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Staying at home

Shortly before the 27 - the anniversaries I learned that I am again pregnant. To my senior sonny also two years at that time were not executed. Sending the child to kindergarten, the question did not stand from earlier - for problems with its health, and now at all this subject will be postponed for a long time. And when also the younger child will grow up... Generally, houses I got stuck if not forever, then on half a century precisely.

Literally right after I learned about a surprise, me was overcome by terrible toxicosis. Not only that tore me on 8 times in the course of the day, so also significantly suddenly aggravated sense of smell impaired a little life. Now milk began to smell for me cows, hot water - dead microbes, and a bathroom - mushrooms. What smelled in the refrigerator of, I will keep silent at all. Only it was necessary to open it often, nobody cancelled daily duties, and every time for me it was the real feat. Should saying

that at the birthday I hardly wanted to stand at a plate therefore we decided not to celebrate a holiday in traditional understanding, that is with guests - relatives and a plentiful feast. We just decided to go to the cinema together with the husband, and after him in restaurant. What I also reported to the mother-in-law about.

On what I received approximately following answer: “Here I, the pregnant woman, both worked, and studied. And you generally stay at home...“ I crookedly smiled and reflected:“ And what in our society means “to stay at home with the child“?

expression “to stay at home“ means “nothing to do, to have a rest“. Traditionally it is considered that the husband gets a mammoth, and at this moment its second half “has a good time“ with children. It, poor, plows, she - watches soap operas.

Classical example from life: the man came from work, ate, threw off dirty socks on a floor and laid down on a sofa with the panel from the TV. He answers a trifling request of the wife: “I, generally, from work, was tired.“ On her answer supposedly and I was tired, with surprise exclaims: “And what you did, expensive? Though at home it would be tidied up.“ Also he does not know, naive that toys already four times were put in a basket and a floor was twice washed up.

in my life and studied. Perhaps, I was even tired more. Physically. But morally... Even the strongest nervous system as at me, will hardly sustain a half-hour hysterics of the child who lies on asphalt, without wishing to go home, or every minute “mamkanye“ and a derganye for a skirt. And the child at me, in general, quiet.

also one more important moment Is. It is clear, that the one who works earns money. And the one who stays at home... Too it is clear. No, the husband, of course, of money will give. But at first, be kind, ask about it. Also reason, please, why you need new shoes when also old still nothing.

I would like to finish

A with an old joke. On a golden wedding asked the husband whether he wanted to get divorced from wife ever? What he answered:“ To divorce - no, but to kill here... “And I if I was asked, would like I that washing life considerably changed, would answer: “Exchanged? No. And here to be thrown out of a window the desire sometimes arises“.