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History of one illness and love of

Call our oldest daughter of Anastasius. I want to tell you history of her illness which it is still terrible to remember.

In 9 years Nastena got sick with whooping cough. This illness is not so terrible if it is correct to begin to treat it. But the doctor incorrectly made us the diagnosis - a SARS. As temperature, cough, vomiting and weakness - recommended to stay at home. More than 2 months (July, August, September) we were treated by warming up, antibiotics for cold, and to us it became worse and worse. Every day on many times it had fits of coughing which came to an end with repeated vomiting. She ate very little and weakened.

Ya studied all available houses medical encyclopedias and the only thing what symptoms of an illness were similar to, it is whooping cough. But there it was told that the child who is imparted either is not ill, or is ill in the weakened form.

I next day we since morning walk to make the general blood test in policlinic. On an empty stomach, having staid in turn, took a blood test. When we left policlinic, at Nastenka the fit of coughing and vomiting began. It bends over bushes, I support her behind for a breast that was not ill (everything is torn already), and she faints on my hands. Literally hangs, teeth are clenched, does not breathe, and heart does not fight. (Believe, I still cannot quietly remember it, even heart clenches.)

should add

A that when I read the encyclopedia, it was described there that at babies whooping cough proceeds in hard cases with respiratory standstill and hearts. I, having remembered it, quickly I try to unclench teeth and to make an artificial respiration, but not here - that was - teeth are not unclenched, then I do breath in a nose. The benefit, passing by, the woman ran for help to policlinic from which we nearby departed.


When suited Nastenk`s doctors already began to breathe. We were taken away in policlinic. Very young nurses (big to them thanks on for the rest of the life) allowed to smell sal ammoniac, gave an injection, made the medicine calming spasms for Nastya, and I was given soothing. Then called an Ambulance and told that it is desirable to go to hospital to Usovskaya Lyudmila Ivanovna, which the specialist in laryngospasms.

I Want to notice

to you that Nastyushka remembered nothing and only looked at me nothing not understanding look and asked: Mummy, you what you cry? And I tried to calm down and, smiling to it, said that all is normal.

When there arrived the Ambulance, Nastya could not go, at it legs gave away. The ambulance brought us to hospital, but we were refused to be accepted since it is necessary to go to infectious diseases hospital. And here I had a nervous breakdown - I burst into tears and told that we will not go to other place anywhere. Nurses called Lyudmila Ivanovna, and she told that she will accept us.

When we rose in office, and she saw in what state the child, told that it in general cannot go that it should be carried in horizontal position and appointed to it droppers to the whole day. It pulled out our Nastenka from a next world, and except words of gratitude and flowers refused to accept something, having told that life of the child cannot be estimated.

After this disease we restored 2 years Nastino health at the cardiologist, in sanatorium, at home, and still it has deviations in warm activity. But I hope that everything remained in the past and she will recover finally. Because we very much love it. Because she the talented little man - it goes to a gymnasium, studies at music school, goes to individual gymnastics, well sings songs, draws, writes verses, stories, fairy tales.

Yes, forgot to tell you that Nastenka died 3 times - the first time was Quincke in 7 months, the second time - this case with whooping cough, and the third time, for New 2005, - intestinal infection from simple tap water (at us then all family had also the half-cities) swelled.

Only I after all this have paranoia, I can wake up from a bad dream that something happens to Nastya, and I worry. It goes to shop, to school, to girlfriends, and I have an obsession, as if nothing bad happened to it.

Ya do not want, my dear to give estimates to actions of our doctors though at once even thought to file a lawsuit against them, and then solved: my child is living, and their medical errors let will be on their conscience.

I in general I think that the Lord, probably, wanted to tell something to me this case, to let know, how important to appreciate the children (parents, husbands, etc.) and every instant communication together with them, not to swear in vain at them. And even in a temper in a fit of temper not to wish them bad.

Love the family, appreciate them, forgive them shortcomings and notice all advantages!