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The sign of examinations - fishing tackle on the left boot

of Student`s signs and superstitions which have to help at examination exists a huge number. And each student precisely knows if you do not observe centuries-old traditions - not to see the necessary assessment in the record book. Though, accurate following to signs does not cancel large-scale casing by spurs and “bombs“ yet. Well, and studying of a subject of examination is in general a minor matter.

Some skeptically adjusted psychologists assure that use by students of signs - only one of widespread ways to remove psychological stress before examinations. Even doubtful parallels with primitive people are drawn. History does not know how there were relations at primitive teachers with primitive students. But here you will look at today`s teachers and you will involuntarily believe in communication with primitiveness … As you will study a semester at some “spiteful prep“ at which at lecture it is terrible even to drop the handle - you will go though to the sorcerer.

By the way, some especially sensitive students and arrive. On the eve of examination they go to fortunetellers that though somehow to clear the future. Any answer of the prophet, is it is all the same best of all, than uncertainty. Someone arranges fortune-telling of the house: writes pieces of paper “I will hand over“ and “I will not hand over“, and then pulls them or thinks of this question on some action. For example, there is a sign - if at an exit from the house the first person met by you - the woman - the khan - examination is not passed. Other option: to think of number and to try to count in surrounding space of identical objects equal to this number.

In the evenings in dormitories in general there take place mass sessions of black magic. So, at night before examinations it is necessary to cut a piece of paper with numbers of tickets and to put them under a pillow. You will get in the morning - and the destiny will specify to you on what ticket it is worth paying special attention. At the same night under a pillow there have to be all textbooks and lectures (in the opened look) in which there is a material for examination, and in legs to lie the chocolate. Speak, at the night of knowledge can slip out the student through legs. The chocolate will absorb them, and for the morning you will eat it. And drops of knowledge it will be lost!

Exactly in midnight of a window leaf of student`s rooms swing open also amicable: “A freebie, come!“ shakes glasses of the neighboring houses.

before examination should get in the Morning out of bed on the wrong side, to wash all the dishes, but at all not itself. Under a heel to put a five-copeck coin (it is good if it at you already “skilled“, that is, is loaded with energy of successful examinations), and to the left boot to fasten a fishing hook. It is worth choosing from clothes the oldest or in what “excellent“ examinations were taken.

About the building of university do not allow you to meet god the woman with a bucket or a cat. It is necessary to enter into audience only from the left leg, previously having dropped the record book and having elicited at companions a kiss in a nose. To choose the ticket as the left hand, muttering about itself a saying: “The glass - a lemon is it!“ . Outside university all your numerous relatives have to abandon work and methodically lecture you the last words. For this purpose it is worth acquiring providently in the nearest bookstore the dictionary of abusive words (at the worst the dictionary of special terms, for example, in biology or chemistry quite will approach). All seems.

Well and last sign: tell nobody what signs you use at examinations or the day before - differently they will cease “to work“ and good luck will turn away from you. Break a leg!

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