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Who such harmful people: typology of

Harmful it is possible to call the person who threatens your wellbeing and health, trying to break you. It is impossible to lean on them. They see in you only shortcomings and do not rejoice to your progress. Throughout all life you can face the same type of harmful people.

Harmful can call by

the person who tries to break you. The harmful person undermines self-confidence and advantage, he poisons all your essence. It threatens wellbeing and health. It is impossible to rely on such people. They see in you only one shortcomings. Envious and vindictive, they never rejoice to your progress. Actually they are angry when you are accompanied by good luck. The feeling of uncertainty and own insolvency forces them to prevent you to lead happy and productive life.


The same as they differ externally, harmful people also behave differently. Socially - the economic status, age, cultural heritage, religion or education level do not matter. Does not play a role and intelligence. The genius can be the harmful personality also.

the Harmful person can meet to you in life anywhere. It can be found both in a family, and at work. One will say directly to you muck, others - to extend slander behind your back. The third can lavish sweet smiles, tell gentle, pleasant, tender words, cherishing envy, hatred and rage in soul.

throughout all life to you for certain happened to deal with people for whom you had not a tender affection. Moreover, among them there could be such disgusting persons that only one reminiscence of them causes in you a headache. Though we since the childhood were taught that it is necessary to love each other and not to judge neighbors too strictly, in practice everything is much more difficult. Reality such is that there are always people whom you can call harmful from your point of view. You can find out that you throughout all life face the same type of harmful people.


Defaming are arrogant, mean, self-confident

, contemptuously - are indulgent, haughty, unpleasant, sarcastic, disrespectful and are reserved, they humiliate, threaten, criticize, they look for in people only shortcomings.

Defaming possess so low self-assessment that will find faults both of you, and of any of those who surround them. They experience pleasant nervousness when they humiliate and touch others. They adore releasing sneers to the people especially unfamiliar. Sitting with you at restaurant or at the airport, they will throw: “You have a look what fat man!“ or: “Well and freak!“ You, in turn, too can become object of similar remarks and sarcastic remarks.

Defaming needs to humiliate with

you to tower in own eyes. These people, uncertain and full of self-destructive thoughts, feel threat and of you, and from people around. The way, only for them, to achieve self-esteem is to humiliate others, to lower them to the level.

the Talker

the Talker too talkative, ignorant, irritating, badly understanding people, vainglorious, disrespectful, not able to communicate and boring.

can call

of Talkers “govorogolikam“ which do not wish to become silent. These “harmful“ persons pour out freely current stream of the thoughts on first appeared in their field of vision, hardly attaching it any significance. Having hooked for you, they will not stop though actually Talkers talk to themselves and you for them do not exist. These people will speak about all and about everything, and usually not to stop them by any forces. These chronic chatterers very much like to be let in idle chatter about the private life, life of their family, unfamiliar people, about people whom they do not know and who are hardly sought to be recognized. Their empty infinite stories are hardly of interest to somebody. They can spend kind fifteen minutes, describing everything that was bought in shop. Without being able to understand feelings of others, they so are fond of the narrations that do not pay attention to signs of your irritation, impatience or disgust. Talkers are too selfish to recognize still someone`s right to speak.

without allowing to screw even a word, the Talker forces you to do what you do not want to do - to listen to it.

the Self-destroyer

the Self-destroyer always appears the victim, it unrealistic, weak, unstable, coward, alerted, negatively adjusted, selfish, gloomy, isolated, rebellious, uncontrollable, he feels threat from the outside, falls into despair, surrounding low estimates everything and it is inclined to a depression.

Self-destroyers so hate themselves that they are constantly ready to self-abasement. They go on same about the shortcomings and endlessly abuse themselves. Usually they tell something it seems:“ I too bad what I did a stupid thing “or“ I am the worst“. In effect, Self-destroyers try to humiliate themselves before such opportunity appears at others. They are not able to accept a compliment and will reject any kind and pleasant words in the address. They can get bogged down so in self-flagellation that sometimes become alcoholics, gluttons, abuse drugs and the sexual relations. As a result Self-destroyers do not believe that they are worthy something good and deserve pleasures in life. Their self-assessment is low excessively.

Avoiding troubles

Avoiding troubles - the weak creation incapable to stand for itself, - colourless, isolated, coward, unsociable, intimidated, disgraceful, incorrect, fussy, timid, unmanly, unreliable, lonely and socially incompetent.

the Way of fight Avoiding troubles with a stress - leaving from it. Being incapable something to undertake, it disappears.

As Avoiding troubles in every way try to steer clear of the conflicts, they are not able to understand what wound can be put to other people with the “timely“ leaving.

Dozing, but a killing volcano

Dozing, but a killing volcano, - unreliable, unsociable, reserved, captious, unstable, weak, unclear, coward, inconsistent, fussy, vindictive, uncontrollable, inclined to accuse others.

When such people are nearby, you never know what to expect from them. In effect, they can be compared to a mine of the slowed-down action. Dozing, but the killing volcano, seems extremely reserved, quiet, smiling and warm. He will not give for anything a sign that there was some trouble that you upset him with something or angered. He will not dare to notice that you made something, from his point of view, wrong. Be touched its softness and mildness, it is possible to think that he is not capable to offend a fly also.

Then eruption happens unexpectedly: ashes and a lava fly extensively. For example, you “not so“ looked or “not so“ greeted it, and it causes absolutely inadequate reaction. He instantly explodes, shouts by a heart-rending voice and accuses you of all the adversities. Such behavior not just surprises, it stuns.

Dozing, but the killing volcano, hides in itself so much rage that sometimes it is worth being afraid not of harmless injuries which it can put.

Vulcan is most dangerous by

From all types of “harmful people“ because it is impossible to foresee when and where he will explode. Volcanoes forget nothing and immediately come to a condition of “combat readiness“ as soon as offenses and irritation overflow a bowl of their patience.

the Gossip

the Gossip immodest, unreliable, double-faced, reserved, crucially adjusted, venomous, self-confident, empty, angry on language, skeptical, coward, persuasive, hostile, closed, disloyal, mean, angry and unpleasant. He is inclined to look for in all shortcomings, to accuse, interpose in others matter, to see in everyone the potential rival.

Gossips adore extending stories which are often stretched, and sometimes and thought out.

the Gossip - extremely fussy being, whose highest pleasure - the detailed story about misfortunes of others. The gossip with pleasure will tell you as the husband of your general girlfriend, fooling around, was caught red-handed. Roaring with laughter, she will describe how your girlfriend started to the poor creature in the head a lamp and wounded to it a forehead.

Own life of gossips is usually colourless and uninviting

. And they need to be noticed, to feel own importance. They are sure that, presenting juicy information, they “grow“ in the opinion of the interlocutor.

the Fatal fighter

the Fatal fighter disrespectful, tense, arrogant, impudent, impudent, energetic, venomous, intense, intimidated, angry on language, changeable, uncontrollable, mad, stubborn, rough, noisy, unsociable, bearing in itself threat, sensitive, inclined to depressions and self-damage. It is difficult to deal with it, from it danger proceeds, it has sadistic bents, any law to it not pisan.

Fatal fighters stick to

provocatively, seek a quarrel, constantly live in expectation of a fight and only wait that you will dare to make a miss. All of them time on the lookout - and any minute are ready to fight. They like to contradict even if agree with you. What you told, they by all means will find counterargument.

They endlessly provoke

people around, and without the visible reasons. Most likely, own uncertainty and despair force them to go to the mats and thus to tower in the opinion of people. It seems, everyone and everything irritates them. They criticize and abuse all. These people can be enraged literally, belaboring at the same time fists in walls and doors, leaving on them impressive dents.

the condition of rage is natural

To Fatal fighters even if you do all that they want. They will manage to find a tar spoon in a flank with honey and will attack on you before you open a mouth. If you tell or you will make something that will enrage them, they will attack on you with fists and will rage until the situation does not improve by itself.

As a rule, Fatal fighters had a hard childhood. Having become adults, they quite often feel that life played a dirty trick with them. Their eagerness to fight is only the mask covering supersensitivity.

the Sad and fateful victim

the Sad and fateful victim uneasy, passive, vindictive, severe, selfish, rejecting all new, sad, negatively adjusted, petty, suspicious, stubborn, pathetic, weak, upset, deprived of imagination, frightened, coward, inclined to depressions, gloomy, skeptically looking at the world, unattractive, mistrustful, gloomy, lifeless, sleepy, sentimental. This masochistic nature continually accuses all and solemnly bears burden of the hard destiny.

the Sad and fateful victims are depressed from only one thought that were born on light. As spiders, they capture you in a network of the grief, telling as it was awful, is and there will be their life. At the same time they need sympathy, but not councils.

They prefer to flounder in the abyss of pity to themselves, sure that the world to them is cruel and all are guilty of their misfortunes around. Nothing gives them pleasures. About such people say that it is more convenient to them to see a glass half empty, but not half full. At unsuccessful combination of circumstances the Sad and fateful victim will accuse all, but only not itself - much more than the Fatal fighter.

Actually these two types of harmful people are very similar

in the feeling of uncertainty and belief in a life otioseness. But instead of splashing out these feelings, having worked as fists and a wicked tongue, the Victims only shed tears yes indulge in burdensome thoughts. They blame weather, private life, own unhappy childhood. The eternal victims, they enjoy pity to themselves and seek to cause pity and from others the infinite moaning.

the Sad and fateful victims constantly worry. They make unfavourable scenarios in advance. For example, they for certain know that they will awfully spend time at a party that nobody will talk to them and that everything will go wrong way, only they will set foot on land, having left the house. You should communicate a little at least to the Sad and fateful victim, and you will quickly feel unfortunate and exhausted. You will want to have a little cry or fall asleep because this awful being will exhaust from you all forces.

Any attempt to give to the Victim advice is doomed by

to failure, she every time will answer: “Yes, but...“ - also will continue to explain why its problem is unsoluble even with your help. Eventually, she will continue to see the world in all depth of its hopelessness and what you neither made and nor told - nothing will be able to shake it.

Unfortunately, too many such Victims divorced now. Listen to any casual conversation, and you by all means learn who absolutely became impoverished completely grew fat who is too unfortunate or too tired with life. Facing such people in everyday life, we not only are irritated, but also we are depressed and we complain of fatigue.

the Smiling two-faced Janus

the Smiling two-faced Janus reserved, coward, dexterous, insincere, unsociable, disgraceful, selfish, false, mysterious, evasive, noncritical to, lazy, mean, inconsiderate, suspicious, coward, mistrustful, deceitful. He can be friendly and obsequious, but will betray you as soon as possible, he cannot be trusted.

Many of us consider that there are no people worse, than these Two-faced Yanusa. Really, the last circle of hell at Dante was intended for carriers of the most grave sin - treachery and change.

This type of harmful people is at the same time passive and aggressive

. Indulgently smiling and very clearly letting know what wants to become the best friend, he at the same time sets a trap at you behind the back. Confucius who was perfectly understanding the human relations spoke about these people so: “What shame - to have a grudge against that with whom you are on friendly terms!“

These chameleons are in the constant tension because change the behavior depending on what, on their belief, you from them wait for. They vigilantly watch you and are ready to make any efforts finally to arrive as they want.

Never trust

Two-faced Yanusam! They use your trustfulness against you then when you least of all wait for it. These intriguers only also do that look for the benefit in the relations. At heart they do not love you, but will never show no sign that are angry, upset or envy.

Two-faced Yanusa are very reserved

and do not admit for anything that at them on mind. They can tell the lovely, gentle, encouraging words, but actually they only unscrupulously lie.

the Indecisive weakling

the Indecisive weakling at the same time passive and aggressive, weak, silent, flattering, unsociable, dependent on others, undisciplined, intimidated, obsequious, coward, diffident, mistrustful, reserved, cowardly, petty, inclined to accuse others, unreliable, feeling threat from the outside, conservative, disobedient, indecisive, full of despair, lifeless, empty, spineless, obedient, infantile, boring, fixated on the fears, unlucky, not able to refuse to anybody.

Indecisive weaklings have neither will power, nor determination. They as if weather vanes, turn downwind, any decision which is not able to make. Always silent and implicit, they make impression of people who speak only “yes“. However sooner or later you will understand what “yes“ very often means them “no“. Today they can tell one, another tomorrow. Actually such people plainly cannot understand either people around, or themselves so it is extremely difficult to work with them.

The deprived will powers, not persons interested to think of anything, except own tranquility, they consider that if they are rather patient, problems will disappear, and the necessary decisions will come. They miss time as they do not trust themselves and do not want to risk to be mistaken for fear. When circumstances force them to make a choice, such people fly into a rage.

the Indecisive weakling is so paralyzed by fear and alarm that will not move a little when time to work comes. Even need to save someone`s life will be insufficient argument. Indecisive weaklings are not able to fight. In own eyes they are the victims therefore are not going to worry and create to themselves troubles. In search of rest and comfort they try to hide in undercover back streets of life.


Consumer selfish, double-faced, flattering, reserved, inconsistent, obsequious, disgraceful, mean, unattractive, insincere, importunate and seductive. He likes to interpose not in the matter and to manipulate others.

Consumers are most often lonely

in life. They are changeable friends, you are necessary to them, only if they can benefit by your friendship. These people do everything only for own success. If they are not able to take advantages from communication with someone or already received from it everything that they wanted, then without reflecting fling away from themselves the person as the used plastic glass.

Spiteful the upstart - the tyrant

Spiteful the upstart - the tyrant venomous, bilious, hostile, strong, uncontrollable, angry, foolish, sharp, inconsistent, rough, captious, exacting, sharp on language, inconsistent, cruel, difficult to predict, defiant, ignorant, haughty, infantile, intimidated, ill-bred, pugnacious, courageous, vigorous, sensitive, mean, mobile, mad, noisy, not able to communicate with people, haughty, changeable, unsociable, quick-tempered and stubborn. He looks for in you shortcomings, conceals in himself threat, in him sadistic bents are put.

Spiteful the upstart - the tyrant - the verbal terrorist and stubborn the know-it-all, his motto:“ Either I, or anybody am right“. Quick-tempered and unpredictable, they stick the nose everywhere and are happy, only being in the center of attention.

of the Upstart - tyrants have an irresistible need everything to control, even more than the Mentor, with only that difference that the last is less evil because it is not inclined to cruelty and a sadism. In effect, Upstarts - tyrants are brought just seeing human confusion. They like to scoff at people, to see how those shrink from fear as if wounded puppies and to splash out on them all the internal hatred.

They live desire to emotionally destroy any. With such people it is easy for to acquire an ulcer. These power vampires, undoubtedly, would win first place on force of the hatred to other people. Confucius spoke them so:“ Most often nobody submits to them, even when they give orders“. They can be afraid and be hated, but nothing will force others to respect them and to execute their orders voluntarily.

the Joker

the Joker tiresome, unreliable, weak, repellent, frivolous, selfish, tactless, sensitive, sarcastic, badly understanding people, ignorant, rough, inattentive, superficial, disrespectful, noisy, persuasive and indifferent to people around.

Jokers are not able to tell

seriously. They can begin any conversation with a joke: “You heard the latest news about so and so?“

Jokers always release manumissions in your address, flat jokes are more often, counting that they will be considered as wit top. Your unwillingness causes to laugh in them one reaction: “At you what, there is no sense of humour? All laughed at it - and what is with you?“ Such “humour“ serves as the weapon of their hidden hostility.

Having met you at breakfast, the Joker can otmochit something it seems: “Hey, eat still a roll, it to you very much goes“, hinting thereby at your completeness. Having noticed your surprise, it, having started giggling, will tell: “You what, you do not understand jokes? I play the fool!“ It is simple express the hostility it cannot because it is too coward directly to state to you, than you do not suit it.

Every time when you want to talk to it about something serious, he will laugh loudly and joke as serious topics of conversation are higher than its understanding. If the Joker is upset with something, he will never show you it, hiding the wounded feelings and even anger behind humourous catchphrases. In effect, to protect itself from chagrin, these people sit in a shell of own jokes.

the Boor

the Boor badly understands people, unreliable, rough, irritating, tactless, sensitive, unpredictable, deprived of imagination, negligent, stupid, impudent, impudent, too rectilinear, whining, selfish, sluggish, persuasive, silly and undeveloped. It is impossible to rely on it.

the Boor cannot be understood. The crude blockheads who are not understanding at all neither in themselves, nor in others, they often release doubtful remarks, without thinking of your feelings at all. They seldom look in the face, inertly shake hands, they have rather poor set of movements and intonations. They are not able to keep in public at all.

In effect, it is infantile beings who, as to four-year-old children, do not care about your feelings when they spread everything that at them on mind. Even if suddenly it will turn out that they are clever and succeed in work, lack of kindness and a step from their party generates only disrespect of people around.

Most often the Boor is remembered by

as the strange person who will approach you, will tell out of place something crazy and will leave, having left you in perplexity: from what it it suddenly?

the Madman

the Madman can be unstable, zakhlestyvayemy emotions or absolutely deprived of them. It is mysterious, exhausted, intimidated, unreliable, changeable, unpredictable, uncontrollable, sharp, foolish, caustic, closed, sad, suspicious, unclear, nonflexible, impudent, impudent, executed hatred, fussy, infantile, coward, strange, superficial, inclined to depressions, a sadism or masochism, troublemaking, desperate, selfish, quick-tempered, angry or defenseless, uncertain, stubborn, gloomy, mean, menacing or feeling threat from all directions, mad, inconsistent, and sometimes makes impression of the insane.

it is dangerous to p to Communicate with Madmen. They sincerely or are emotionally upset and can maniacally suffer - depressive psychosis and live in some unreal world. They can have a boundary mental disorder which threatens their own life and life of others, and it is possible, they do alcohol or drugs, from - for what look strange and uncontrollable.

Madmen can change the behavior in the eyes. From all types of harmful people it is the most difficult to deal with them as, as well as in a case with Dozing, but a killing volcano, never you know what to expect from them and what surprise prepares their behavior.

the Unscrupulous fibber

to the Unscrupulous fibber cannot be trusted

, it impudent, insincere, crafty, reserved, disgraceful, persuasive, the know-it-all, the shameless, expansive, looking for foreign fault, the manipulator, unattractive, the gossip, the unpredictable, unreliable, weak, naive, double-faced, acting behind your back egoist.

of the Fibber is not known, they lie or tell the truth. These people lay so much, so tried to strengthen the sickly self-assessment that at last began to believe that they spin. They can swear to you that this or that - the truth and they are sure of it as in themselves though you know for certain that it not so. They will stay without turning a hair because it is inveterate manipulators. That the most surprising, Fibbers sometimes tell an element of truth about themselves. Often they arrive so that to confuse you. Thanks to it if you catch them in a lie, they will argue furiously that they never lie.

it is very difficult for p to deal With Fibbers as they cannot be trusted and on the present to communicate with them. As trust - a communication basis, them they cannot respect and open the soul in any way. Fibbers can shuck until the uncountable number of proofs of their lie is collected. Eventually, these people are that that can convince even themselves of truthfulness of the inventions.

the Wretch

the Wretch roughly interferes, interferes in others life, it self-confident, spiteful, impudent, annoying, alerted, envious, unscrupulous, angry on language, the gossip to accuse dogmatic, inclined all, mistrustful, selfish, angry, noisy, uncontrollable, rough, importunate, reserved. He is often called the instigator, the informer, the sadist and the villain.

the Wretch is something between the Gossip and the Instigator, only it is more harmful. Such people interfere in your life (business or personal) and are accepted for good reason with the purpose to turn it into hell.

They not just pick you to pieces with others as it is done by the Gossip, and not just push you on something bad as the Instigator. No, they exactly interfere in your life, keeping ringing to others and agreeing with them about a meeting specially to tell which - that about you.

As own life of Wretches is poor and primitive

, they quite often try to fill it with you, starting claws in your life.

the Miser

the Miser considering each kopek, selfish, avaricious, stupid, not self-critical, captious, empty, insincere, limited, uninviting, narrow-minded, disturbing, stubborn, sad, superficial, intimidated, boring, skeptical, undeveloped, uneasy, unreliable, weak, indecisive, indifferent, nervous and the eternal victim.

of the Miser so respect themselves a little that believe as if deserve in this life only what is cheap or free. They stint not only money, but also compliments, expression of passion and love. All their talk is steadily reduced to money - how many they paid for this or that thing what transaction was made as they bargained with the seller. At the same time they always admire own resourcefulness and enterprise.

These pathetic small fry so melochna that often lose sight of the most important. They are so absorbed by calculation of kopeks that to the death cannot be counted how many at them collected.

the Fanatic

the Fanatic dogmatic, stubborn, importunate, insincere, impudent, tenacious, energetic, narrow-minded, weak, inconsistent, reserved, empty, self-confident, unadapted to life, nervous, exacting, choosy, fearless, frightening, sensitive, repellent, petty, unpredictable, insolent, pugnacious, unrealistic, hiding threat, foolish, inconsistent, captious, disrespectful, closed.

the Motto of all life of the Fanatic, irrespective of opinion of others, - “All not so!“ . As well as Spiteful the upstart - the tyrant or the Mentor, he considers that either I, or anybody am right ““. He is passionately devoted to the beliefs and is ready to damn everyone who does not divide his self-confidence. The fanatic always tries to incline you to the views. If you dare to think differently, and especially to object it even if it is extremely soft, he will fly into a rage, having accused you of nonsense and treachery. With it it is impossible to conduct detailed, substantial conversation because he does not wish to listen to anybody, except himself. It seems, he foreknows answers to all questions and secured an exclusive right to be the leader in conversation. Its inflexibility and frank fault-finding thoroughly prevents to construct conversation with it on a friendly note.

the Lickspittle

the Lickspittle, the person - sugar - reserved, false, insincere, frivolous, disgusting, expansive, bad, weak, double-faced, not self-critical, unscrupulous, coward, importunate, not transferring loneliness, noisy, superficial, pretentious, repellent, disgraceful, obstinate, often call him the shady character, the bootlicker, the wretch, the manipulator, the instigator and the consumer.

the Lickspittle - the typical manipulator - will flatter you to insanity if only to achieve the desirable. He charms you by pompous speeches and behaves so as if you are his friend to a coffin and it is ready for you for everything.

At heart the Lickspittle can not have a tender affection

for you at all, but never will give himself. In the flattery it is extremely inventive, and if you try to interrupt it or to besiege, he with a pressure will begin to assure you that you the most beautiful, the cleverest, the best. You hardly keep from smiling because at heart it is pleasant to you to hear it and there is a strong wish to believe that so it also is. As soon as you smile, consider that you got. It is opposite to watch behavior of the Lickspittle: always considerably, as it is obsequious and with what diligence licks boots of everyone who can be useful to it.

Self-satisfied despot

Self-satisfied despot stubborn, insincere, dogmatic, critical, but not self-critical, stupid, haughty, unsociable, boring, captious, selfish, conservative, pretentious, undeveloped, inconsistent, bad, petty, meticulous, venomous, superficial know-it-all.

the Self-satisfied despot stays in confidence that it - perfection and can never allow a miss in anything, and therefore looks at you from height of the greatness a contemptuous eye. Stupid, vainglorious, captious, he expects that all others have to live under the laws established to them. For example, the despot can look down on those who smoke, drink, swear and are not so well dressed or organized as he. Usually it boils for anger, indignation and disgust because does not differ in special tolerance to people around. This angel is very legible, seldom whom loves and a little what admires. Its relation to life it is possible to put into words the Fanatic, Spiteful upstarts - the tyrant or the Mentor:“ Either I, or anybody am right“.

C to them it is extremely difficult for p to communicate and even more difficultly to live, so few people meet his requirements. His own life is so pathetic that the despot cannot assume that the whole world had a good time, had a rest and inhaled aroma of roses.

Snobbery of the despot is shown by

also that he is inclined to hide “imperfections“. He does not admit that he was mistaken that had the desire which is contrary to moral installations therefore it is forced to play the hypocrite and contradict itself. It weakens its position, loosens confidence and does vulnerable.

the Haughty snob

the Haughty snob pretentious, vainglorious, empty, haughty, arrogant, captious, isolated, unreliable, weak, mean, unsociable, selfish, angry, intimidated, exacting, importunate, unfriendly, foolish, stupid, inconsistent, unpleasantly indulgent, disrespectful, coward, rough, superficial and applying for a role of the first violin.

the Haughty snob behaves so as if it is the highest. It lifts his self-conceit though actually at heart the snob trembles with uncertainty. He from skin climbs, seeking to start acquaintance to the powers that be, to achieve a cushy job because it ennobles it in own eyes. If you are not necessary to it, the snob will pass by, even without having found time to greet you. He goes, having assumed airs and talks to you, only if you assume airs even above. He addresses you with an indulgent stateliness, looking from top to down. Often Haughty snobs unite in snobbish clubs where you will be let, only if you look properly, are famous or have enough money to bribe the door-keeper. Similar clubs are integrally necessary for such people to feel like people.

Haughty snobs are very temperamental

and require to themselves special attention. The snob will loom at you before eyes and to behave as the spoiled child, without noticing anybody around. Written at it on the person “I Am Better than You“ actually hides deeply hidden belief “I worst“.

the Snob suffers feeling of own inferiority, it has such fragile “Me“!

the Narcissus

At the Narcissus mania own “I“. It is selfish, self-confident, empty, unreliable, haughty, boring, limited, unadapted to life, tiresome, repellent, pompous, egocentric, immodest. It seems that he also lives for show.

For the Narcissus the center of the Universe - he. You will not find more egocentric people: he hates talk which subject he is not. The narcissus will listen to everything that you tell, only if it has a direct bearing on it. Its dictionary abounds with pronouns “I“ and “me“. Any its phrase begins with “I“. Attempt to communicate to the Narcissus can become your most bitter memories because conversation will turn into its monologue.

to Enter into some relations with the Narcissus extremely difficult if only you do not refuse yourself in its advantage. Narcissuses do only what is convenient of

the Competitor

the Competitor - the fearless provoker, fanatical, repellent, suspicious, angry, energetic, aggressive, vindictive, immoral, strong, intimidated, alerted, foolish, feeling from everywhere threat, unreliable, always ready to fight.

the Competitor uses any opportunity to outwit or win against you. Beginning from attempt to find work and finishing the choice of the friend or girlfriend, husband or wife - everything represents for it competition. Tell the Competitor what remarkable dog at you, and he right there will respond that his dog is more, best of all and more cleverly. Tell how you worked hard today - he will immediately put you into place, having admitted as he worked itself, despite unimaginable quantity of obstacles hard.

Near the Competitor cannot relax. All of you time feel its readiness for fight. As a rule, he not really loves people as he spends too many forces for fight against them. Try to notice that your general acquaintance looks today especially attractively. The competitor parries:“ Happens that it looks much better. Just now with it, seemingly, something not as it should be. Look what circles at it under eyes“.

the Competitor often looks the pompous boaster who talks profusely about the past and present achievements. He constantly tries to strike you with as far as it is better, cleverer and more successful, than you. The problem is that the competitor possesses so low self-assessment that can draw your attention only competing with you.

the Mentor

the Mentor - the inconsiderate manipulator, eccentrical, haughty, aggressive, strong, double-faced, energetic, self-confident, impudent, foolish, dogmatic, selfish, stubborn, insolent, inconsistent, near, cautious and menacing, disrespectful, unsociable, tenacious and limited.

the Mentor never will neglect nothing

. Still more than Spiteful the upstart - the tyrant, he is nervous if something leaves from - under his control. However, unlike Tirana, the Mentor never goes on meanness and does not fall into rage, trying to obtain the desirable. Its weapon - sweet talks and various manipulations with people.

the Mentor seldom is soul of the company and does not hold big authority because prefers to work independently. If something goes not as he wanted, the Mentor is angry or loses interest in the events as considers that he is obliged to direct each action of people around. He makes effort and when it does not lead to the conceived result for everything, panics, becomes nervous and manipulates others even more.

the Problem that the Mentor is not able to behave if not in forces to control the person or a situation. He loses the presence of mind. When something goes not on his command and volition, it for rage will punch walls fists.

Cannot control the person so that he could not even move independently. The person will break emotionally or physically.

Further we will consider concrete recommendations how to behave with difficult people and what to do in order that they did not do you harm.