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We send the child to foreign school

In spite of the fact that most of Russians is still sure that domestic education - the best in the world, at foreign schools even more often it is possible to meet children with characteristic Russian accent.

we Choose by


If all of you - decided to give the child on training abroad, before you there will be an insuperable, at first sight, problem - to choose school. The Internet literally teems with announcements of sets in private boards of Switzerland, Great Britain or Ireland. However, having got acquainted with these websites, it is possible to understand only that institutions these very good and traditions there ancient. But the answer to a question whether training is useful to your child here, you will not find. Therefore independently to pick up school - means to spend a great lot of time and forces. It is much simpler to address acquaintances who already sent the children to study abroad. If there are no those, you will be helped by the numerous travel agencies providing including services in the field of training abroad. It is possible to address also to the company - the consultant for educational programs. Anyway, think whether you and your child will endure long separation. Can be better to send him to prestigious school in Russia where, by the way, occupations too are conducted in foreign languages by Americans, Germans and French?

Developing attack

Before departure of the child for study, check his ability to get accustomed among the peers from foreign countries. For this purpose send it to one of numerous summer educational tours.


to Children of eight - suit eleven years programs lasting no more than two weeks. For this short term the child, strangely enough for the adult, gets colloquial practice, sufficient for longer trips. Teenagers of 12 - 16 years should go abroad already on four - six weeks. Summer programs in the different countries and schools differ slightly. Since morning - language training. Those who know language at the sufficient level visit lessons. After a lunch children go to excursions, and in the evenings - play sports and homeworks, is more rare - dance.

And 15 - 18 - to summer girls and young people can already go abroad according to exchange programs of different duration and cost. So, “The act in support of freedom - the program of future leaders“ it is possible to participate in the project absolutely free of charge, but only if yours the son or the daughter are so capable, and, above all adults to sustain a competition in forty people into place. It is much easier to be included in paid programs. However for this purpose it is necessary to be ready to pay up to $8 thousand a year.

the English School

Great Britain willingly accepts

on training of foreigners including little Russians. Studies it is necessary within 13 years. Education in England - sparing. Elementary school to which five-year-old kids are admitted a little in what differs at the beginning from our kindergarten. The real study begins in 12 years, with transition to high school. At this step school students study nine - ten disciplines on which take examinations for the certificate on secondary education of GCSE (General Certificate of Secondary Education). On it study in general can end if the pupil has no desire to enter the prestigious university. For this purpose it is necessary to be disaccustomed two more years (from 16 to 18 years), to study three main subjects (depending on specialty) and to receive GCE A - level (General Certificate of Education Advanced Level). by

it is difficult to p to Choose private school in Great Britain. In - the first because their more than 2500, in - the second, almost all of them have rich history, and, in - the third … many Russian parents are not ready to Spartan conditions of the English schools where severity and asceticism - the main principles of training. And in vain - despite modest conditions of accommodation, it is possible to find so many opportunities for sports activities, art and science here.

the Cost of the English secondary education is quite high

- happens that year of study costs parents to $25-30 thousand. However, the payment varies depending on a training step. So, in a year at elementary school pay usually about $5 thousand, but with transition to an average link the payment in a year can will increase three times.

Finishing the short review of the English secondary education, it is necessary to mention reforms which shake schools of this country years five. In what their essence, you will not be told even by the school teachers who are filled up with new circulars and instructions. The situation is a little similar to that that was in domestic education in the early nineties when “everyone learned as he wanted“. However in difference from our teachers, British firmly follow traditions, and it means that your child will not remain unattended also guardianship.

Plus Ireland and Scotland

Ireland kept traditions of classical, European education. System of training approximately same, as well as in England. Elementary school since 5 years; then average which is divided into two steps: Junior Cycle (12 - 15 years) and Senior Cycle (16 - 18 years). The first step comes to an end with examinations on Junior Certificate. Between younger and senior steps of high school there is “a transitional year“ (Transition Year): pupils are going to pass into the high high school, choose objects which study the last 2 years. In the schedule of transitional year of occupation are combined with a large number of discussions and practice in various establishments when school students are defined in the choice of the future profession. Within two last years at least 6 objects, two of which (English and mathematics) obligatory, are studied. Other objects choose at will from the list offered by school. Upon termination of pupils receive Leaving Certificate on the basis of which are enrolled.

Scots hold a leading position in Europe on number of graduates of higher educational institutions. Schools of this country are aimed at training of the pupil for higher education institution. The Scottish school students in 12 years pass from elementary school into average. In 15 years they take examinations for the certificate on secondary education - Scottish Certificate of Education (SCE Standart Grade). To receive the certificate of the highest step (Higher Grade), it is necessary to study one more year and to pass examinations in 5 - 6 objects. To continue training in other parts of the United Kingdom, it is necessary to graduate “the sixth year“ from schools (sixth year). Then the school student will receive Scottish Certificate of Sixth Year Studies (SCSYS) which is equivalent to GCE A - level in England and Leaving Certificate in Ireland.

Germany: study

On receiving secondary education in Germany goes to Schule 13 years. After elementary school the child passes into one of three types of schools: the main, real or gymnasium. Quality education is given in a gymnasium. During training children acquire broad knowledge in natural sciences and foreign languages which give them the chance to enter the university. The thirteenth class comes to the end with final exams in four objects and receiving Abitur - the certificate following the results of which enroll. Abitur is an equivalent of English And - to level, the Irish Leaving Certificate and the Scottish SCSYS. Having left the German secondary school, it is possible to graduate free of charge at any university of Germany.

not so many our compatriots study

In establishments of secondary education of Germany. Business here, naturally, in language. However, if your family plans to move in the long term to the German-speaking country, then not to find the best place of training of your child - educational institutions of Austria, Luxembourg or Liechtenstein not willingly accept foreigners.


the Main plus of training at schools of Switzerland traditionally is considered

multilingualism of this highland. Practically at any school your child will face at least four languages - English, French, German and Italian. The truth it does not mean that having returned to Russia, he will speak fluently on any of them. At all schools exists several offices working according to different national programs: English - American, German, French, Italian and Swiss. Graduates gain the diploma of that country according to which program they studied - the choice depends on where the child is going to study further. Undecideds with the academic future universal the international International Baccalaureate (IB) program is offered. The Russian children choose generally English - the American section.

the Swiss schools are very comfortable

. The majority of them are located in mountains or the foothills and are similar to high quality sanatoria. Children live in a cozy rooming house with all conveniences, tasty and variously feed them (especially in the French and Italian parts of the country). Pupils spend much time in the fresh air (the part of lessons passes outdoors), play sports much - cross-country and mountain skiing, the mountain bicycle, riding, tennis, swimming, go to mountain campaigns - ski slopes and picturesque walking routes pass literally few steps away from a school porch.

Private schools are usually designed by

for 50 - 100 pupils, the principal personally knows each pet. Here it is not accepted to overload kids, from them do not wait for assiduity and strict observance of discipline: if the child has to something abilities, they will be shown over time. As a result pupils of elementary grades according to the academic program lag behind the peers in Russia a little. But quicker and more effectively master foreign languages, are better developed physically, they are threatened by neither a depression, nor scoliosis, nor short-sightedness. As a rule, schools in Switzerland small so the attention is paid to each child.

On materials of forums

Denis Andreyev, studied according to the DID program (Deutsch in Deutschland):

- the Main goal of my trip abroad - improvement of language. I liked at once Germany and school at which it was necessary to study. In the first day of occupations to me suggested to pass a test by results of which I was enlisted in the highest group where language is taught at the advanced level. In group there were only 10 people. On occupations we argued, expressed and proved the opinions, read articles from newspapers and listened to the German music.

Sergey Tsibizov, studied in Ireland:

- I study in the first grade Secondary School. In Russia it is 6 - y a class. Here I am the only foreigner. I do not learn Irish. I learn French and German. With children in a class quickly made friends. After lessons I go or to the pool, or I am engaged in drawing. On mathematics (it is even ridiculous) we already considered houses from one thousand to one million, and here I arrived - they count up only to one thousand. On Thursdays during a break for a lunch we play chess. In the class I beat all, then those who are one year more senior, and who on two. And “senores“ are children from Senior School - refused to play with me.

Irina Bulatova, studied in England:

- in the Summer I went to England, wanted to improve the English. I very much liked the program according to which we were engaged. It is constructed on the principle “we study having a rest“. During the summer language seriously promoted, learned grammar and now freely I communicate in English.