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The credits for formation of

It is no secret that today education costs money. And high-quality training - big money. And what to do if there is no opportunity to pay?

the Russian higher education institutions already became full participants of the market relations. The ratio of free places to paid in figures can be expressed as 45% to 55%. Even it is necessary to pay for gold medallists today. To pay the tutor (it is better that it entered a selection committee), to pay for training courses, for expensive textbooks. And if the entrant by results of examinations did not gather additionally 1 - 2 point?. Sounds as a sentence. What to do is farther? To go to army, to get a job, and can wait year?

In higher education institution to you will suggest to arrive on commercial office. Training will cost at least twenty thousand rubles a year. And it in the region. About the Moscow prestigious educational institutions the speech does not even go. Statistically in Russia more than a half of the population have the income below an average. Not each family budget will sustain such loading.

And all - what to do?

the Exit always is. As option, it is possible to use one more achievement of market economy and to glance in bank. Let`s note at once that in our country the credits for education are for the present perceived as something exotic. Popalets can count the Russian banks offering such peculiar product as the educational credits. For them it is one of types of a consumer loan. But there is one main difference - the borrower begins to make payments for a principal debt only through five - six years.

Pluses and minuses One of the first loans naobrazovany the Sberbank began to give to

. The size of the credit is defined naosnovaniya of an assessment of your solvency of ipredostavlenny providing. Training cost here not reference point. Will demand an impressive official salary or the guarantors possessing that from you. It will be in addition necessary to provide reliable providing repayment of the loan. The real estate, securities, gold ingots will approach. If a vvashy asset there is no above-mentioned, torasschitanny the sum will definitely not cover with bank the cost of training in a vvuza - the dream to willows should choose from “middlings“. You should not forget also atom that 10% of the ottrebuyemy sum should be paid from own pocket. It is the commission. Credit term - till 11 years. A delay on the main payment - 6 years. On percent it is necessary to pay from first month. To $25 thousand the bank gives out under guarantees of guarantors. It is necessary more - only with pledge (again - for real estate, other property, gold ingots, securities etc.) .


the Most “generous“ credits for education on an interest rate are issued by Soyuz bank - 10% per annum. One more obvious plus - the borrower can quietly study five years and to pay nothing. The following five-years period - the period of repayment of a debt. The maximum sum of the credit, as well as in Sberbank, 25 c.u. But here do not demand pledge of an iporuchitelstvo. Aznachit, education becomes available regardless otmaterialny position of the student iy families.

the Crane Company realizes the program of educational crediting by the slogichny name “Credo“ with partner participation of Soyuz bank. The main minus of the joint offer - is credited training only in 8 higher education institutions of Russia: The Russian economic academy of G. V. Plekhanov, Lomonosov Moscow State University, MSHA of K. A. Timiryazev, Sankt - the St. Petersburg state university, the Moscow state Mining University, MAI, MEI and the Moscow state institute of steel and alloys.

In Societe Generale Vostok bank (BSZhV) you will be given from $3 thousand to $25 thousand naperiod till six years. Preferential term makes two years. A loan can be allowed clients a poprivilegirovanny rate which is less basic than a nadv of percentage point (12% per annum vdollara, 13% vevro, 18% vrublyakh). Dlyaety the vbanka needs to open the fixed deposit “Youth“ a sminimalny initial contribution of $50. The credit can be obtained a nalyuby grade level - not very well, you pay one or all five courses. It is also possible to break the sum of the credit of a nachasta - a study dlyaoplata to posemestra. Money is given the subguarantee of parents or the spouse here. The commission for issuance of credit - $200. But there is more to come. Before to give money, employees of bank will demand that you insured life. Otherwise in any way. In four years (the maximum term of crediting) it is necessary to pay 1500 American money. Consider that threw out.

the Weak spot of the educational credit vbaltiysky bank - a high interest rate. As well as in Sberbank, it makes 19%. However here will not demand an initial contribution of iimushchestvenny pledge though the maximum sum of the credit will also depend directly the borrower`s otplatezhesposobnost. Nochtoba to obtain the educational credit vbaltiysky bank, it is necessary to have continuous registration vsankt - St. Petersburg, the Leningrad region or vgoroda where there are bank branches (them, by the way, much - Moscow, Nizhny Novgorod, Voronezh, Kursk, etc.) . At the Sberbank having a branch network to the povsy country, similar territorial restrictions do not exist.

the Offer of Natsprombank such is. Interest rate: naodin year money will give under 18% per annum vrublyakh, a nadva of year - under 19%, rub - under 20%. Initial contribution of at least 10% of an otstoimost of training, plus obligatory pledges of an iporuchitelstvo. The main thing that credit term though iopredelyatsya by the borrower independently, but cannot exceed three years. And it, alas, is not enough to graduate. Ktomuzhe to you should be chosen between visit of lectures, reading clever books, successful delivery of sessions, the sodny party, and “work“ nacredit - sdrugy as any grace period it is unforeseen here.

the Main lack of the educational credit offered by Surgutneftegazbank can recognize by

a small loan: at most, nachto you can count, - 150 thousand rubles. Naobucheniye vprestizhny higher education institution of it will obviously be missing.

Bank 24 months they have no
Term the Annual interest rate the Delay on repayment of a principal debt the Delay on payment of percent
Sberbank To 11 - ti years of 19% the training Period is not present
the Union To 10 - ti years of 10% the training Period the training Period
of Societe Generale Vostok To 6 - ti years of 14% - dollars
of 15% - euro
20% - rubles
are not present
the Baltic bank To 7 - mi of 19% the training Period is not present years
Natsprombank To 3 - x years of 18% - on 1 - N year
of 19% - on 2 - and td does not have year
of 20% - on 3 - and years

And how?

In the West educational crediting exists not one decade. Banks with pleasure invest money in it. Unlike Russia, all risks are undertaken by the state and percent far below. For example, in the USA money for study will borrow under 3 - 6% per annum. It is necessary to return them within 10 years after the termination of higher education institution. In Germany percent it is even less - from 2 to 5. And from needy families percent are not raised from young people. In Sweden the term of return is not limited, and the interest rate is insignificant at all - 1,5 - 2% a year. It means that crediting gives real chance to study students from poor families.

Experience of foreign colleagues also domestic parliamentarians are ready to adopt

. The bill “About the Educational Credits“ was introduced in the State Duma in September, 2005. One of initiators of an innovation - Nikolay Ryzhkov. On interactive a press - conference which was held by RIAs - news it declared:“ … a half of the population is carried to poor layers. It means that for most of the population of the country the higher education becomes more and more inaccessible. To eliminate this injustice, we also introduced the bill“. According to the deputy, such credit will be allocated “not less, than for ten years. The interest rate for it will make 8 - 9%“. At the same time the state will have to undertake all risks.

according to experts - introduction of such project, certainly, a step forward. But also there is a tar spoon. The extreme size of a credit rate will establish the government. So, freedom in the choice of institute and specialty is sharply limited. This bill does not take interests of those who want to become the budgetary teacher or the doctor into account. For such entrants the Ministry of Education and Science plans to enter the state returnable subsidies. On socially important specialties of students will learn free of charge. But after obtaining the diploma they should work the invested money literally. In Moscow this model already managed to be realized. First-year students of city teacher training Universities sign the obligation to fulfill three years at capital schools. The city pays for study, and young specialists repay a debt, standing at a blackboard.

Instead of the conclusion.

In Russia education on credit for the present was not widely adopted an unfavourable conclusion. And it is not surprising. Only those students, whose families can take the credit in bank on the existing conditions and without loan is able to pay training at commercial office of higher education institution. But for the lack of bigger it is necessary to be content with small. It is all the same chance. Chance for those who really want to study, want to gain the diploma. The borrower will pay the credit for several years. And the certificate on the finished higher education will remain for the rest of life.