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Health subject on the Russian Internet: a look through Nagrada prism. ru (part 4)

Part 3 can be read here.

Put family...

Second on the importance group of the websites - the portals devoted to family questions. Such in a rating six:

7ya. ru - all about children and a family (www.) Applications: 1 Rating: 6. 46 Date of giving: 30. 11. 2000, 13:32 Description: “7ya. ru“ - the information resource devoted to questions of pregnancy, education of children, the family relations. On the website thematic articles, verses, prose, personal experience of participants of the website are published. Communication...

Mother. ru: community of parents (www. mama. ru) Applications: 1 Rating: 7. 00 Date of giving: 04. 12. 2000, 16:27 Description: The server devoted to female reproductive and children`s health, a happy izdorovy roditelstvo. In total about physiology and problems of pregnancy and childbirth. A calendar of povozrastny development of the child with di...

Motherhood (www. user. cityline. ru / ~ annamin) Applications: 1 Rating: 6. 00 Date of giving: 21. 12. 2000, 22:45 Description: Answers to aktualnyevoprosa of young and future parents, diaries of young mothers, stories of an oberemennost and childbirth, conference, chat....

the Website for children and parents (www. baby. com. ua) Applications: 1 Rating: 6. 33 Datapodachi: 23. 12. 2000, 15:38 Description: on the website it is possible to find huge kolichestvostaty, the healthy children helping parents to grow up. Besides, zdesyotkryta also work it - laynovy medical consultations with leaders of a vrachamiukraina. On...

of SUYuM - a soul Drugstore (apteka. agava. ru) Applications: 1 Rating: 5. 50 Datapodachi: 05. 12. 2000, 15:04 Description: The author`s website devoted to the kogdalyuda period only dispersed or such option not far off...

Club of large families (www. 8ya. ru) Applications: 5 Rating: 7. 15 Date of giving: 30. 12. 2000, 17:15 Description: This website just opened and did not become “opening of year“ yet. But it will become obligatory. Only a saytruneta, entirely devoted to problems of large families. The stylish design, is professionally made...

Well if it is serious, then in a bytovomsoznaniye there live only two family websites - of mama. ru and , halving a zainteresovannuyuauditoriya approximately. I do not undertake to act as the judge which of these zubrovboly is correct - I like both though on some nuances behind the 7ya project looks through more quick producer.

Curious opening. It is also pleasant to see in the list of applicants of guests from Ukraine - the website www. baby. com. ua, and that already began to seem that the RuNet stretches not further an average polosyrossiya.

the Total rating according to the section vyglyadittak:

the Best portals about health of a family: of www., www. mama. ru

I one more opening a podariloizucheniye of this section - absolutely new website “Club of Large Families 8ya“ (www. 8ya. ru). Let`s talk about it separately.

Opening of year - Club of large families 8ya.

I Will tell

honestly, at first I wanted vycherknutyetot the website from consideration - really what it is possible to wait from the website, otkrytog for the last week 2000? Fortunately, the atypical number of the submitted applications - the whole five pieces - forced everything - to visit the website and to wander on it. Daleeposledovalo at once several pleasant surprises:

the Design of the website turned out

a lung istilny that today on forces to no more than ten design - studios of the RuNet. It iokazatsya so. Authors of registration - team fashionable now from Yekaterinburg “ of Vizualnayamekhanik “. It became curious who is able to afford priglasitnedeshevy command to make out the new small website? Alas, no data an oprodyuser and firm - the owner on the website appeared. But at a forum obnaruzhilasyoch - chen the familiar person. In topics of the hostess of the website (a nickname of Ukhti - Tukhti ) chetkoproglyadyvat style of Oksana With ., known to any frequenter of the forums mama. ru, doktor. ru and talk. ru . Dlyatekh who is not aware, I will explain: in the last year at the forums devoted to health and family problems the vesmaaktivny and bright participant with a constant nickname “ Oksana With appeared .“ She in a day gathered a nakazhdy topic on 200 - 300 responses, in two days managed collected to fall out with moderators of an ocherednogoforum and in three days on one and a half thousand calling on again otkrytykhpersonalny pages. Agree, rare talent, especially when you learn, S.`s chtooksana - mother of six children and the first line on HTML wrote less than a year ago. And here - own project on the safe direction (specifics having many children semeydo this time were one of white spots of the RuNet, however, it already mnogokratnoobsuzhdatsya.

the Professional will note

neskolkolyubopytny trifles. So, it is very balanced the forum is realized. As budtokto - that read all complaints and complaints of clients to of mama. ru also made so that to their bolshena was (if it turns out that and occurred, the klassnyyprodyuser means at the website in addition). At once there was a temptation to drive a forum regarding stability of work (spend half an hour on of doktor. and you will understand ru about what I). But it was not succeeded to make it - load of the website is still not really big (though 1000 hits for the first week, without banners and ears - are not bad at all). In - the general, opening of this website - one of those small tranquil pleasures, a chtoinogda gives wandering on the RuNet (half a year ago I tested similar chuvstvopriyatny surprise when I incidentally came across of Little Mermaids - the website www. devchonki. ru).

of the Fair wind, having many children!