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When sex hurts

Nearly a half of women feel pain in time or after classes sex constantly or from time to time. If you one of them, do not suffer silently. Many women hesitate to admit it, prolonging the tortures. Meanwhile experts claim that there is a set of means which will help you and will make sex painless.

Use our “guide“ to find the reason of pain and ways of disposal of it.

of 9 reasons of painful sex

1. What occurs

you feel a sudden acute pain in one side when your partner deeply gets into you. You can also feel dull ache during periods.

Possible reason: ovary cyst. It strikes nearly 80% of women during the period preceding approach of a menopause.

Decision. the Majority of cysts are harmless and disappear by itself during two - three menstrual cycles. Your doctor will make ultrasonic research to confirm the diagnosis, and will ask you to come to be double-checked if after two - three months sex still is painful. Meanwhile you can accept 400 mg of an ibuprofen for an hour to proximity to weaken discomfort. The position when you from above is more preferable to you: so in you can control penetration depth.

2. What occurs

your genitals itch and are sensitive even to touches. After sexual intercourse a vagina red and as though flares.

Possible reason: fungal infection. With the described symptoms it serves as “the trigger mechanism“ for pain in a quarter of cases during sex. Do not wait for typical “cottage cheese“ allocations. Physicians claim that it is the myth that allocations always accompany a fungal infection. Sometimes pain is the only signal. Can be responsible for an itch and hygienic sprays, the flavored laying, the perfumed soap, oils for a bathtub - all of them can irritate gentle mucous vaginas.

Decision. Visit the doctor who will direct you to analyses to confirm existence or absence of a fungal infection. And if the infection nevertheless is, will prescribe medicine. If sensitive skin buy not flavored laying, hypoallergenic soap from you, wash underwear the sparing means, for example, what is applied to washing of children`s things. Meanwhile use the ointment containing a hydrocortisone (what - you will be advised by the doctor): it will weaken an itch.

3. What occurs

you feel crotch pain during penetration and during sexual intercourse.

Possible reason: the cicatricial fabric formed from - for gaps or a section of a crotch at the time of delivery. Almost all women who transferred similar intervention feel pain during sex about three more months.

Decision. Mass painful area of times a day for several minutes with use of lubricant on a water basis. It will allow to reduce sensitivity of the nervous terminations and will make skin of more pliable that will facilitate penetration. If the area is very sensitive, ask the doctor to register the ointment containing lidocaine. If and in several months pain does not disappear, it is necessary to perform small operation to clean cicatricial fabric.

4. What occurs

during occupations by sex at you such feeling as if his penis encounters something. You can also have painful periods, back pain and need for a frequent urination.

Possible reason: fibrous tumor of a uterus. It is good-quality fabric which grows on a uterus wall. Its sizes vary from a pea to grapefruit. Women with a tumor feel pain at sex three times more often, than healthy. At the same time have fibroma to 40% of women at the age of 30 - 40 years. By researches it is not finally not proved that causes its emergence, but, perhaps, it is female sex hormones - estrogen.

Decision. See a doctor who will appoint ultrasonic research. When the size and localization of a tumor are determined, the doctor will pick up suitable treatment. Operation - the most effective way to get rid of fibroma. But there are also more sparing methods. They are directed to blocking intake of blood to a tumor. Left without food, it perishes.

5. What occurs

the Penis of your partner does not slide in your vagina. It should push it, and it hurts. The vagina is irritated.

Possible reason: dryness of a vagina. A quarter of women, almost constantly or periodically faces this problem. The most common causes: reception of antidepressants, a low libido which does not allow to be excited so that natural greasing was emitted much, feeding with a breast and a menopause when estrogen level, and, respectively, greasing, goes down.

Decision. Use lubricant on a water basis.

6. What occurs

your genitals burn, and you feel an acute pain during a love prelude and during sexual intercourse. In the same way it is painful to you to put a tampon, to ride a bicycle, it is simple to sit long.

Possible reason: vulvovaginit. Tomorrow I will look in the medical dictionary or I will call somebody knowing. If with it something not so, I write). It is an illness which can affect either all genitalia, or a small zone at an entrance to a vagina. An etiology in irritation of the nervous terminations of a vulva. Though experts also do not know precisely why it occurs, but consider that they can initiate emergence of symptoms vaginal rash, frequent fungal infections, antibiotics.

Decision. Treatment happens usually long, mainly because it is difficult to make the diagnosis and to establish a cause of illness. More than a half of the women suffering from a vulvodiniya visited at three doctors, and they could not help much. Unfortunately, many doctors are sure that vulvodiniya symptoms - in “head“. Therefore first of all find the doctor who will treat your problem, as to the disease demanding treatment, but not as to “whim“. Most of women is helped by the complex treatment combining reception of antidepressants, analgetics and physiotherapeutic procedures.

7. What occurs

In wild spirits you feel the hot pulsing pain in one of external vulvar lips. You can even feel camber of the size of a large fasolina.

Possible reason: developments of stagnation in gland about which existence you also did not know before. Bartoliniyev of gland are the two peas located in each of lips. They - that also make greasing in process of excitement increase. Channels of these glands can “get littered“ or are infected.

Decision. See a doctor. It will on an outpatient basis do small operation: will make on iron a tiny section on iron and at the edges of a section will impose so that the small opening was formed. Naturally, operation becomes with anesthesia. It will provide a constant drainage in iron. The section begins to live two - three weeks. It is impossible to have sex at this time.

8. What occurs

during deep penetration and after sex you feel the acute pain giving on all basin. Happens, this pain similar on premenstrual, torments you constantly.

Possible reason: endometriosis. About 15% of women of childbearing age suffer from it. The fabric covering a uterus “sprouts“ in other bodies of a basin, causing pain.

Decision. Endometriosis can cause infertility. Therefore the woman which cannot long be conceived it is necessary to undergo surgical procedure to define, the disease is how serious and to pick up the most suitable treatment.

9. What occurs

Generalized pain extends between hips during proximity and is followed by constant need for an urination. The urination is followed by an acute pain.

Possible reason: urethra infection. About 80% are familiar with this problem, more than a half of them feels pain during occupations by sex.

Decision. Visit the doctor who will suggest to check urine for existence of an infection. And, if the diagnosis is confirmed, will register antibiotics. If you have from chronic an infection, ask that antibiotics wrote out also to your partner. Researches show that treatment of both partners, increases probability of disposal of an urethra infection.