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Vacation for sale of

the First money earned with the child - an event and for a family with prosperity above an average. The correspondent of “SP“ Svetlana Kazantseva found out that in the summer in the capital teenagers can work in the most different places. However to jump above a salary level, the little exceeding a living wage, it will hardly be possible.

the Most prestigious profession - the courier. You do not trust? Come on the forum “Prospects“ of the Jobcenter of youth created 10 years ago by the Federal employment service and the government of Moscow. Many residents of the capital from 14 to 16 years submitting announcements of desire to earn additionally say that they most of all would like to transport packages and envelopes on the capital.

the Director of “Prospect“ Leonid Kravchenko confirms

:“ Express vacancies - the most demanded among youth light on the feet“. Except them places of distributors of newspapers, promoters, assistants to the printer in printing house, waiters, cooks in fast food restaurants, correspondents of youth editions and telephone operators are in demand.

It also is clear to

. In bank managing directors of the teenager will not take - qualification not that, and in loaders - the law does not allow.

Professional specialization in 14 - 16 years is unless at computer geniuses, circus children and athletes. The law and employers regulate the relations with especially creative growing-up layer separately, and all other the types of a side job called above can bring, according to mister Kravchenko, up to 9 thousand rubles a month.

“To count

on bigger I did not advise, - the director of “Prospect“ says. - Otherwise the school student without qualification who has under the law the shortened working hours just will not settle anywhere“.

If the courier is required to

in firm of your uncle, a question of how to look for work, disappears by itself. It is actual for the others.

the Forbidden works
In Art. 265 of the Labour code of the Russian Federation described activity in which persons under 18
cannot be engaged
to Teenagers it is impossible to perform works which can do harm to their health - not only physical, but also moral. It is forbidden to work in harmful and dangerous conditions, at underground works.
to Still young man was not 18 years old, he should not think of a gaming, night clubs and cabaret. It is also impossible to trade in alcoholic drinks and even to transport them, as well as in the principle to transfer the weights exceeding the limit rates established for the growing organisms (14 - the summer teenager should not lift and transfer manually freight more than 12 kg, and 15 - summer - it is more than 15 kg).
Young people aged from 15 till 16 years can work a day only five hours, and that who is from 16 to 18 years old, - for seven hours a day. According to the Art. of 70 shopping malls, for persons under 18 the trial period is not established.
the employer is obliged to sign the employment contract (the Art. of 56 shopping malls) With minors in writing in duplicate, each of which subscribes by the parties. With the persons which reached 14 - summer age, it is possible to sign employment contracts with the consent of one of parents (the trustee, the trustee) and body of guardianship and guardianship. With 16 - summer age such permission under the law is optional.
the Employer has no right to send teenagers to official journeys, to force to work much, at night, in days off and holidays. However the law does an exception for those who earn additionally “in mass media, cinema, theaters, circuses, and those who participate in creation and (or) execution of works, professional athletes, according to the list of the professions established by the Government of the Russian Federation taking into account opinion of the Russian tripartite commission on regulation socially - the labor relations“ (the Art. of 268 shopping malls).
Responsibility for children
Violation of articles of shopping mall threatens the employer with a penalty from 80 thousand rubles if the salary
was not paid to the worker If concerning it safety regulations were violated, threatens the employer till five years of imprisonment (Art. 143 of UK).
For other violations of the rights of minors (establishment of a trial period, the requirement of payment of medical examination) the employer bears the punishments prescribed by Art. 5. 27 Codes of the Russian Federation on Administrative Offences. The penalty in the amount of 5 to 50 minimum wage rates can be put on officials. On the organization - from 300 to 500 minimum wage rates (also administrative stay of its activity for a period of up to 90 days is possible).

not to snare

even to people with the solid summary not always find

of Agency on staff recruitment work on taste what to speak about green youths.“ It is extremely difficult to find work through recruiting agency to the teenager: its work is considered unqualified, it plans to work changeably and to be engaged in its employment to agency is uninteresting“, - the executive director of Association of consultants for staff recruitment Valery Oskin says SP. More fertile field of vacancies, according to the expert, gives the Internet. The side job for youth can be on the websites www. rabota. ru, www. job. ru, www. zarplata. ru. Fresh data on vacancies are also in the profile editions “Work for You“, “Work and Salary“, “Vacancy“, “From hand to hand“. However, the lion`s share of announcements which entice decent earnings of people without special skills sin with one - improbability. The firms specializing in network marketing give them. Having called according to the typical announcement from one of the websites (“14 - 45 years, work and a side job in cosmetic firm. The schedule is free, training free, worthy money“), the correspondent of SP learned that “by phone work cannot be told about character, it is necessary to arrive to interview“. Leading questions nevertheless succeeded to find out that to start cooperation it is necessary to get from the company a cosmetics set for the sum more than $100, and then “earnings depend on your activity“: for how many it will be possible to resell goods and how many acquaintances will manage to be enlisted in firm as distributors. Adults know that it is almost impossible to earn from such scheme.

Are insured by

from network marketing, according to Leonid Kravchenko, those from teenagers who address to the Perspektiva center which is under patronage of the city hall.

Work on “Prospect“

at the beginning of summer the center annually organizes to

a job fair for seniors. Event is held in the city Palace of children`s and youthful creativity on Vorobyovy Gory, employers and the youth burning with labor enthusiasm take part in it. For the summer many decide on production plans already here. Though this year the fair already took place, for girls and young men is lost nothing: “Prospect“ accepts their wishes to work constantly. The base of vacancies of the center contains about 14 thousand offers. Not all, of course, are equally attractive, but, mister Kravchenko, “all organizations checked assures, they will not deceive the teenager and will not pay less living wage (4100 rub) in a month“.


Since the end 1990 - x on the basis of the center own services where teenagers are invited to a summer side job work. The service “Miloserdiye“, for example, allows to earn the specified minimum, satisfying requests of elderly people on vacation to wash the floors, to buy products or drugs. For the same money it is possible to get a job in reklamno - publishing agency “Perspektiva“ the assistant to the printer in shop of silk-screen printing: the printer applies drawing on fabric, and the assistant unpacks fabric and packs drawing. For employment the passport, permission from parents and the medical reference are necessary.

However, the most large-scale project of summer employment which is realized by “Prospect“ is TOMY - labor associations of youth. The undertaking with the Soviet smack revived nearly a decade ago from year to year gains steam. Last year there were 38 VOLUMES (everyone totals up to 90 people), this year 45 is planned to create them. Most of the recruited teenagers (about 2 thousand people) last year worked, as at the time of the Soviet “labor camps of youth and students“, on fields. Weeded fennel and parsley in Moscow area and at the same time breathed fresh air. 23 days of romanticism, including days off, on special bases of VOLUMES plus 4100 rub, standard for “Prospect“, in a purse. Money can be considered as net profit: accommodation on base and food at public expense.

In Moscow the same earnings in VOLUMES “not eligible to travel abroad“. And that already at all not on - communistic, last year youths extended on streets “The cook - Coca“, and this year will work as waiters in “McDonald`s“.“ The prospect“ signed with this company the contract under which it undertook to form VOLUME of teenagers for work in fast - foot. However, it is possible to get this job also without participation in labor association, having contacted employers independently.

feed with

of the Leg

From couriers employers do not wait for special abilities, even the knowledge of Moscow is less obligatory, than the Moscow registration, sense of duty and punctuality.

the Courier can earn by

$200-250 a month, to it pay journey (usually 600 rub), the mobile phone (most often no more than 300 rub) and also free of charge feed with a lunch. The companies take more willingly in couriers of those who reached 16 - 17 - summer age.

the employer has an opportunity to be fastidious: express vacancy is filled instantly, the usual Moscow firm seldom needs more than two such employees. Therefore it is more expedient to p to try to find

vacancy in the companies for which express delivery - core business. Such in the capital two tens, at each several tens couriers in staff. For example, the Interbank Courier Service (ICS) accepts more than 10 years for summer of young couriers of 16 years with the Moscow registration. The salary is offered by from 80 to 380 rub a day depending on degree of load and urgency of execution.

In a month those 6 - 7 thousand rubles run. To go to office to the courier there is no need: he takes orders in the morning or in the evening on a home telephone number. Convenience of employment is that at itself it is necessary to have only the passport, it is not necessary any references and medical books. But it is necessary to be ready to the fact that adults sometimes will have a working day as - from 10 to 19 o`clock.

the distributor of newspapers and magazines can work Much less. Let`s tell, the Business World publishing house suggests citizens to sell aged from 15 years the editions “Apartments and Prices“, “Cars and Prices“, etc. Payment of three business hours in evening shift - 240 rub, plus remains to you the whole 80% of revenue (such editions are most often distributed in general for free, and profit on sale of copies not a main goal of the publishers focused on collecting advertizing). At reception to a position of the distributor will ask the reference about health the candidate. For work the contract is signed. The salary is paid by two times a month, but fulfilled less than three days of money will not receive. The working day begins with arrival to the main office of publishing house. There magazines, overalls and permission to trade are issued. Upon termination of change it is necessary to stop by at office again to report on the done work, to hand over a uniform and the commodity remains. On similar conditions take the minors and agencies which are engaged in distribution of different printed materials. For example, “Kalita service plus“, City courier service, Dias.

Can extend or stick leaflets. However, work not sugar: pay only 50 kopeks for one piece of paper put in hands to the passerby or pasted on an entrance door, and to encounter negative attitude of people around easy as a pie. To earn 6 thousand rubles, usual for couriers, it is necessary to be rushed off the feet literally.

it is better for p to go there where all this production is printed. For example, employees of a human resources department of “The Printing Yard on Alekseevskaya“ printing house assure:“ Boys and girls who from 14 years are taken assistants to printers should not do anything difficult. Well, will ask to transfer five - six books for 30 - 50 rub to an hour“. “Fork“ in payment is put for an assessment of diligence of the young worker. The salary is paid once a month.

to Feed with


is Not so difficult for the teenager to find in the summer work in restaurants and cafe of a fast food:“ McDonald`s“, “Rostik`s“, “Mu - mu“, “Sbarro“, “A Slavic market“. In these institutions accept young people of 16 years. At employment except the passport and the work permit will demand from parents (it is an initiative of the enterprises of a public catering, the shopping mall demands such permission only for youth of 14 - 16 years) the medical book here: work at kitchen. It is possible to issue the personal medical book in the place of a registration, having addressed in sanitarno - epidemiological service of the area, from there will direct to complex medical examination. It is worth getting the medical book 510 rub, 1300 more rub should be given for analyses, and process can drag on for a week.

Sometimes employers pay with

registration. They are generally obliged to do it, according to shopping mall, but often go on tricks, giving an opportunity to receive the medical book free of charge only that who worked for them not less than three months.

“McDonald`s“ needs labor force constantly, and there are ready to accept for any term of three weeks. Take youth from 16 years in this restaurant. A salary - 55 rub 66 kopeks an hour. It is possible to work both as the cleaner of the hall, and the cashier or the cook. Culinary talents, considering the technology of cooking painted to trifles from semi-finished products, from the teenager it is not required. The salary begins “to drip“ from first minutes of work at restaurant though first, of course, all are trained. As HR managers assure, in “McDonald`s“ at full time it is possible to earn in a month up to 10 thousand rubles

In the Rostik`s network which also invites young men and girls from 16 years to work for six hours a day, during two-week training pay 46 rub an hour, then - 51 rub an hour. Pay a salary in “Rostik`s“ two times a week. Similar rates in “Sbarro“ and “East market“. In “Mu - mu“ 43 rub pay slightly less. in an hour, but especially note that free of charge will feed youth twice a day, but not one, as in the majority of networks of a public catering.

Tip in fast - foot is not accepted by

so the income of workers is very predictable. There can be much more brightly a work (and payment is higher) if to settle the participant of unusual promotion actions. This violently developing segment of marketing demands more and more beautiful young faces.

Almost show - business

the Main task of the promoter - to advertize goods so that people wanted to get it, and the scenario will be thought up by adults from agency. It can be also sampling - street distribution of trial samples of different production, and tasting - an entertainment something visitors of a supermarket, and a set of other actions, including dancing on the street in a suit of a hamburger or the mobile phone. For example, the head of the HR department of R &J Group advertizing agency Victoria Naboko tells SP, now their agency carries out promotion action of discount cards of “Malines“ with accumulative bonus system. One hundred girls - promoters of 14 years are for this purpose attracted: they in supermarkets and drugstores make out to “Malines“ to the become interested visitors. A rate - $3 an hour, calculation - once a month.

Similar terms are offered by

to participants of the majority of promotion actions. Though here, unlike a boring public catering, also pots of gold meet: let`s tell, the manager on non-staff personnel of marketing agency “Intaun“ Margarita Leontyeva cited as an example SP their action when “all May promoters on rollers distributed to people leaflets, and each of them earned $600“.

However, the promoter also risks more: actions - a temporary phenomenon, besides, marketing agencies, unlike restaurant networks and courier services, seldom sign employment contracts with minors. “With young people it is difficult to make the employment contract which would have validity because today the young man speaks “I want to work“, and tomorrow does not come to work, and nichyou will not do it with it. For the company big risk to sign such contract with minors, but we aspire to it“, - madam Leontyeva explained SP.

But at employment, let temporary, to the young man it is necessary to know: good aspirations to sign the contract - nothing if it is really not signed. In the absence of such document of a possibility of the employer to deceive the teenager strongly increase. Though promotion actions also look interestingly, and here promise payment decent, sometimes it is safer to teenager to go for such work, far earlier traditionally invited grandmothers, - to a position of the ticket collector. Vacancies are, for example, at Kinostar movie theaters. However, 16 - here will begin to pay summer school students no more than in fast - foot: 50 rub an hour. But medical books will not demand and will make the employment contract.