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Sports summer of

in the Summer children spend the most part of time on the street. A skating, a skateboard and the bicycle - a popular form of rest. However the favourite hobby of the child is not always safe. The correct sports equipment and care will help to avoid many troubles.

the Skateboard

Driving on a skateboard - business courageous and dexterous. If children with 4 - 5 - summer age can skate on roller-skaters, then the board - hobby for children is more senior. Experts recommend not to get up for a skateboard to children till 8 years

How to choose a skateboard for the child:

How to dress:

of Rolling

of Rolling is not only popular form of rest, but also the most real sport. Recently popularity of rollers so increased that even 3 - 4 - summer kids get up on roller skates.



That needs to be bought:

Roller skates
to the Child will suit

At the choice of rollers pay attention:

If your child very much wants to master a rolling at absolutely early age, and the leg at it is less, than even the smallest size of the roller fad, then you should not refuse to it pleasure. Two - three “excess“ sizes on children`s rollers practically do not influence quality of driving and will not prevent the kid.

of the Safety rule

the Bicycle

would Seem that can be simpler than the regular children`s bicycle! But at the choice of the first in life child of the vehicle parents have a set of questions.

From what age the child can begin to ride the bicycle?

in principle, the child can begin to ride since that moment as he learned to go. The tricycle with a high seatback and the special handle will be suitable for this age in order that you could push the bicycle in case of need. The bicycle develops coordination of movements and ability of the child to concentrate. Already with 4 - summer age of children give to sports section where they will learn to steer bicycle.

How many wheels the first bicycle has to have?

to Begin to ride independently better the two-wheeled bicycle with two additional castors. When the child learns to hold balance, additional wheels can be removed. whether

the difference between bicycles for the boy and girls Is?

Children`s bicycles for boys and for girls usually differ only in color.

What the adult bicycle differs in

from children`s?

the adult bicycle differs in

From children`s on many indicators: to the weight, size of wheels, frame size, existence of the additional equipment. Children`s bicycles it is much easier, simpler in management, and components by which they are supplied, created especially for small children taking into account their growth. Therefore if you want that the child felt comfortable and during driving derived pleasure maximum, choose the bicycle from children`s series - if to the child till 7 years and from teenage - if to it from 7 to 14.

As it is correct to p to pick up the bicycle?

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