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Salon of vanity

the Hairstyle - laying, manicure - a pedicure, massage - a sunbed. Today go to beauty shop not only for esthetic or hygienic reasons, but also to be or to seem at least more successful, richer and happier.“ If you want to achieve success, it is necessary to look expensively“ - a gold axiom on which very favorable business keeps.

It is paradoxical, but the fact: we unconsciously consider people with pleasant appearance cleverer, kinder, more honest and are the most talented than the others. The American and European psychologists found out that beautiful children in the childhood are abused less and praise more and caress. Beautiful adults to a thicket are helped, trust them more, quicker and more often agree with them in dispute. Even incorruptible judges and jurors pronounce justificatory sentences more often if the defendant - the irresistible handsome or the beauty. Psychologists from university of Pennsylvania came to such conclusion.

the Research conducted in a number of the American and Canadian companies showed that employees with well-groomed appearance do career quicker and the workers who are not watching themselves get paid on average 12 - 14% more, than. To the employee with pleasant appearance quicker and more simply to convince the client to issue an insurance, to buy the apartment or a jewelry for 50 thousand dollars. At employment the applicant with pleasant appearance has twice more chances to receive the place, than his though more skilled, but not nice competitor. According to professor from Boston Endikot, to the USA collected during poll of HR managers, “pathetic appearance“ - the main reason for which employers refuse to applicants.

U us in the country mass fashion on “presentable appearance“ were entered by the western companies, and after them the Russian began to follow it also. However, in the west of a claim to others appearance it is not accepted to advertize - can consider as discrimination and file a lawsuit. In Moscow employers in clear demand in announcements “pleasant“, “successful“ or even “photomodel“ appearance and the photo to the summary in addition. A role was played by advertizing and glossy magazines - before suntanned heroes with a shock of brilliant hair and white teeth smiles all doors are opened. In a habitual “old“ hairdressing salon of such effect not to achieve. Also there were “new“ beauty shops.

Visibility of success

the Basic difference between them at all not in the price and even not as the provided services. By recognition of many experts, in the next hairdressing salon with an unattractive facade can often paint and cut even better, than in the most fashionable beauty studio. A difference in idea. The beauty shop promises to find your unique style and - on condition of regular visit - to stick together from you that “the successful person“. How it looks, it is possible to judge by a standard set of services in usual Moscow beauty shop.

the Hero of our time, whether it be the woman or the man, is tightened, fresh the person (massage, cosmetology, a make-up), with accurate manicure and well-groomed hair (a hairstyle, coloring, laying). It has a suntanned clean skin (a sunbed plus an epilation and cosmetology) without strong indications of an old age (an injection of Botox, Restyline, hyaluronic acid), and from it well smells (aromatherapy). To call such person the loser just language does not turn, it is impossible to suspect it and of problems with money.“ We create visibility of success. And then to our client the real success - both in career, and in life comes“, - Natalya Serush, the owner of three known Moscow Beauty Studio Guerlain so formulates the main mission and a secret of business.

Not that the Soviet people would regularly not be accustomed to wash the head and to be cut by

of the Victim of beauty in hairdressing salons. For example, in one of the best Moscow salons - “Charodeyka“ on the Arbat - even record nearly for the half a year ahead was kept. In addition to a hairstyle - coloring could make a chemical wave, face peel, manicure and massage there. The most courageous made up eyelashes and eyebrows with special indelible ink of confidential structure. If eyelashes after such “procedure“ did not drop out, then became more dense and longer just as at Sophia Loren.

Having taken the “wild“ Soviet hairdresser`s range as a basis, the present industry of beauty shops in ten years expanded it to almost transcendental limits and achieved amazing scope - all segments of the population, from women and men to children and domestic animals are captured literally. In typical animal beauty shop “Medzhik Mastiff“ to your doggie not only will cut claws and will clean ears, but also will suggest to make a hairstyle - standard or model.

Most of people do not realize that they “sat down“ on salons for a long time and strongly. Beauty, whether it be smooth skin or suntan, it is necessary to support constantly by means of the same procedures therefore, having begun once, you are doomed to go to beauty shop until the end of life. And to pay for it sometimes not so small money. The typical regular customer of beauty shop - the woman aged from 20 to 45, the having opportunity to spend for the appearance hundred - two hundred dollars a month.

However, men of 25 - 35 years here too drop in, let not and is regular. For them even special men`s beauty shops opened - such in Moscow not less than ten will be gained today. Into a price - the leaf of specifically man`s services of such salons is included, say, a grooming - this term from dog life means removal of excess hair from male nostrils, ears and eyebrows.

Exactly here removed absolutely new type of men - metrosexuals. Metrosexuals differ from all other men in special attention to own appearance and constant aspiration to improve it. They “sat down“ on salons so thoroughly that life without daily massages and cosmetics is represented to them inconceivable. As the western examples call usually David Beckham and Brad Pitt - fans to tint eyes and to apply gloss on lips. However, and we for quite some time now too had metrosexuals - the minister German Gref or the historian of fashion Alexander Vasilyev.

the Body as a proof
the Thai equipment of a permanent make-up - a color tattoo of lips and eyebrows (with the purpose to make them more accurate, equal etc.) - for the first time appeared in the USA in the mid-eighties. As a rule, learn about dangers and consequences of this procedure of the client too late. “The eighteen-year-old girl who wants a sponge a bow comes, and speak to it: yes, everything will be as you want, - Anna Kazakova imparts personal experience. - And nobody warns that it is, in fact, a tattoo for the rest of life and it is impossible to get rid of it. That color of lips can turn out at all not what wants. That each half a year a pigment need to be updated, otherwise lips look spotty as the permanent make-up leaves pieces“.
the Certificate of conformity Safety of procedures in salon guarantees to
the certificate of conformity. It is given to salon after check of VNIIS of Gosstandart and then annually updated. The copy of the certificate has to be hung out at an entrance to salon. If there is no document or it is expired, the salon works illegally, and for safety of its services nobody bears responsibility. the salon quotes the Prices to
itself (proceeding from the cost of the equipment, rent and so on), most often they are overestimated. Therefore before going to do a hair, it is worth ringing round several addresses and to carry out pass - marketing inspection.
the Client has the right to ask to show it certificates on those preparations which the master uses during the work. In the certificate it has to be specified that the preparation is hypoallergenic and that the expiration date of this cosmetic did not expire. Preparations not of manufacturing, and prepared by the cosmetologist it is forbidden to apply as it is impossible to guarantee their safety. to Refuse pay in
for an unsuccessful hairstyle the client cannot. But if hair or skin were injured when coloring or cosmetic procedures, he has the right to demand to return money and to indemnify the caused loss in certification body which the salon treats. Phone and the address are specified copies of the certificate of conformity.
a youth Prick
Radical option of elimination of mimic wrinkles - injections of poison of a botulin (pricks “Botox“, the average price of a session is $300-500). In the USA the preparation “Botox“ was officially allowed for use in the cosmetic purposes only three years ago with many reservations and the requirement to explain side effects (tics, pains, paralysis of muscles) in advertizing messages. Supporters of a method appreciate “Botox“ fast visible result - the preparation begins to work for the second day after procedure, the maximum effect steps on the sixth - the seventh day and proceeds from six to eight months. Resistant long (about half a year) relaxation of the tight mimic muscles blocked botuliny leads to smoothing of skin folds. At the same time in muscles there is no atrophy, their blood supply remains. Opponents of “Botox“ call it precisely drug on which they place nothing suspecting the client. “If to do injections it is constant, in an organism immunity to a preparation is developed, and wrinkles come back to the former place, - Zurab Meladze managing office of esthetic surgery of RUDN says. - And in a different way it is impossible. Later some time of a fold on a face are again designated. The scheme is usually such: six months, then five, three, and then - everything, effect of pricks are reduced to zero. Procedure expensive and risky, up to the end influence it on a human body is not studied. That is why it is very important if you decide on “Botox“, to get to the qualified specialist at whom experience of these pricks is saved already up. At us, unfortunately, it is pricked nearly in hairdressing salons“.
of Contraindication to an injection (a myasthenia, hemophilia, local inflammatory process, application of antibiotics) have to come to light during preliminary medical consultation. Then indications to procedure, a dose of a preparation, a point for an injection are defined.
the Integrated approach

can meet


Among one and a half thousand Moscow salons both expensive, and economic, and with the average level of the prices. Procedures every day become more and more, the prices are more and more flexible than them. The dispersion of the prices of female hairdresses fluctuates within 1000 - 5000 rub; man`s - 500 - 2000 rub. The manicure or a pedicure costs 400 - 1500 rub, a sunbed - 600 - 1200 rub for a session. One cosmetology procedure for a face or a body costs 500 - 3000 rub


The a thicket goes to salon and what more money is left there by the client, the with a large number of discounts it will be stimulated. Make at us a hairdress three times in a row, on the fourth we will set hair free of charge. Carry out nine anti-cellulite procedures and receive the tenth as a gift. Agitate the girlfriend / friend or relatives on the date of beauty - we will arrange same to you in a half of the price. It is possible to buy the gift certificate granting the right for several various procedures during the day of week or month and to hand it to the acquaintance on birthday. It is called “beauty package“.

Beauty, and with it and success, is sold everywhere. In all large parfyumerno - cosmetic networks there is an express - beauty shops in which free of charge distribute a professional advice on a make-up and style, and at the same time and advertizing “samplers“ of creams, spirits and decorative cosmetics. The last novelty of Central Department Store in similar spirit - beauty - cabins in which it is possible to flirt behind a face and a body under the leadership of consultants. For the companies it is a good opportunity “to advance“ to buyers production of the firm and to recommend some “remarkable salon“. Gradually salons “reoriented“ the clients on the directions, more favorable to themselves and caused anxiety them with problems which unsophisticated Soviet citizens did not even guess.

three years ago, according to ROMIRA, the most popular services of beauty shops of the Muscovite called a hairstyle (61%), laying (22,2%), coloring of hair (10%), manicure (10%) and “chemistry“ (10%). Today on the first place even more often - more expensive and demanding more frequentation cosmetic procedures for face care and a body: numerous options of epilations, peelings, liftings, mesotherapies, lymphatic drainage, wrappings, massage.

the Tired person, excess weight and even a hint on cellulitis for the successful person - a reason for neurosis and almost a crime. Today only the manicure in usual Moscow beauty shop is present at tens types: classical, Japanese, French, American, even Spa. You do not want visible, will make invisible - with a transparent varnish. To solve how it is better to set hair, it is difficult too: it is possible on - everyday, as in the evening and for especially solemn occasions like a wedding.

One more compulsory procedure for the successful person - cheerful and sexual suntan. The successful person has to look so as if just returned from the sea coast and here - there will go again. Therefore at the Moscow “party-goers“ and office clerks dreaming to promote and make impression on the chief became a habit weekly “for a long time to work on the suntan“.

will be suggested to Sunbathe under the artificial sun in salon entirely or parts. For open areas (a decollete, a neck, a face, hands) invented a special type of a sunbed of Light Shattle. It will be recommended also to pregnant women, and those at whom suntan slightly “turned pale“. You want to strengthen effect of a sunbed - will recommend you special cosmetics, for example, the German Jamaica Touch. It is put before a session and promotes production of melanin. If skin very light and quickly burns, the cosmetologist will cause autosuntan. Generally, without suntan you will not leave.

But, having even left salon, all of you are equally attached to it by a strong thread. Everything is simple. As a rule, masters use in work two - three professional cosmetic lines. They include creams, gels, oils, masks, srubs, hair-dyes, shampoos, varnishes. You will be told that such cosmetics is much more effective, than usual production of masses - a market and therefore it is desirable to use it and in house conditions. And in shops, alas, you will not buy it. It is necessary to buy from salon and, clear, to overpay “a little“. For hair Kerastase from L`Oreal, best of all will be suitable for a face and a body - Guerlain, to Guinot, Biosel, RVB, Academie, and for a pedicure - Gehwol.

to Clients of salons at fitness - clubs often suggest to try also special fitness - cosmetics. “Something it reminds me mother`s stories about its visits of beauty shops in youth, - the employee of one of the Moscow publishing houses Victoria Kozlova says. - The cosmetologist took Amber cream, mixed with Luxury cream, added vegetable oil in capsules (where without vitamin E!) distributed all this on jars and sold to visitors as some precious rejuvenating Azazello`s cream“.

Run around

are Told if regularly to do manicure at the professional in good salon, improves not only the condition of nails, but also their form - even the ugliest become more graceful and roundish. And the beauty shop changes consciousness of the regular customer over time.“ Well you look good, so you are on sale“ - it the western capitalist principle works today and concerning products in a supermarket, and concerning the applicant at employment. On the one hand, salons do us beautiful and relieve of complexes. But with another - impart to us new complexes and beauty dictate the standards.

to correspond, Europeans and Americans even more often choose more radical method - plastic surgery. On this way also the Russian industry of beauty develops. Amazingly, but at the same time the number of men and women dissatisfied with the appearance does not decrease, and, on the contrary, grows. The vicious circle turns out.