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Our essential (traditions of bread baking of the different countries)

the Egyptians who thought up seventeen thousand years ago to smalyvat wheat in flour and to part from it dough, baked simple flat flat cakes. Which - where traditional bread still looks approximately also. It put bread in which without traditions

Bread - always and everywhere - was the beginning of all beginnings anywhere. “To all head“.“ There will be bread - there will be life“. Eavesdrop on conversations of Europeans in resorts - and you will understand that the most popular subject of noncommittal talk not weather, and “how much at you is bread now“. It is baked even where wheat does not grow: Mexico does thin maisovy flat cakes, in Scotland - oat bread - pie, in Sweden - rough rye and potato to a lefsa; there is bread from flour with addition of rice, peas and acorns … Process of bread baking is in essence simple and monotonous (flour, water or milk, fats, yeast, sugar, salt), but also close neighbors have such unlike bread! Glance in bakeries in the different countries - and you will feel that even began to smell bread different everywhere.

the High culture

the Legislator of high grain culture is considered France : the chief - bakers in the majority a top - hotels of the world - French, at them is the patron - Saint Honore, the festivals, the museums, mad inventions (like a bedroom from bread for Salvador Dali which many years ago glorified bakeries Pualen) and competitions on the best baguette of the city which to win - the highest happiness. And the ordinary Parisian does not imagine life without bakery in the neighboring house where he goes down every morning behind fresh croissants.

the Main distinctive features of the French grain business - love to the business, quickness (the “correct“ bakeries open at five in the morning that in seven first clients could already receive hot bread by a breakfast), keenness to tastes of buyers and at the same time strict respect for traditions. For example, today in Paris the most fashionable bread - a peculiar mix and that and another: a l`ancienne baguette, that is on - ancient. He is trained from the sour test, it leaves the furnace with a rough crust and porous, yellowish color pulp, its pointed ends are powdered by flour. You eat such baguette - and you are transferred to Maria`s era - Antoinette.



  • the French country bread

Wonderful appetite

For of Italy bread was always a basis of kitchen - and still, fortunately, did not become part of the industry. It is still traditional, especially in the south of the country which is considered “reserve“ of bread baking: here everywhere it is possible to find family bakeries where recipes of bread carefully transfer from generation to generation.

In Italy several types of the bread very different in principle: focaccia, bruschetta, a miketta, a rosette, banana, a biov, bovolo, ciabatta, a chiryola, a manina to a ferrareza, the sir kazarechyo - one of the main favourites of the South from Tuscany to Sicily. And practically everyone bears with itself(himself) a legend. For example, the well-known Tuscan bread without salt was invented when the next father absolutely unscrupulously raised a tax on salt and Tuscan bakers decided to boycott a product. It was, however, bread without salt is tasty too therefore bake it to this day. And the secret of success of an invention is that eat such bread mainly with Tuscan ham, which much solony Parma or Friulian.

Or here grissin - thin breadsticks from Turin. Their birth is attributed to the doctor of the Savoy family, governors of regions Piedmont and Wal - D`Aost who considered that long, thin and dry bread is useful to health of the prince.

But ignorance of historical background yet prevented to enjoy to nobody the real Italian bread: the most fragrant bruschetta dried, grated with garlic, watered with olive oil and strewed with a basil; focaccia which is done matchless by addition of white wine, olives and rosemary. Or ciabatta, the elementary rural flat cake whose golden crisp is capable to create miracles with appetite.



Ciabatta Tuscan grape bread
  • Focaccia
  • of Fokachya with a stuffing from artichokes
  • the Abrupt batch

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