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The grandmother with hourly payment of

Thousands of Moscow families play every year a roulette where their own children are staked. It is about nurses which services almost each young family uses. How not to be mistaken with the choice of the nurse, the correspondent of “SP“ Elena Malik

found out this

C almost each modern woman faces. After the difficult working day she washes the dishes and makes for a family a breakfast, a lunch and a dinner next day. On the weekend can independently wash windows and vacuum carpets. It is capable to run after work in shop: to buy couple of bulbs instead of burned down and the new mixer. Bulbs the mixer will twist itself, and few weeks later, after the fifth reminder, the lawful spouse will establish.

I the modern working woman is not able to get along only with one case: at all desire she cannot watch small children. Well if there is an opportunity to ask the grandmother to sit with the child. But modern mothers-in-law and mothers-in-law often have affairs more important than hourly communication with little grandsons. Besides continuous cohabitation with the grandmother not always pleases spouses. There is an only option: to employ the nurse. Nurses are necessary practically to all parents - not only to those who want to have several hours of free time for own affairs and entertainments, but also to mothers who decided to sit with children to a garden, - to have the person “on pickup“ which would walk with the child drove it in children`s club or just washed and ironed a kidswear. But especially they are necessary for mothers who cannot waste time, precious for career, and are torn to work.

of Young parents serious deficiency of kindergartens forces to address services of nurses also. According to Department of Education of Moscow, today preschool institutions can satisfy inquiries of only 60% of persons interested. In other cases parents should get out by own efforts.


Unfortunately, exact statistical data on that, the personnel on care of children are how demanded in the capital, do not exist. However certain conclusions can be drawn nevertheless. According to recruitment agencies, among all house personnel (housemaids, drivers, etc.) nurses - the most demanded category. About 70% of inquiries of clients fall to their share. Though it is necessary to clean the theory each apartment - even if there are no children.

Came, saw, refused
an arsenal of HR specialists there is a list of causes of failure to the applicant. They can be useful also to the families which are looking for the nurse to manage to motivate competently refusal of the applicant during interview in agency:
  1. Pathetic or defiant appearance, untidiness.
  2. of the Manner of the know-it-all.
  3. Inability to express: weak voice, bad diction, grammatical mistakes.
  4. Lack of sincerity and steadiness.
  5. Lack of interest and enthusiasm.
  6. Excessive concentration on money.
  7. Aspiration to a self-justification, noncommittal, references to adverse factors.
  8. Lack of a step.
  9. Insufficient maturity.
  10. Contemptuous comments on the previous employers.
  11. Unsuccessful family life.
  12. Insufficient knowledge in the specialty.
  13. Emphasis of attention on the influential acquaintances.
  14. Lack of questions of work to the interviewer.
  15. Uncertainty of answers to questions.

the Needle

is not simpler to Find the good nurse in a stack at all, than the cool expert of narrow qualification in the large company. Labor market is oversaturated by applicants, but the richness of the choice is deceptive.

“The researches conducted by us show that from a flow of persons interested to get a job no more than 10 - 15% of candidates can really be recommended to clients“, - the director of Prestizh agency Alla Averina claims. The others, according to madam Averina, cannot pass selection even at the earliest stages of interview with the manager.

the Reason is quite simple

. Work as house servants does not belong to the category prestigious so Muscovites from good families with the higher education in the list of applicants less. But nature abhors a vacuum: deficiency is with interest compensated by visitors from other regions of Russia and the neighboring countries. They are less exacting and ready to work for rather small money. However, they manage to find a common language with the employer not always - too differ in the capital and in the remote place vital way and ideas of life.

Deficiency of nurses is caused also by the fact that requirements of citizens to potential workers became much thought more over recently. According to the deputy director of Second Mother agency Tatyana Rebrova, today employers are ready to pay only for those skills which are really necessary to them.

If earlier existence of pedagogical or medical education was one of obligatory requirements, then now maybe it is not enough one diploma of “ped“ - more likely will ask the worker, for example, whether a sign it with alternative techniques of early development of Montessori.

By the way, demand for professional teachers with experience slowly but surely falls.

Citizens not without the bases explain to

it with imperfection of our system of profile education aimed at education of collective intelligence, but not at an individual approach. In other words, today for parents not necessarily that the nurse was the chief cook and bottle washer. For all-round development of the child there is a mass of children`s clubs and circles.

Increase in demand for house personnel against reduction of the offer already affected the prices. In recent years they grew almost by 50%. So, if in 2000 nurses took on average $1,5-2 an hour, today the payment is equal to $3-4.

Strategy and tactics

But the price - not the main thing. For the good nurse parents are ready to give the lion`s share of the earnings. The tranquility and health of the child - almost like in advertizing - is invaluable. However in this case the rule “the more expensively, the better“ works not always. At least because before handing out the first salary even to the dearest worker, he still needs to be found.

It is considered p that the most reliable option - to take the teacher as a baton, at relatives, good acquaintances or friends.

In this case an opportunity to receive exhaustive comments about its work, to independently estimate progress and achievements of her previous pupil is. But nobody will be able to be charged that the nurse which found a common language with acquaintances and their child will be ideal and for you. Quite often the situation when nurses, having understood that they are demanded, get sick with “star fever“ meets and begin to dictate to the employer the terms on a salary, way in a family and to education methods. Besides not the fact that you will manage to find the acquaintance “with the nurse“.

the Second way - to find the nurse through announcements. It is considered the most risky and unpredictable. You should eliminate a great number of candidates - because announcements of the people, to put it mildly, overestimating the opportunities and knowledge often are included in the newspaper.

Of course, it is not necessary to accuse of evil intention of all who look for the place of the nurse through announcements without grounds. It is quite probable that part of them - really good experts. Here it is only necessary to find out it by practical consideration on own child. And it is not better, than to play “the Russian roulette“ with one service cartridge in a drum. Here the risk is high to run into the person who decided to improve the financial position, without having idea of work with children, or on the ordinary speculator able to summon an arrangement.

the Only obvious plus of this way of selection - relative low cost of future worker. The monthly salary of the nurse according to the announcement (at five-day week and the eight-hour working day), as a rule, makes $350-500 depending on claims and knowledge.

Intermediaries from main road

the Most widespread option for search of the nurse - the appeal to specialized agency. However, even this way of search cannot be considered faultless.


Today, by different estimates, in Moscow about 300 official staff recruitment agencies work. Almost as much are in a shadow - they arise by the beginning of “a high season“ of search of nurses (at the end of August - the beginning of September) and “die“ by the end of the year.

For this reason before choosing the nurse through agency, once you study, the agency works, to read contracts which should be signed. In good office as in theater, everything begins with a hanger. It is necessary to determine professionalism and reliability of the company at first by external signs: at a stage of telephone negotiations to understand, how competently and competently the manager communicates. Then it is necessary to arrive and look how the office as phone often calls looks and how many the person is around. Agencies select in families not only nurses, but also drivers, housemaids, gardeners, patronage sisters so in the reliable companies of managers there has to be enough to work on each of these directions. Perhaps, councils sound primitively, however it is not necessary to neglect them nevertheless. “It is very important to p to study

how the agency long works at the market, - Alla Averina, the director of Prestizh agency claims. - It is desirable that the company had at least two-year history. If this term is less, the database of applicants can be insufficient to pick up the candidate necessary to the customer and if something happens to provide high-quality replacement“.

It is good if the agency has the license, let and outdate after cancellation in 2002 of obligatory licensing.

In successful agency such documents hang on walls as the evidence of experience and stability.


In agencies specially trained managers whose task - to choose from among applicants exclusively qualitative personnel work.

it is not always simple to Make

.“ Among applicants there is a big percent of those who are able and like to lie, - madam Averina says. - The manager`s task - to have a talk with the person so that to understand as far as his stories about themselves are true. By the way, to us for some reason comes many people claiming that they worked for Kobzon“.

her thought is continued by Tatyana Rebrova from Second Mother agency:“ It is very important to orient mother (who sometimes does not realize what she wants), to discuss some personal moments to make the fullest psychological portrait of the expected nurse. For example, it is important to define interaction borders - are how independent or, on the contrary, actions of the nurse have to be dependent. Whether mother when what and how exactly to give classes with the kid, or she allows to do it to the nurse wants to solve. If agency these details do not interest and to you propose for the choice 10 candidacies at once, to wait from this list of hit “in ten“ is useless“.

Agency passions

Ideally the action plan has to be such: the employer submits the application and discusses all wishes to future worker.

the Manager offers

the list of the candidates meeting the requirements with questionnaires, results of psychological tests and comments of agency. The age, passport data, phone, the place of a registration and the place of residence of the candidate, data on education, the previous places of work, information on structure of a family are specified in the questionnaire.


In some agencies to the questionnaire attach the copy of the service record and the medical book and if it is absent - results of fluorography and the conclusion of the narcologist and psychiatrist. The personal record of future teacher can be filled up with characteristics and recommendations (if they are available). Whom exactly of this list to meet, the employer solves. That was from what to elect, candidates for a role of the nurse has to be not less than five.

Meeting with applicants, of course, the most responsible moment. Some agencies invite to interview the independent third party - the psychologist or one of the employees. Someone considers it superfluous, believing that they in private conversation mother and the nurse will be more open and honest.

the Large role during interview is played by a personal factor: the usual human sympathy which arose between two parties sometimes pushes initial requirements to the candidate the background.

Galina Smirnova is the chief representative of the Agilent Technologies company, mother of two children, the skilled employer - advises not to reduce conversation to definition of formal requirements, and get to talking to learn the applicant about his life more.

“I always ask

a question of last pupils of the nurse, I ask that she considers as the achievements in education of the kid what did not turn out what difficulties it was necessary to face. I offer it different options of reaction:“ As if you arrived if …“ It is very important to learn with what her children grew up as it brought up them, what character at them“.

is more expensive to

than money

the Contract between agency and the customer consists in different agencies at different stages.

At best to you will suggest to sign with

the contract how you decide on the choice of the nurse or governess.

But so happens not always. However, attentively it is possible to get acquainted with this document at a stage of negotiations.

the Contract between agency and the employer is called “About rendering of services“, and as in any contract such, in it duties and responsibility of the parties make a reservation.

If you is asked to sign the contract and to contribute advance payment of 20 - 50% of a nyaniny salary even before the choice of the nurse, there is an occasion to prick up the ears. Very often include point that if interview was conducted, but any of the proposed candidacies did not suit mother in documents, it is necessary to prove the reason, from - behind which the choice became impossible. If the agency counts refusal insufficiently motivated (criteria of “motivation“, clear, are vague), the advance payment will not be returned. It is clear, that in this case nothing can prevent agency to give obviously improper candidates for interview.

At best if one of candidates suits you, in addition to the contract should sign the act of rendering of services. The only advantage which such contract gives, - a guarantee of providing replacement of the nurse in case of her illness or absence from work. Often agencies explicitly state: one trial day - “field tests“ of the nurse and is no more than three working days of trial period. If the first candidate did not approach, will give some more replacements (they need to be chosen personally too). Especially it is worth paying attention to point where it is said that even if after trial days and trial periods any of candidates will not suit you (again - without the reasonable reasons), the agency can dissolve the contract unilaterally, and the paid sum will remain at it.

point according to which the company undertakes not just to check presence at the candidate of the documents confirming the personality, education, qualification and also medical certificates is Very important

, but also bears responsibility for reliability of information about the candidate.

However, It should be noted that from the formal point of view this phrase obliges to anything nobody.

Some agencies include in the contract point on which “the employer undertakes to observe confidentiality of information on candidates obtained from agency and not to transfer her without written consent of agency to the third parties“. In fact, it means that if you for any reasons refuse services of the nurse before the termination of term of the contract, but the nurse was pleasant to you as the worker, you cannot recommend her to the acquaintances “through the head“ agencies.

such contracts are made by

In the majority not in favor of the customer, extremely seldom agencies allow to bring in them what that was changes. In the form of very rare exception it is possible to meet several free lines in the column “additional conditions“.

But never you will see

in the contract of point that the agency bears responsibility for how the worker will cope with the duties in a family.

Here typical quote:“ The agency does not bear responsibility for any harm done to the customer by the worker who to it was picked up as the customer chose him from the proposed candidacies“.

Sometimes the agency suggests the client to insure damage which the nurse can cause. Point that the client at own will can insure all possible risks is introduced in the contract.

This duty lays down only on the employer. The sum of insurance will average 0,7 - 2,5% of size of the insured damage.

In various agencies contract cost directly depends on its term, a salary of the nurse and the number of replacements on which the employer can count in case the nurse did not approach or ached. Usually the sum fluctuates ranging from $250-300 to a monthly salary of the nurse (which average size in Moscow by searches through agency - $700-1000).

of 30% of work

But not the fact that even the nurse which seemed to you by the ideal expert found through authoritative agency actually will be the good worker. Moreover: the facts indicate the opposite. According to Galina Lineva, about 65 - 70% of employers dismiss the deputy director of “Guardian Angel of Your Kid“ agency which offers parents of service of video monitoring (a detail see in the reference) after detailed checks the nurses.

“In the majority nurses do not suit to

owners because treat work as to an opportunity to have a good long talk much by phone and to see enough favourite series, - madam Lineva claims. - Often these a grief - tutors for all day say five - six phrases, and the child is provided to himself. On our internal statistics about 15% of the checked nurses roughly treat kids, hail and beat them“.

Approximately the same ratio of figures can be observed, studying the Internet - conferences. Most often mothers complain that constantly working TV appears the main educational tool of the kid for the nurse, it is indifferent to the child, is inaccurate and incompatible with a family on the household soil. One of the fresh cases told by madam Lineva:“ The elderly nurse watched all day TV, lying on a sofa. Never put the one-and-a-half-year-old child on a pot, however four times shouted at the baby for the fact that that peed in trousers“.

However, it is extremes. Parents can fall into despair. If all nurses were really as bad as about them it is accepted to tell, this profession would disappear long ago. However dispute on what is work of the nurse - a profession or calling - will never come to an end.

and honor

Usually agencies suggest to conclude

On work between the employer and the nurse grazhdansko - legal instrument about rendering services or the turnkey contract. But under the Labour code (Art. 303) employers - natural persons, have to conclude with the worker absolutely other type of the contract - the employment contract.

According to this document not only the nurse has to hold sacred the duties, but also the employer should pay a salary to the worker at least two times a month, to provide the days off (duration of working week cannot be more than 40 hours), to annually pay holiday not less than 28 calendar days, and also to pay money for already fulfilled days and unused holiday if the worker did not cope with duties and it it was necessary to calculate. Generally, to arrive as good firm in relation to the employees.

the Law demands

that this contract made and signed in duplicate was registered in local municipality, and this duty completely lays down on the employer`s shoulders. Registration is necessary that operating time at the individual was set off in the seniority. Such contract should be registered in territorial office of Social insurance fund and the Pension fund and to list the established payments for the employee.

However, employment contracts with nurses are signed by units. Moves employers desire to avoid formalities at reception and dismissal of the nurse, nurses - in any way not to advertize the income and not to share them with tax authorities.