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Festive dinner at restaurant. About rules of etiquette

Came true! At last He guessed for what gift you from it most of all waited, and solemnly invited you to a romantic dinner in restaurant. You, of course, were delighted: events develop in the necessary course and in general it is pleasant. But your soul it is disturbing screamed: “And what to put on? And how to behave? And where? And how to be with a diet?“. No panic. Ahead - a holiday! And all these “that? where? what for?“ we will settle now.

How to put on?

Question “what to put on?“ certainly, is the most stubborn problem for all girls in any situation and therefore we will begin with the main thing.

If to you has to visit restaurant after day of work, there is a sense to use ancient as the world reception, having turned a business suit into a festive attire in two minutes by means of accessories from a ladies` handbag. We will not advise a brooch, and here the set of graceful jewelry or a scarf, weightless with a fantasy coloring, will precisely give refinement to your working shape (the truth, it does not belong to old jeans and the extended polo-neck).

the Elegant decision. And the jacket thrown from above will allow you to finish quietly till the evening. This option will help out you and in case to the smart long toilet conceived by you you have only painfully a short fur coat: agree, the outerwear has to be combined with an evening dress. Do not forget about a practicality of your dress. It will be how convenient to move to you in a long dress with a loop? whether

and to walk easy in new ultrafashionable shoes? And to dance?.

our time differs in democratic character and though most often we put on in restaurant all the best that was found in clothes, sometimes it is possible to dare to relax and put on a little something simpler: for example, jeans of curious design in a combination with a beautiful blouse and suitable shoes. However, in some elite restaurants in such look you can not be let, but it is possible to learn about it in advance.

Can put on in restaurant a bright festive suit with elegant finishing. A good choice - it is not so elaborate as the binding evening dress, but also is not so banal as daily trousers with a jacket. The main thing that the dress had a highlight. It can be an unusual coloring, an interesting cut, unexpected details, for example, hundreds of buttons on a jacket. And the same beautiful jewelry and an elegant handbag in tone to shoes will create the finished and unique image of the Woman. What? It depends only on you! The touching lovely ninny or the vamp, as self-assured business - the lady or the Turgenev girl …


restaurant to choose?

For some reason often men consider

a duty to grant to the lady the honourable right most to choose the place of your future romantic meeting. What to do if last time you were at restaurant about 32 years ago and badly remembered the name of this cafeteria? In this case it is possible to arrive simply and wisely. Having imprinted a kiss on darling`s lips, to admit quietly: “For you, darling, though at the end of the earth!“ If this number at you did not pass, it is necessary to think a little.

It is known that each restaurant is a special idea, style, an unusual way of registration of halls and the menu. At the choice of restaurant to decide the most important that you most of all want from this evening. To sit in the most prestigious place? To stay together and it is good to eat? Nicely to have a good time and rest from household chores? If - it is tasty to eat the main thing, it is necessary to decide on kitchen. What you have more to liking - exotic or traditions? Russian foods? German, Italian or French cuisine? Japanese, Chinese or Korean?

Or you lover of the Caucasian dainties? Or perhaps it will be democratic beer restaurant? Or you with the promised prefer various fish dishes?

the Japanese and Chinese restaurants differ in a variety of dishes, and also the exotic situation reigning there. At the Japanese restaurants, except usual, there are halls where clients, by tradition having removed footwear, sit down on pillows before low little tables. Wholly to plunge into exotic, it is possible to eat cheerfully with sticks, however if you are afraid to remain hungry, will offer you a habitual knife and a fork.

At the Chinese restaurants can order several dishes which place on the middle of a table that attendees could taste all foods - an excellent way to get acquainted with unknown kitchen. Those who is attracted by a noisy feast and a rich entertainment generally from meat dishes and good wine should visit one of restaurants of Caucasian cuisine.

At restaurants of Russian cuisine, as well as in former times, the atmosphere of the real feast reigns: waiters in national suits bring pancakes with red or black caviar, the Siberian pelmeni, the baked sturgeon, offer traditional Russian drinks - kvass, sbiten. For full feeling of a holiday - national songs or ancient romances performed by the Gipsy chorus.

As a rule, the visit of such restaurant turns into the real digression to history: many of them are located in the downtown, in ancient buildings with which interesting events and legends are connected. For example, one of the Moscow restaurants occupies rooms which served a monastic refectory earlier of what the stylized furniture and decorative elements remind.

If the soul persistently asks

a holiday, and except excellent food give you entertainments, think that you prefer. It will be bowling, billiards, darts, a backgammon, a laser shooting gallery, a striptease? A cheerful disco or songs under a karaoke?

If you considered

everything listed above, it was necessary to choose only the name of restaurant which you will make happy with the presence. It is convenient to make it, leaning on sources: polls of girlfriends, reading guides and run on network resources. There is in Moscow also such telephone service as the help in the choice of restaurant and booking of a little table. And all this will be made absolutely free of charge. However, if you the holder of a discount card of restaurant can refuse to you a discount if the order was made not directly, and through such organization.

How to reserve a table?

So, the restaurant is chosen. Do not forget to reserve a table. Probably, your half will make it independently, but is not excluded that you will go there together. You should make it personally if it is necessary to pay for booking, and it is possible to be limited to a call by phone if this service is free. Usually institutions ask to pay for an opportunity to eat behind that little table which specify you in addition. However, most often for you will leave a little table by phone, without demanding anything in exchange.

If you are late, or the meeting on some reasons was at all cancelled, do not forget to warn administration of restaurant in advance. Reserving itself a table, report that you will be two and by which o`clock you will arrive. Pertinently will be to specify what credit cards accept for payment and also whether there are tough rules concerning clothes. Besides, state the wishes - whether you want to sit at a window or in the cabin which is fenced off from other hall, wish to accommodate indoors for smokers or in this question do not do any difference. If the administrator has an opportunity, he will surely consider your recommendations.

How to communicate with the waiter?

If you want to call up the waiter, then it is possible, having caught his eye, to raise a hand with the finger which is thrown up up, as if drawing to itself its attention. If he does not look at you, it is possible to call to him quietly: “Waiter!“ or “It is possible you?“ If he too far also does not hear, ask that he was called up by other employee of restaurant.

it is even better than

A - ask how call “your“ waiter or read his name on a badge.

At good restaurant you will hardly experience similar difficulties. The skilled waiter will define at once when you need him. There is specially thought up nonverbal language of communication with restaurant personnel. If you put a fork and a knife together on a plate, having turned them handles to the right (as 4 hours 25 minutes on the dial), it will mean what you finished with this dish, and it is possible to carry away dirty ware. If you just want to take rest - leave devices on a plate in the form of the letter “X“. Otherwise, having returned to a meal, you risk to find out that “all tasty“ is carried already away by the prompt waiter.

How to make the order?

can size up

restaurant how its menu looks. In a solid institution of the menu it has to be beautifully printed on good and expensive paper. The list of dishes and their description have to be given in Russian, without mistakes. The menu in a foreign language around the world is considered a bad form. For foreign guests - the separate menu. By the way, the double menu practices in some restaurants: for the man - usual, and for the lady invited by him - same, but without the prices.

Showing care of a purse of the gentleman, be not overzealous. Of course, it is better not to order the most expensive dishes if only you have not supper with Bill Gates. However, you should not demand also the cheapest of what is in the menu. Otherwise the person who invited you can think that you doubt his solvency. Modern realities allow the lady most to dictate the order to the waiter even if she is in presence of the young man. However, if she considers that it will be more pleasant to it most to feel the manager of a ball, it is possible to give reins of government to it. Waiters, following rules of politeness, always try to take the order at first at the lady.
After you chose dishes and soft drinks, the waiter will offer you a wine list of restaurant. The choice of alcoholic beverages - entirely the man`s prerogative. It is correct to choose wine is a special art. At solid restaurants surely there has to be a special waiter - the sommelier - the consultant for wines. He will in detail tell you about advantages of this or that wine, about their combinations, and also will recommend the alcoholic drinks suitable to dishes which you ordered.
If you stopped the choice on expensive collection wine, to you at first will suggest to try it. The waiter who brought wine will show a bottle, having pointed to the name and year. To observe ritual, the taster should look at wine on light, to inhale aroma and to taste it.

How to save the waist?

Reflecting over pages of the menu, try not to spoil to yourself mood and not to think of calories. But if this problem haunts you, try to adhere to the following strategy.

the question Arises: and what to order and whether there is a sense in general to agree to the invitation?


, it is quite possible to combine a romantic dinner with healthy food!


Choose the sparing ways of cooking: grill, cooking, preparation on couple, order fresh vegetables and salads.

Than more multi-colored components you will find in salad - that a wide range of nutrients which you receive.


, romantic girls are ruined most often not by(with) pizza and even not cake with cream, and alcohol! Frankly speaking, any alcoholic drinks are not recommended to the ladies worrying about the waist. Even the small glass of red wine contains about 85 - 120 calories. The bank of cocktail or beer will be added to you by 150 - 300 calories. The liqueur glass of liqueur, vodka or cognac will subtract 50 - 80 calories from your day norm.

For those who do not think of a holiday without alcohol - dry white wine. In - the first, calories least of all, and in - the second, you can enjoy it twice longer, having diluted in half from soda. Amount of wine - how many conscience will allow.

How not to be trapped?

All of us know that the ethic behavior during food is just necessary. Owning this knowledge, we feel much more comfortably and more surely at any table. It is worth remembering several simple rules.

How to pay the bill?

After you finished with

a meal, ask the account from the waiter. Out of any doubts, it will make your satellite, by the way, strictly only after you finished a meal. He checks the account, checks whether everything is correct. (At restaurants where such form of payment is provided) your vis-a-vis will put money, a credit or bonus card in the folder or on a tray together with the account and will leave on the edge of a table. Then a sign will ask the waiter to carry away it.

If needs to be paid back in kind, you wait for the waiter. If the money paid by you includes also tip, you thank the waiter and let it know that you leave.

Sometimes the given portions are so big

that they cannot just be eaten at one go. Then it is possible to ask to pack a dish to take with itself.

How many to give a tip?

the moment when at restaurant everything is already eaten and the waiter brought to

For most of people the account, is accompanied by painful thought: how many to give a tip.

Usually tip in our country makes 10% of the sum of the brought account. Of course, if you remained lost in admiration from service, then the sum can be more. But if you have reasons for discontent about any tip out of the question. However not

to pay

tip without the reason is a bad form.

at the same time in most cases in Russia tip is not entered in the account. The inscription on the check saying, as a rule, warns about it: “Remuneration to the waiter is welcomed, but always remains on your discretion“.

If the absent-minded and confused waiter takes an interest in

why you did not give a tip to it (also such impudent fellows meet!) with a smile ask in reply the book of complaints and the headwaiter then all questions will disappear by itself.

Tip is as if assumed by

in that case when you were satisfied with service, but your friendly smile and once again repeated “Thanks“, “Was very tasty“, “Service was on the ball“ too mean much to the waiter who very much tried as it is possible to serve better you … As it is correct to p to eat with

Apples and pears. At apple thinly cut off a thin skin a spiral, beginning from a fruit stem. The cut-off thin skin a knife is removed on edge of a plate, and the peeled apple is put on the middle of a plate. Having wiped the left hand a napkin, by means of a knife and a fork cut apple in half. One half is put slightly aside, and the second is cut on segments.
Holding a segment with a fork, a knife cut out a core and put it on the cut-off thin skin. Eat with the help of a knife and fork further. Precisely so eat also pears.
Peaches and apricots. The peach is taken in the left hand and made an incision around to a stone, then broken. The stone is deleted with a knife. Peach halves without stone are eaten not entirely, and cutting off from it on a piece.
of Plum break fingers in half and take out a stone.
take Grapes hands. Hold with two fingers a brush and serially tear off berries. Grapes can be eaten entirely, with stones and a thin skin.
Orange. At orange cut off a knife a thin skin from a pedicel. After that by a knife do circular cuts of a thin skin, without making an incision it from a fruit stem. The more will be cuts, the orange will be peeled easier. After that orange is put on the middle of a plate and, holding with a hand, open a thin skin to a fruit stem on cuts. The peeled orange, and on each side thin skin petals in the form of a flower turns out in the middle. Then, having rubbed off fingers of hands about a napkin, take a knife and a fork in hand, separate a segment of orange with their help and if she is rather great, cut off a half, exempt the end of a knife from sunflower seeds, a fork send to a mouth. If incidentally the sunflower seed gets into a mouth, it delete
from a mouth on a tip of a fork and move to the region of a plate.
peel Tangerine of a thin skin. Then separate segments and eat, without using devices.
serve Pineapple cleared of a thin skin and a core, cut by circles or segments. Sometimes separately give sugar or icing sugar. Eat pineapple by means of a knife and a fork.
serve Bananas to a table with the cut-off tips. Having taken banana for a fruit stem the left hand, the right hand by means of a knife, and it is possible also without it, clear of a thin skin and put it on the middle of a plate, and a thin skin - on edge of a plate. The pulp of banana is eaten by means of a knife and a fork, cutting off circles.
give Water-melons and melons the cut segments with a peel. The chunk of a water-melon is put on a plate pulp to themselves, and a crust - from themselves. Eat by means of a knife and a fork with small pieces, previously having exempted them from stones a knife tip. The pulp can also be eaten with a teaspoon to firm skin.