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How not to have more children
or conscious protection from conception of

it is fashionable to Speak about conscious conception now. Suggest to teach it all family centers and parental schools. But if spouses already have several children, there is especially actual an opposite task.

Strangely enough, this subject is not discussed as widely as other family problems. Possibly, it is considered that presently when on sale there is so wide choice of effective contraceptives, it is not difficult to avoid undesirable pregnancy at all. However there are always people who are not loving intervention in the organism from the outside. It would seem, everything is provided in the nature for a reproduction, and in the opposite purposes it is possible to use only something artificial. However it not so.

In the Internet there passed curious information: in some east cultures it is considered that the woman can become pregnant, only when wants it. Data of the theologian and anthropologist Verriyer Alvin are provided, for example, it is a lot of years studying the Indian tribe a muriya: “… in consciousness a muriya the belief so deeply took roots that the girl at first has to connect herself with the man, and only after that she will be able to become pregnant that it is very effective! Before girls a muriya marry, they very seldom become pregnant though in the tribe there is full sexual freedom. But as soon as it gives itself to a certain man, she soon becomes a pregnant woman“.

According to some ancient theories which I studied in the same source in the Internet the best means of protection from pregnancy is the unwillingness of conception as the soul of the woman can suppress and reject sperm. (I strongly recommend readers not to check justice of these theories on myself!) However, in that case becomes absolutely unclear from where then such huge number of undesirable pregnancies undertakes.

the Explanation the first, speculative

the People who are brought up by modern culture very badly realize the subconscious desires. The instinct can force the woman to want conception, but arguments of mind (there is no money, there is no apartment) muffle this voice. Conception nevertheless results, but pregnancy is perceived as undesirable and unplanned.

It is obvious that has value not only desire of the woman, but also the man`s spirit. For example, according to the ancient Chinese text “The method of receiving children“ process of conception both physiologically, and spiritually operates the man, and his task consists also in that the woman had a desire to become pregnant.

Besides, to different men it is necessary to own the woman in different degree. One rather physical proximity. By all means it is necessary to another that the woman fell in love, and it is not important whether he loves her. And the third and has not enough of it: he subconsciously aspires to that the woman gave birth from it to the child (or at least became pregnant) - and he will consider as a symbol of her greatest love or, perhaps, full “victory“. Such nuances are very seldom realized fully, and men are even more rare admit it.

So, conception depends from intimate, in most cases unconscious desires of partners. Who plays at the same time a major role, is defined, in - the first, by cultural installations, and in - the second, an individual strength of mind and feelings.

the Explanation the second, scientific

For more scientific explanation I addressed I. S. Kalashnikova. Irina Sergeyevna is gynecologist, the candidate of medical sciences, the assistant to department of obstetrics and gynecology of the Moscow medical academy of Sechenov, the president of public organization “Right for Life and Protection“.

She considers that the tribe phenomenon a muriya can be explained. Small tribes can be under strong influence of the leader or shaman which is similar hypnotic. And as the reproductive system of the woman quite strongly depends on her mental state, till a certain moment it just has no full-fledged ovulation.

Something similar is observed by

also at the civilized people. The phenomenon of “a wartime amenorea“ when during war at some women periods stopped can be an example, and then - without any treatment - renewed.

Besides, the tribes which are not affected by a civilization much better than Europeans know own body and often can define “dangerous“ and “safe“ days of a cycle with high precision. And to us, dear readers, for this purpose are required all the time hints of medicine.

When doctors opened existence of an ovum and recurrence of its maturing and death, the first attempts to define time of an ovulation and thus to prompt to women when they can become pregnant were made.

As it was

At first the notorious calendar method appeared. In 30 - e years of the XX century doctors came to a conclusion that the ovulation comes in 14 days prior to the beginning of the following periods. Therefore, it is easy to calculate date of an ovulation according to a calendar, to add to this term for five days before and after to make the amendment on life expectancy of spermatozoa and an ovum, and other days of a cycle can be considered fruitless.

it is obvious Presently that this system is designed for the average woman with a reinforced concrete cycle - what in the nature meet extremely seldom. Therefore also efficiency of this method was to ridiculous low: less than 50%. What for a long time compromised any natural protection. Later an attempt to adapt average calculations for needs of women with an unstable cycle was made. So there was an advanced calendar method in which duration of the shortest and longest cycle for the last half a year is considered.

So far I write

this article, the charming fruit of use of this method snuffles a nose in a carriage on a balcony. I cannot tell that it is dissatisfied with the daughter`s birth, but planned it was not. Feeling chronic hostility to hormonal tablets and spirals, after the delivery I began to look for other options. Long and unsuccessfully rang round the medical centers, then passed to various schools of parental culture and natural development. The decision came unexpectedly. I. S. Kalashnikova told me that the medicine avoided far forward calendar calculations.

It appears p, in the world are developed long ago and so-called simptotermalny methods of recognition of days when conception is possible are applied. These methods cannot be carried to contraception in strict sense of the word as they can be used also for prevention of pregnancy, and for its successful planning - depending on desire of couple.

I here I thumb through Alina Likhtarovich`s brochure “When I can present life“. The author - the doctor of science, studied a question in the Center of planning of a family, the Medical center of the queen Elizabeth, the Higher medical school and University of Birmingham (Great Britain). What pleasure, calendar here in general at anything! For definition of the fetal and fruitless periods it is offered to consider three main independent from each other a sign: bazalny body temperature, existence and character of cervical slime and position of a neck of a uterus.


the Method of measurement of temperature is known to


still with 50 - x years. It is in what every morning, is desirable at the same time, the woman measures so-called bazalny (main) body temperature. It is necessary to measure it in the closed cavity - in a rectum or in a vagina, as a last resort, in a mouth. Sharp temperature increase, at least, on 0,3 divisions Celsius, and stabilization it at this level means that there was an ovulation slightly earlier, therefore, there comes the infertility period lasting to the following periods.

But approach of the period of density cannot be defined by means of measurement of temperature. Other signs are for this purpose used.

Cervical slime

in process of maturing of an ovum of gland, the uterus necks located in the channel, begin to produce slime. At first it viscous and muddy, but gradually becomes transparent and slippery, similar to crude protein of egg. The woman can quite notice it - there is a feeling of oiliness and humidity, also nature of the allocations remaining on linen changes.

it is visible to

Under a microscope that transparent slime has direct channels on which spermatozoa without hindrances move to an ovum. This slime contains the nutrients allowing man`s cages to keep ability to fertilization from three to seven days after sexual intercourse, being in the woman`s body. Without it they perish in three hours.

After the termination of an ovulation the uterus neck becomes dry again and is closed by a stopper from the dense slime which is not emitted outside.

Position of a neck of a uterus

the Author of the book claims that not only the doctor, but also any woman who got the corresponding advice of the expert can define it.

To an ovulation the uterus neck dry, firm, is lowered vaginas from top to bottom, the external cervical opening is closed. During an ovulation the neck, on the contrary, becomes soft, damp, rises up, its opening extends. If conception did not take place, it takes a former form and falls from top to bottom.

How to treat supervision

we Will remind

that the female cycle is divided into four (but not into two as people unaware consider!) period: periods, the period of relative infertility, the fertility period, absolute infertility after death of an ovum. The period of fertility begins when slime from muddy and viscous begins to turn in transparent and stretching, and the neck of a uterus becomes soft, rises and reveals, like a flower. It comes to an end with evening of the fourth day after “peak“ of slime and a neck of a uterus or in the morning the day before yesterday after jump of bazalny temperature. Respectively, it is necessary to wait for emergence of all signs and to consider decisive the last.

All data on slime, a neck of a uterus and temperature are brought by

on paper, the individual card is formed. And now attention. In Alina Likhtarovich`s book it is in black and white written:“ The first cards of supervision and their interpretation need to be kept under the leadership of the skilled expert. It is impossible to master a technique of natural planning of a family only according to the book which is not able to consider specific features of each woman“. Therefore after reading of this article it is impossible to start doing supervision and to treat them, having put aside contraception, habitual for you!


to me managed to be found

in Moscow only of one person ready right now to teach any woman to use Birmingham modification of a simptotermalny “method of recognition of density“ (terminology of WHO). This is Galina Aleksandrovna Maslennikova. She passed training and certification abroad and now conducts reception in two centers of parental culture and trains instructors for similar occupations.

the Skeptical comment

during my attempts to find other specialists in natural protection I had very curious conversation with the doctor of one of the family centers.

- I am a classical, conservative gynecologist and I explain to you that efficiency of natural methods of protection no more than 80%. We are not mechanisms, the ovulation does not occur at the same time, were fidgety, did not sleep - and all your calculations miss. there is no
- But in the Birmingham technique a binding to a calendar!
- And who in general propagandizes these methods?
After my explanation followed skeptical:
- Well - well - and on it conversation was almost finished.

the Encouraging point of view

Already mentioned in this article I. Page. Kalashnikova (we will remind, the gynecologist, the candidate of science) carefully studied natural methods of planning of a family, having devoted to this question much time and forces. She considers that at the correct use their efficiency reaches 99%.

Irina Kalashnikova refers environmental friendliness and profitability To unconditional advantages of a method. Really, applying it, we do not suppress processes, natural to a female organism, and we only follow them. There are practically no gynecologic contraindications. In any case, dysfunction, feeding by a breast, the climacteric period those are not, and concerning the others it is necessary to carry on concrete conversation with the instructor who in case of need will advise to address the qualified gynecologist.

But contraindications psychological are. To use Birmingham and similar to it systems can only responsible women not in the least not inclined to hope on “perhaps will carry by“ - because supervision take only five minutes, but it is necessary to do them, without missing any day.

In any case, having seized these methods, the parents applying for a role of conscious will receive the good tool for control over themselves. And whether it is worth trusting in it - in whole or in part - anyway will remain the personal choice of couple.