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Drop behind a drop (house winemaking) of

Residents of the southern countries are traditionally known as excellent wine makers. And in Russia the population from time immemorial cooked in the long winter evenings moonshine. But it does not mean at all that good wine cannot be made and in our latitudes

Dry of an antonovka cases when especially inventive summer residents not only managed to receive a quite good harvest of grapes in Moscow area Are known to


, but also did of it wine. And though wine makers - fans complain that grapes at them grow size about a pea from year to year, juice from it is squeezed out literally on a drop, it is more stones, than pulp, and alburnum bitter, experiences continue...

nevertheless we Will really estimate the opportunities: it will be possible to break a vineyard in a midland of Russia hardly. Therefore let`s pay better attention to our country possession where the most ordinary apples grow, plums, cherry, a mespilus, a mountain ash, currant, wild strawberry, raspberry (for the lack of a garden site all this can be bought in the market). Do not doubt: at the correct approach to business wine from them will turn out not worse, than from grapes. Do not wait only at all until fruit fall from trees, and berries will become overripe: the mash from the overripe fruits is fermented worse, and sometimes is not clarified at all.

If in your garden apples of autumn and winter grades are, consider, you were largely lucky: sugar, acids and tannins in them it is much bigger, than in summer, and wine will turn out more tasty. To winter grades of apples let`s lie down, but no more than a month. The apples which ripened on a tree are especially fragrant, and wine as well as juice, from them for certain it will be pleasant to you more. The most suitable grades - an antonovka ordinary, an anise, Parmenas winter gold, the Slav. Fine fragrant wine gives a summer grade - a grushovka Moscow. And kitayek from - for high it is better for acidity to dilute juice from a ranetok with water or to mix with less sour apple juice.

we advise

of Wine from apples to drink in a year of preparation: in a storage time they lose freshness and aroma, and here and kitayek from - for excessive tartness should mature wine from a ranetok 2 years - in hold time it becomes softer. From apples semisweet and dry wines - lungs, with gentle aroma are good. By the way, semisweet apple wine will turn out if instead of sugar syrup before the use to add white or flower honey to it (from 50 to 100 g on 1 l of wine).

in itself are less suitable

of the Pear for house winemaking: in them a little tannic acid, wine will be tasteless, it very long is not clarified and remains muddy. Besides, pear wine quickly spoils. Therefore pear juice is used generally as an additive to apple.

Council of an epicure
In certain cases plodovo - berry wines in many respects win if to make them from mix of juice of various cultures. It is possible to blend also already ready wine with other components.
Lemon wine: to take 10 l of grape juice, to put in it the dried peel of 1 lemon which is dried up and tied in a sack. To give to juice it is good to perebrodit, add a crust from one wild orange and on a pinch of mint and a melissa, 1 kg of grapes and sugar to taste. To insist.
Wine for cough: to draw in young wine or grape juice an anise, fennel and a double portion of a glycyrrhiza root in relation to them.
the Berry bouquet

If at you on a site grows at

a gooseberry, you will be provided with excellent wine. It is the best of all to do it of grades with large yellow and red berries though sometimes they give to wine a little grassy smack. Zelenoplodny grades with very large, densely covered with hairs berries are suitable for winemaking more, than smooth-skinned. Collect a gooseberry as soon as it ripened, overripe berries easily turn sour and grow mouldy.

the best wines from a gooseberry - strong and dessert, to taste and a bouquet the reminding southern grape wines like a sherry.

From berries of blackcurrant can receive densely painted wines of liqueur type. From it sweet, semisweet and dry wines are especially good, they, however, have one minus - specific, very strong aroma. That to reduce it, from blackcurrant before fermentation add from 20 to 50% of juice of red or white currant to juice. Very gentle, with a fine bouquet, the light and pleasant wines reminding grape do of white currant. From red currant it is possible to make beautiful transparent wines, however, without characteristic aroma.

we recommend to add To red currant wine for aroma raspberry, cherry or blackcurrant wine. Red currant suits for preparation of all types of wines.

the Black-fruited mountain ash from - for low acidities blend

with sourer wine, for example from red currant. Collect fruits of a chernoplodka mature, after the first frosts, and then wine will not be tart.



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