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The cold which is always with you (we choose a cooler bag) of

When rushes into the city the real spring, with the sun, greens and heat, all of us seek to escape from the city. At the same time surely we take with ourselves food and drinks. On the road a lot of time - traffic jams, the cancelled electric trains, the late buses, as a rule, leaves... And here, when we at last reach the place, it becomes clear that products are already spoiled. An excellent way to solve this problem - a cooler bag or the automobile refrigerator.

1. Cooler bags

It is convenient and practical

the Cooler bag can be used practically everywhere - outdoors, in the car or going behind purchases. Convenience is available. In - the first, the handle: larger models are supplied with sliding handles and castors. In - the second, ease: the weight of such bags - from 300 g to 1,5 kg. The majority of models can be put, in the put state they take very few place. Also bags in the form of backpacks and a bag with not getting wet pockets are made for documents and special compartments for keys and bottles.

Of what are made

the Bag is made of nylon and polyester, is easily cleared, is waterproof, painted by resistant paint. Also dense foam which gives durability and hardness of a design is a part. The advanced formula of isolation allows to detain cold air with the greatest effect.


Time throughout which bags hold cold makes

from five to thirteen hours therefore it is necessary to pay attention to how the model which was pleasant to you long “cools“. If it is less than five hours - most likely, low-quality materials were used.


From the smallest - a bag - the toaster, 2 l, it is possible to hire with himself or to collect a breakfast to the child in school, - to bags of 40 h.p. such and behind products it is possible to descend, and on picnic to go. There is a model (volume of 20 l) with a set of plastic ware of 20 objects for picnic - it is very convenient, it is not necessary to think from what to eat. One more plus of such ware - it can be washed in the dishwasher and to use in the microwave oven.

What to store

it is possible to put meat and fish (it is better in a package), and also vegetables and fruit, drinks In a cooler bag - generally, any products. And at any heat products will remain fresh, and drinks - cool. For convenience in some models there are special plastic containers.

How much to be cooled

the simplest cooler bags cost from 10 to 20 dollars (volume of 7 - 31 l); bags of higher level - from 20 to 40 dollars (volume of 7 - 40 l); a bag on castors, with the sliding handle, - 85 dollars (volume of 40 l); the backpack will cost 35 dollars (volume of 20 l), and a bag - the toaster - in 15.

2. Automobile refrigerators


Automobile refrigerators happen the most different volumes - from 15 - liter in which 20 cans on 0,33, to the 53 liters refrigerators in which it is possible to take the whole box of beer are located.

As work with

the Main convenience of automobile refrigerators consists that they can work as from the automobile lighter (the power supply in your car having voltage of 12 V), and from the ordinary socket through AC/DC the converter that allows to use their houses and at office.


the Refrigerator has to not only work with

well, but also take not enough place and to be not too heavy. Choose the refrigerator weighing from 3 to 11 kg.

Of what are made

Automobile refrigerators are manufactured of high-strength plastic of different flowers. Plastic, it is necessary to tell, really strong. During one presentation on the small refrigerator asked to rise, and then and to jump a little the biggest person from among the invited guests. By recognition of the guest, he weighed about 100 kg. And to the refrigerator “for it“ nothing was. One more pleasant feature of automobile refrigerators - them it is very convenient to p to wash

, it is possible just water or any nonaggressive means for cleaning of plastic. Outside of plasticity, and the mezhstenochny space is filled with polyurethane foam from 3 to 5 cm thick. Isolation provides long preservation of low temperature even after switching off of the refrigerating device.

the Cooling system

Almost all models are equipped with the built-in fan which provides fast and constant effect of cooling. The system provides fall of temperature on 20 - 24? From lower than the ambient temperature. And at the same time does not demand any special leaving.

I it is warm, and

Some models of automobile refrigerators not only cool cold with

, but also allow to keep hot already prepared dishes.

For an additional fee your refrigerator will get

of Feature the liquid crystal indicator of control of temperature. If to use the adapter 230 / 12 V, then you receive the refrigerator which it is possible to use houses, at office or at the dacha. And by means of the adapter 12 / 24 V the refrigerator can be installed in the truck, on the boat or the yacht. Both the horizontal, and vertical arrangement is allowed; there is a light indicator which indicates an operating mode - cooling or heating. The main feature of automobile refrigerators is that they work by the principle of effect of Peltye (thermoelectricity) and in their design there is neither compressor, nor freon.

it is important

Upon purchase of the refrigerator surely check existence of the certificate of conformity, for example CE/GS / Rostest, and guarantees not less than one year. It will protect you from low-quality production, and your refrigerator will please you for many years.