possible to leave institute safely.

It is absolutely unclassified

the License

the Document confirming the right to carry out educational activity. If you come to branch of higher education institution, it has to have the license. He has no right to work at the basis of the license of head higher education institution. Study not only the license, but also the annex to it. There the directions within which the higher education institution has the right to work are described. For example, on conducting remote education separate permission is required.

the Certificate on the state accreditation

Confirms that the level of teaching conforms to the standards accepted by the Ministry of Education. If the higher education institution has no such document, he has no right to issue diplomas of the state sample. In this case the formulation “the diploma of the established sample“ is used. Thereby the higher education institution independently establishes a form of this document, defines a set of necessary objects, level of requirements, etc. Reflect where you will go with such diploma upon termination of study.

the License and accreditation are valid

within five years then they need to be prolonged. In principle, there is nothing terrible in it: if the higher education institution works steadily, there should be no problems.

Attention! Each specialty will be accredited separately. If in the chosen higher education institution it appeared quite recently, accreditations can not be.

the Beautiful name “university“ should not confuse - not always reflects the real situation.

Having been tired

the Main document regulating activity of higher education institution. Acquaintance to the charter will help to understand the rules established in higher education institution better. Are surely specified in it:

  • status, founder, purposes of educational process, types and types of educational programs
  • main characteristics of educational process: reception order, training duration, assignment order, etc.
  • order of management of higher education institution.

on the basis of this document the administration of higher education institution solves all disputed issues arising in the course of study.

Each higher education institution independently makes the charter, with the only reservation - it cannot conflict to the Constitution of the Russian Federation.

the Contract with the student

Each entrant arriving on paid office signs the contract with higher education institution. It is worth studying this document in advance. In spite of the fact that it is formed on the basis of the standard form recommended by the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation, each higher education institution introduces the amendments.

register In the contract:

  • of a duty and the right, responsibility of the parties
  • a tuition fee and a procedure of payments (monthly, on semester, in a year)
  • of the reason of possible assignment

pay Special attention to a payment procedure. At a present economic situation and a rate of inflation higher education institutions try to leave from rigidly fixed cost for the entire period of training. Nevertheless, any flexible system of payment has to be regulated.

What questions the reception commission needs to set

: whether

  • the fixed training cost Exists?
  • by
  • As regulate questions of increase of a payment?
  • Who makes decisions on increase in cost? whether
  • the student council of higher education institution Participates in it?
  • For what term the dean`s office undertakes to warn students about payment increase?
the Lease contract or documents confirming the right of knowledge of concrete educational cases

These papers will allow to learn

precisely where it is necessary to be engaged. Pay attention to rent term - if the contract short-term, you risk to be “on street“ in the middle of a semester.

Where to complain?

What to do if all of you - got to unfair higher education institution? Many prefer, without making excess noise, to be transferred to other educational institution. However if there is a desire to achieve a full celebration of justice and to warn others against mistakes, it is necessary to go “upward“ - to Federal Service for Supervision in Education and Science or Association of non-state higher education institutions of Russia. There skilled experts will make all necessary explanations and will prompt how to do right thing.

not my universities

Daniil Trabun, the pupil of the 11th class of N 1277 school with profound studying of German:

on the instructions of edition I decided to try on on myself a role of the entrant, especially on age and the status quite for this purpose I approach. Knew a little about non-state educational institutions. Therefore chose several announcements at random (from what is closer to the house) and went “to investigation“.

the First higher education institution to which I got it is located in the building of Mendeleevsky institute, on “Novoslobodskaya“. More precisely, there is an administration, training takes place on “Bauman“ - nobody hurries to tell a descent about it. After short communication in administration I asked the license and the certificate on accreditation of higher education institution. I was given it is black - white copies and explained that color are now printed … I was surprised a little, but continued to ask questions. To enter the institute it appeared absolutely simply. I was assured that examinations easy. Of course, on the one hand it was pleasant, and with another - guarded. And at once told about money. - it is possible for 31 thousand rubles a year parts.

of Impression were inconsistent. On the one hand, the accredited higher education institution with a large number of various faculties and specializations, about 1000 students, and with another - it is black - white copies and slyness with rooms: administration - in one place, and training - in another. Later I learned that many non-state institutes act this way.

it was not pleasant to p that never told about teachers and process of training. It forced to begin to doubt in quality of training. Came home, got into the Internet and read so much unflattering about this higher education institution that thoughts of receipt disappeared by itself.

the Second institute that the most surprising, is to the same address, as the first. Taught by bitter experience, I understood at once that I will be trained absolutely in other place and went to a meeting, without creating any illusions any more. The administration of institute looked more decently, and it made impression on me. If in the first higher education institution did not care for anything at all, here at least made beautiful “cover“. The kind lady wearing spectacles showed at once the presentation folder in which there were color copies of the license, the certificate on accreditation and the form of the contract between the student and higher education institution. She told that in February they prolonged the license and accreditation. As well as in the first higher education institution, began to say how it is easy to arrive to them. The semester in this higher education institution costs $170.

It was visible to

that the lady has fine inclinations of PR - the manager: lecture about “good“ higher education institution sounded convincingly. However, in the end it became clear that two of four faculties have no state accreditation. The diploma which can only be hung up on a wall is not necessary to me. Decided to leave higher education institution, having at parting specified where is trained (my God, Altufyevo and again some school!) Arrived home and again it was verified with the Internet then rendered to higher education institution a final and unfavourable verdict - to go to study there is not necessary.

in Tsvetnoy Boulevard I went To the third higher education institution in awful mood. However, having found out from a threshold that occupations take place to the same address, relaxed a little. The methodologist of a selection committee from the very beginning led the conversation on study. She warned: we have a big elimination, examinations really difficult. Training costs much, you should not count on indulgences: truancies and “tails“ are not welcomed. Founders of institute are professors of MSU … I was told everything that can be to interestingly serious entrant.

When I joint venturedew retted about the license and accreditation, the methodologist showed on a wall - within not only these documents, but also student`s diplomas and awards for participation in various Olympic Games, etc. hung. I found out that the institute supports close ties with higher education institutions of other countries and enters into Association of non-state higher education institutions of Russia (in my opinion, it is a guarantee of stability of higher education institution too). To confirm the impressions, I took an interest in opinion student`s the Internet - communities. The majority of responses was as follows approximately: “Paid institute where for money nothing is on sale. If you are an idler, then you will not last long, and here high quality of education is guaranteed“. In such higher education institution I would not refuse training.